April Challenge – Improve Your Attitude Through Gratitude

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Improve Your Attitude


Let’s start with a fun activity . . .

For the next few days you’re going to become an intentional observer. As you walk through the mall, eat at restaurants, drive down busy streets, and hang out with your friends . . . pay close attention to the attitudes people exhibit and the reactions they receive.

You can generally tell someone’s attitude by their: facial expression, body language, words, and tone of voice.

Attitude is defined as – mental outlook

Did you know the way you look at people, things, and circumstances completely influences your attitude about them?

The following are 5 simple truths about attitude:

  1. Self-absorption generally promotes a negative attitude.
  2. Negative attitudes generally get negative reactions.
  3. Negative self-talk generally produces negative attitudes.
  4. Negative attitudes create unnecessary problems and conflict.
  5. A negative attitude can be improved with intentional effort.

Of course this is not just an exercise in noticing human behavior. For the next 30 days we are going to notice the difference an improved attitude can make on our quality of life. Seriously, who isn’t looking for life improvement.

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Challenge #1 – Improve Your Attitude

1. Ask yourself:

How’s my attitude?

  • Great
  • Good
  • Okay
  • Not so good
  • Undecided

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself in different situations – when you’re at work, driving, hanging out with your family or friends, running errands, and relaxing. Keep a small notebook to record your answers or try an electronic version at Mood Panda or MoodyMe.

2. Ask a few of your friends and family members to answer the question for you.

Ask for an honest answer. Know that their mood or attitude could influence their answer. Listen without getting defensive; just thank them for helping you.

3. Talk about how attitudes influence and affect our lives with your family over dinner or in the car. 

Consider taking the challenge as a family. Accountability partners help to keep us motivated. Make a game out of it by encouraging family members to chart their moods with stickers and rewards.

A very important point . . .

Depression is not a bad attitude. If you think you might be suffering with depression or know someone who is, please get professional help. If you know someone who is depressed be kind and caring. I believe someone with depression will still be able to apply many of the principles we will talk about this month, but they are not a substitution for seeking important treatment.

Finally, if you haven’t started a gratitude journal yet this year . . . now is the time. Remember gratitude is more than simply saying thank you; gratitude is shown in actions.

Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts. ~Frederic Amiel



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  1. This was a lovely article. I also want to share a book that will challenge you. The book is called \\\”He\\\’s Stretching Me:, by Henry Borom. This is an amazing book that shows you how to let God lead you through life\\\’s challenges. You will be shown scriptures along with how to allow God to take control of your life. An amazing book that I read yesterday in under 3 hours. If you are looking for God to take you to the next level in your Christian life, then I highly recommend this book. You can purchase the book at Amazon. The book is called “He’s Stretching Me” by Henry Borom.

    1. Hi Rhonda, Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing Borom’s book with us. I’m looking forward to checking it out. God’s richest blessings to you. I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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