How is the Bible Like Kale? Do You Know?

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Today’s guest post is by my friend, Mary Flaherty from SonRise Insights. I’m so glad she’s here. Please make her feel welcome.

Mary has a quick wit. She loves nothing more than laughing and encouraging those around her to join her in a good giggle. I love finding the humor in the daily. Life is funny, full of quirky twists and turns that are best handled with smiles.

A big thank-you to Mary for sharing her love for the Lord and His Word with us. For adding an encouraging smile to our day.

How is the Bible Like Kale? Do You Know?

Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Psalm 34:8

Remember when kale was for decorative purposes only? 

How is the Bible Like Kale? I bet no one has ever asked you that before. Read this to find out some interesting ways they're similar...

When I was younger, kale was only found in deli cases as that curly green border between cold cuts and salads, or in a restaurant, on your plate as a garnish. No one actually ATE kale. I’m pretty sure it was grown simply for garnishing and decorating.

Then it became a “superfood.” (Was the word, “superfood,” even a word before kale become one?) Suddenly, everyone wanted kale. People raved on their Facebook posts about how they made homemade kale chips. I tried to understand, but I felt like a six-year-old kid missing the punchline of an adult-themed joke. Yummy and kale just didn’t seem to go together for me. Chips and kale most certainly didn’t.

Until I decided to start eating healthy. 

I buy kale now. 

That’s right. I said I buy kale. I didn’t say I eat it. 

How is the Bible Like Kale? I bet no one has ever asked you that before. Read this to find out some interesting ways they're similar...

I try to hide it among the romaine lettuce in my salad, but I still know it’s there. I add it to soups that already have plenty of other ingredients in it. I put it in my nutritional shake so that I don’t have to physically eat it. It may be good for you, but I still don’t like it. It’s bitter.

The thing is, I know it’s really good for me, so I eat it. And I’m actually beginning to like it.

My bible is a lot like kale. 

How is the Bible Like Kale? I bet no one has ever asked you that before. Read this to find out some interesting ways they're similar...

The first bible I read was the one on the family bookshelf when I was a kid. It was big and bulky, but it had some pretty cool illustrations. I tried to read it like a book–you know–front to back. Consequently, I knew a lot about Adam and Eve, and not much else.

It was a decoration, like the kale in the deli case. 

It looked nice on the shelf, but what other purpose could it possibly have? After all, we went to church. What did we really need the bible for?

Then I grew up, had children, and became more interested in this whole God thing. The minister of the church I started attending gave me a bible. I thought that was a kind thing to do, but it still didn’t interest me too much. 

I hid it among the other books, like the kale in the salad. 

I’d occasionally read other sections besides Genesis, like the gospels. I knew it was good for me, but I still didn’t care too much for it. I tried to like it, but I found it boring. And sometimes it left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

When I needed a spiritual “boost,”
I’d throw it in my shake with all the other
religious things that sought to offer me peace.

Then I started to “eat” healthy. I met Jesus in a personal way, and suddenly, I began to long for the “kale” of Christianity. I had a lot of problems, and the more I read, the more I learned, and the more I learned the healthier I became. I began to apply the principles I learned to my life, and my life started to change. 

I was ingesting God’s superfood. 

My bible was no longer a decoration, but a declaration: a declaration of God’s love for me. 

When I discovered how good the Word of God was for me, I actually started enjoying it.

…the one who feeds on me will live because of me…he who feeds on this bread will live forever.” (John 7:56-58)

I love God’s Word.  I think back and wonder how I ever thought it was boring and bitter tasting. 

I wonder if I will ever feel that way about kale. 

I doubt it. 

Blessing along the path,


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Bio:Mary Dolan Flaherty is a quirky gal who loves to make people laugh. She loves the outdoors and anything chocolate chip mint. She and her husband, whom she affectionately calls Hubbles, just finished hiking the New Jersey section of the Appalachian Trail. Mary writes along the humerus as the funny bone in the body of Christ at SonRise Insights. She can also be found on Facebook,  and Twitter: @SonRiseInsights.

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21 thoughts on “How is the Bible Like Kale? Do You Know?

