10 Gift Ideas that Your Christian Husband Actually Wants

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10 Gift Ideas Your Christian Husband Actually Wants - Counting My Blessings

Maybe you find it easy to come up with gift ideas for the man in your life.

I don’t!

Rev always says he has everything he needs; so, when his birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day roll around . . . I’m at a loss.

Then I heard from Jack, who offered to write a guest post with a list of gift ideas that Christian men actually want.

Woo Hoo! I thought you might want to know his ideas too.


I’m excited to share this post from Jack Prenter with you today.

10 Gift Ideas that Your Christian Husband Actually Wants

Growing up in the UK, Christianity here is quite different to the United States. The differences between Catholicism and Protestantism are still a point of conflict across Ireland and in some of England.

I was raised in a Catholic family by a Grandfather with family from Northern Ireland, who trained to become a priest in Paris in the late 1940’s. Very early on my beliefs were impacted by him and he was very actively involved in the church until his 80’s and continues to maintain ties with our Father.

One of the most cherished gifts I’ve ever received was a Bible that was blessed by Pope John Paul II and has gold-coated pages. I learned early on the power that a gift can have on somebody and the generosity that many people have.

Today we’ll be looking at 10 gifts that your Christian husband actually wants and hopefully, this should make your father’s day shopping a little easier!

Maybe you find it easy to come up with gift ideas for the man in your life. I don't! So, when Jack Prenter offered to share his top 10 list, I was thrilled!

1. Custom shirt

Most men hate shopping because it’s often difficult for us to find clothes that fit in the way that we want. Going custom has, in the past, been an expensive option that most of us couldn’t justify, but with the invention of companies such as Indochino, it’s become more realistic for the everyday person. Indochino allows you to go into their stores (or order online) and customize your own shirts, from the collars, the cuffs, and even the buttons. Then, they’ll tailor your shirt to your body and ship it to your house. If you don’t like the fit when it arrives you can get it adjusted for free. This is an excellent option for dress shirts to go to Church in, but also for more casual evening clothes too.

2. Shoes

Shoes are something that many men overlook. This is such a wide category and so you could buy him some new leather shoes if you think that he’d look great in them with his Sunday best, or some sneakers to go with his jeans. For casual shoes, you might want to consider brands like; Nike, Adidas or Blundstone.

3. Tickets to a sports game

Almost every man has a sport that he enjoys and this could be a great chance for you to enjoy it together. Buying him and yourself tickets to watch a team that he loves will be a bonding experience for the both of you and can easily be turned into a whole evening by adding dinner and an evening drink.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry is often thought of as a feminine gift but us religious men folk have been wearing it for centuries. You might consider buying him a custom crucifix or rosary. These can be found at all budget ranges and are extremely personal.

5. Books

This may seem cliché but almost everybody loves reading and if they don’t, they probably haven’t found the right book! Books are a phenomenal present because they are relatively affordable but allow you to show your husband that you care by picking a book that you know he’ll be interested in. Similarly, if you have a greater budget then you might look at buying him an ebook reader like the Kindle by Amazon.

One excellent book that recently won the 2017 Christianity Today Book of the Year is “Crossing the Waters” by Leslie Leyland Fields. It draws from the author’s own experience as the daughter of a salmon fisherman, as she explores what it means to be a child of God in the world today.

10 Gift Ideas Your Christian Husband Actually Wants - Counting My Blessings

6. Netflix

In the past, you wouldn’t be able to look at a gift list without seeing a DVD. Nowadays, Netflix has taken over the space and changed the entire industry. If you haven’t tried the online service then this could be an excellent gift for your husband, especially if you are both retired and like to spend time relaxing in front of the television.

An excellent movie, if you haven’t seen it, is “Blind Side” starring Sandra Bullock. It tells the incredible true story of Carolina Panthers offensive lineman, Michael Oher, who was homeless as a teenager and taken in by a Christian woman. It’s a heart-wrenching movie with great acting and spots of humor that keep in interesting. But more than anything, it’s a story of one Christian woman making the right decision to care for somebody who needed it.

7. Electric shaver

Many men are still using manual razors and hating it every single morning. Electric shavers have become more popular in the past decade and it’s easy to see why. Not only will this help to make his mornings less of a chore, but it might convince him to shave more frequently, too!

Grooming products are loved by both genders, but men seem to have a resistance to spend any money on their own. Buying your husband a high-quality set of grooming products might seem cliché, but if it makes him feel better about his appearance then it’s a gift that he’ll enjoy for months.

8. Take him on a trip

Most couples don’t get to spend anywhere near as much time together as they would like to. Taking the opportunity to take your husband on a trip will give you the time to bond together and enjoy each other’s company. Is there somewhere that he’s always wanted to go? How about taking him to the first place you ever went together?

9. Something for his hobby

If your husband has a particular hobby that he enjoys, for example; baseball, fishing, car restoration etc. Then you might consider buying him something to support his hobby. Ideally, you’ll be able to ask one of his friends what they think he’d like, but if not, you can always turn to forums and websites around that hobby to come up with specific ideas. This is a great way to make sure you buy him a gift that he’ll enjoy and it lets him know that you support his hobby… even if you don’t like how much time he spends doing it!

10. Wallet

Many men mistreat their wallets something rotten and a new wallet is a practical gift that you can easily customize. Look into getting it engraved with his initials, include a photograph of your family on the inside and make it personal to him. This turns an average gift into a sentimental present that he’ll never want to lose. Craft websites such as Etsy are excellent for personalized gifts like this.

A huge thank you to Jack for this great list of gift ideas from a man’s perspective. 

What do you think?

Ask your man and let us know what he would add to the list.

Jack Prenter is part of a loving, stereotypically British, Catholic family that always aims to make today better than yesterday. 1 Peter 3:15-16

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7 thoughts on “10 Gift Ideas that Your Christian Husband Actually Wants

    1. My husband’s favorite gift was the weekend that I “husband-napped” him. I set it up with his employer to get 2 days off, let his sports team and our church know that he wouldn’t be there for his duties. It was our anniversary, so he thought that we were going to out to eat when he got in the car. But I had already packed his bag and it was in the trunk with mine. As we got on the highway, he asked, “Where are we going?” I replied by handing him a card that told him he had been husband-napped for the next 3 nights and 4 days. It also listed possible things to do in the city of destination. He sat back in his seat with a HUGE smile, completely happy with the unexpected reprieve from the daily grind.

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