25 Intentional Kindness Ideas Around the Blogosphere

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Looking for a way to enjoy life more? Try intentional kindness. It will bless you so much you could almost do it for selfish reasons...

It’s still Be Kind to Humankind Week

How’s it going? Are you being intentionally kind?

Have you noticed others being intentionally kind? No, that’s okay, don’t let it stop you.

Need some ideas?

25 Intentional Kindness Ideas

1. Gather all your spare change and give it away.

2. Be generous with compliments.

3. Invite someone to go ahead of you . . . in line, through a door, etc.

4. Make toiletry packets (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, washcloth, and deodorant) for the homeless.

5. Tip generously.

6. Clean up your mess.

7. Pay someone’s parking meter.

8. Say I’m sorry.

9. Hold a door open for someone.

10. Run an errand for someone who’s shut-in or ill.

11. Compliment others publicly.

12. Be on time.

13. Be patient with children.

14. Be patient with their parents.

15. Say “please and thank-you” and mean it.

16. Put down your phone and tablet.

17. Talk to the person standing alone at a party, at church, at school…

18. Be kind to customer service reps on the phone.

19. Plan a random day to celebrate someone you love.

20. Compliment an employee to the manager of a business.

21. Give the benefit of the doubt.

22. Pray for others.

23. Make eye contact and smile at strangers.

24. Share blog posts and leave positive comments.

25. For one day do every single kind thing that pops into your head.

What would you add? Tell us in the comments.

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Blessing Counters Around the Blogosphere



Jen describes herself as “a work in progress woman” at Being Confident of This.
This week she wrote a beautiful post titled – Fat Girl Insecurities.
I loved this sentence:
“We are not the sum of our insecurities, for we were created for more than this!”
Go over to be reminded of your own beauty and thank Jen for sharing hers.



This week’s inspiration comes from Marriage, Motherhood, & Missions.
A group blog that inspires moms to reach their God-given mission.
I always enjoy the weekly link-up, and this week Linda inspired me with a
recipe for A Very Berry Fruit Crisp Recipe.  Yum!




Pastor Dave Arnold is one of my favorite authors and bloggers.
This week he motivated readers to live their purpose – The Breadcrumbs of Purpose.
I also recommend his book – Pilgrims in the Alley.
Rev and I loved it!

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Leave a little sparkle of kindness.
This pic is from my Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

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18 thoughts on “25 Intentional Kindness Ideas Around the Blogosphere

    1. Thanks so much Sarah Ann. I loved your prayer journal ideas and tips for intentional prayer. Thanks so much for visiting and linking up. <3

  1. Hey, thanks for hosting again!
    This week I am sharing a recipe for Raw Maple Mochao Protein Fudge. It’s pretty amazing. I am also sharing a post about a pretty amazing homeschool mum and preacher’s wife who works from home as an artist — she has been so kind as to offer a giveaway, so check it out! There are only a few days left!

  2. All wonderful ideas, Deb. A list to print and keep nearby. I always love to buy coffee for the person behind me in the drive-through. Blessings to you.

  3. This is my first time joining the linkup. I’m now following you on Pinterest. I also tried Google+, but the link is broken. I’ll add your linkup button to my sidebar. God bless! Tina – American mom/missionary raising 4 kids in South Africa

    1. Hi Tina, Thanks for the heads up on my G+ link. Thank you for joining the link-up. I’m looking forward to coming over and visiting you. The best part of the blogosphere is making new friends. Enjoy a blessing-filled weekend.

  4. This is a great article…. such a good list… many of these things used to just be commonplace courtesies… but they have been lost in our self-centered world. Thank you for posting this. 🙂

  5. This is my first visit for your linky party, I have added your button to my Weekends Are Fun Party and following you now on Pinterest and following on FB now.

    Please stop over and add a link.
    Have a great weekend

    1. Thanks Barbie. Some are so easy they should just become habits. I love visiting The Weekend Brew and catching up on the week. Blessings to you dear friend!

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