  1. I’m teaching adult Bible study tonight at church, and my topic is basically why we should read the Bible regularly. I am having the usual doubt going into this, but this illustration helped to clarify why I feel the topic needs taught. I don’t want to be preachy or condemning. I want to talk about the Bible’s immense benefits, benefits like kale has for the body. I want to be encouraging. This post helped me with that.

  2. Great read from a favorite blogger! Deb–so glad you featured Mary this week!! Mary–you are too much. Laughing through all this delightful truth. I never put the decorative use for the kale together before–but you’re right. Never heard of it either til about a year ago. Yep–it’s a regular part of our healthy eating, too. And, God’s Word–BRILLIANT metaphor here. Glory!

    1. Kathryn, It is my pleasure. I’m so glad Mary blessed me by wanting to share this great analogy here. I don’t think I’ll ever learn to eat kale, but I do love the Word. Many blessings to you!

  3. What a unique and fun metaphor! Love it. You are spot on. I’ve actually been eating more kale lately. It’s great steamed with a little salt and lemon juice. I like thinking of the Bible as God’s superfood.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. I don’t know about the steamed thing…I still like to hide it. But I did discover a “new” superfood while I was writing this post called broccoleaf-it’s the leaf that grows around broccoli, and they throw it away when processing the broccoli! Apparently, it has more nutrients than kale and tastes better–less bitter. Foxy puts it out in bags, like spinach, but it is only sold in a few areas of the country. Check it out.

  4. Haha…what a great post Mary! I can definitely relate to this post! absolutely love it! I was late to the “kale” party too but now i use it in my smoothies or saute in coconut oil and cook with my eggs..delicious. I rededicated my life to Christ just 3 years ago today. I am so happy thankful that God’s word is now part of my every day consumption:) Thank you for sharing and thanks to Deb for as well. May God bless you both!

    1. Horace-Congratulations on your anniversary! I think that kale takes some getting used to. Similarly, when we are new Christians, the bible takes some getting used to as our source of strength, encouragement and nourishment.

  5. Mary’s posts have such a great twist of humor. Seriously, i’d never, ever think of comparing the Bible to eating kale, but you make it make perfect sense. We do go through a progression of learning to value and love God’s word. Blessings from #ThreeWordWed!

  6. Ha! I was drawn to this post from Intentional at Home because while I love kale, my children are always accusing me of feeding it to them constantly! Please. I made them eat 2 kale chips. One time. That was it. I’m a bad mom who gives up on things like this and just defaults to green beans. Anyway. Thanks for the fun and on-point analogies! 🙂

    1. What a hoot! Don’t you know that one time is all it takes to qualify for “always?” ( BTW, it also works in reverse, with “never.”) Hey, at least you tried. My poor kids grew up in the Kraft mac & cheese/chicken nugget era of the 90s. Talk about a bad mom! Thanks for visiting Deb’s lovely blog today. I love your sarcastic wit–it’s much like my own.

    2. You know Elizabeth that doesn’t change when they’re grown. They still say, “You always made us.” At least we ALL laugh about it now. And watching them with their own littles is great! 🙂

  7. Too funny! First, I did not know that kale is the stuff in the deli case – ewwww….I do eat it in soup, not sure I would have had I known!! LOL – I always struggled to ‘read’ my bible. I’d turn to it when I needed it, and sometimes just ‘pop’ it open in some random place to see what He wanted to say to me – then I found a bible I LOVE and I could not put it down. Translation was everything for me – Can’t wait to share this post, loved it!

    With a smile, Carlyn 🙂

  8. I’ve increased my “kale” consumption lately too, Mary. I always get the baby kale instead, since the regular kale is just too darn tough and chewy. But yes, disguised in a salad among the Romaine, does help! And I’m not sure that I’ve ever looked at studying God’s word as distasteful. I know there have been times when I tired of the obligation to read my Bible. However, I will say that there are times when I’ve read something in the Bible and God’s knocked me right between the eyes with conviction. Now that seems distasteful for the moment, but I always feel like it’s a kindness. It’s like God just pointed out the “kale” stuck between my teeth! Yay God! Thanks goes out to Deb too, for highlighting you here. 🙂

  9. Great analogy! The Bible is the essential life-giving book! How important that we read it! I’m 100% committed to this (but not sure when I’ll come around on the kale!)

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