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Prayer for a new positionAnonymous005-22-2019
I am appying for a promotional post, which I believe will assist with my financial problems.Please pray for me to get the position or promotion. Thank you
Prayer for my little sisterAnonymous005-22-2019
My sister passed high school with good grades. She had been registering for different couses which shw never finishes. She has anger outburst. She lies alot and steals money. I am praying that she finds peace in her heart. Nad get admitted for police training that will help her to get a job. Please help me pray for her.
Get pregnantLetty Rodriguez005-22-2019
I'd love God to bless me with a baby. I wantt to be a mom. A healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.
Help when hell Is breaking loose in my life Anonymous505-22-2019
My baby will be here in a few weeks and I am doing this alone I literally begged my now ex to change and be there for me but he resorted to blaming me for everything, every other day he changes his mind on making us work I changed everything in my life to make it work with him but its never good enough I\'m sorry my sweet baby will have a broken home, but I pray I get the strength from now and the peace of mind to let go of the toxic relationship because I did all I could I never tried so hard before. Yes I still love him and wish he would come to his senses and step up I ask of you to please pray for us . Pray that I have the strength and realize my self worth and be enough to get my life started with my baby. I really stressed and I know it\'s not good for the baby but my life feels like hell. Please keep us in prayer. Thank you
Learn to be patient and to heal my heart Anonymous205-21-2019
Help me to stay close to God
Healing Grace Quaye605-21-2019
There was an issue which didn't in involved directly. But at end every was shifted on. This tenant told me I should go and find out at the where she had lived and that she is a good person at all, she wicked and she will teach me a lesson. After some month I fell very ill with all children, some where even went through surgery. One day I came out of my house to go to office and suddenly something pierced me from my side. For 16 years I have not been well. It moves in body and the pain increases at night without sleep. Some time when it rest on my abdomen I fill I'm in labour. I have been going to hospital after examination scans they they don't see any. May the Good Lord heal me spiritually and physically in Jesus name I pray. Amen
God's Direction Made ClearAnonymous505-21-2019
I am currently serving on a board of directors for a non-profit as the president and I am wrestling in prayer to know if I should stay on the board or go. The person ruining the organization right now, the interim executive director, is strong managerially, but is divisive, back-biting, sneaky, manipulative and self-promoting on an interpersonal level. The reason why I have stayed is because at times I feel the Lord is calling me to stay in there and clear out personalities like this so that the organization can function as he desires it to be. Although I do feel that God has called me there at times, at other times I am completely confused and overwhelmed by the work because I also work a full-time job, have three kids and a relationship to manage. I also am really inexperienced and have been learning as I go. My personality is strong and I am someone who believes in doing what\'s right, which is why other members of the board have chosen to support and follow me. If I leave the board there will be no one with the courage to speak up and make hard decisions, so no change will occur. In spite of all this I want to confirm that it is truly God who is leading and guidingcme for this cause and not some hidden motive or a mixed signal of some kind. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. I don\'t want to take on a spiritual battle that God is not calling me to. Thank you
Relationship restoration.Allwell Ajose705-21-2019
That God would restored my relationship with my older sister who has cit off communication with me for over a year now, no calls ,no messages.
my relationshipAnonymous405-21-2019
please pray for me and my boyfriend. We are supposed to be getting married this year but things are falling apart and he is giving up on us. At this point we need a miracle and I believe that everything is possible with God.
I'm really going thru a difficult time,I'm 7 months pregnant and my baby daddy left me since the beginning, my own mum has never come in terms with it and always advocated for abortion but I do want my baby,but its hard because am a student too.The whole situation is overwhelming me,I don't work or have anything. Am at my highest level of depression and all I see is darkness
Relationship Anonymous705-21-2019
Please pray for me and my bf. We have both said and done things we regret, we are both stubborn. Lord please help me have the words and actions and state of mind to do the right thing for myself and the strength to stay on the right path. Please allow me peace of mind to sleep at night and not to replay the day in my head. Lord just help me do the right thing.
Liberation Anonymous305-21-2019
Liberation for my son from identity confusion
Prayer for my marriageTracie G805-20-2019
Please pray that my husband's heart be softened and that he sees me through God's eyes of unconditional love and true grace and forgiveness. That he find Christ centered mentors that will help guide him to Christ and ultimately to heaven. And that joy be redeemed in our marriage once again.
For a job and GedAnonymous705-20-2019
Please pray for me i want to finish my Ged and get a job.
Please pray for my daughter, she has gotten mixed up in an abusive relationship. I am very worried about her and she can't seem to find her way. Please pray to bring Christian people into her life and be accountable for her decisions she is making, and to find her way out of this.
Healing and salvationRamona A405-20-2019
Please pray for my healing.I have constantly pain. Also pray for my souk salvation.
Healing from darkness forces over my family - diseases, afflictions, loss of businesses
my son and my dadjoann trinkaus1005-20-2019
pray for my very sick alcoholic son to find peace and GOD and health! pray for my sick dad....he keeps getting healthier so he can be with us longer!!
Free From The EnemyAnonymous405-19-2019
Don\'t let my enemies win over me. Satan will not devour me.
For friendshipAnonymous505-19-2019
Pray that I am given the grace to separate true friends from the bad, and pray that You give me signs to continue the good friendships. Pray that I get closer to certain true friends and spread Your love
God's Supernatural HealingAnonymous905-19-2019
Friend has stage 3 chronic kidney disease. VA hospital knew for 5 years and just told him in November of '18
God’s healing from stress and anxiety Anonymous805-19-2019
Dear God, put your healing hands on my body and heal me from stress and anxiety now and forever, my Lord. I want a normal life, and want to continue with my studies. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen
FinancesLupe Garza705-19-2019
I need a job to help pay for our bills and a big tax bill of 10,000 plus and I need a job.
Quick Sale of my house Anonymous405-18-2019
Please stand with me in prayer for the quick sale of my house for the asking price, to alleviate financial stress and set my family on the road to financial freedom and being debt free. Thank you so much
Broken relationship Anonymous705-18-2019
I pray God to restore the love that started from 2017 April and peace to flow unendless.
Family and Friends Nancy Jones 805-18-2019
For Kaylee and Austin, Xavier,Zayne, Jeramie sr.,Jeramie jr., Lucius, Trisha, zander, Aleena, Jude, Josie, and Josie's boyfriend. Ruth, Russell, Charity, Josh, and their boys to be saved and live for Jesus. Kaylee and Austin Prosperie and their baby's to have a better house to live in, And our Son Jeramie 44 year's a good job and to realize Jesus is his answer to be BLESSED
Restoration of relationship between me and my GF: Vaishali YadavAnonymous605-18-2019
Requesting/Begging God to Restore the broken relationship and love between me and my GF: Vaishali Yadav 1. Her father has denied for this intercaste marriage, bless and humble her father's heart to provide the permission for us to get into relationship n married 2. Misunderstanding created in her mind relating to my past relationship as she feels i don't love her but physically attracted(brainwashed by her family members/cousin/colleques) and claiming that i used girls with wrong intention 3. Since she has blocked me from all communication again, denying to meet or call or discussed or clear the misunderstandings and issues, 4. Threatening me to possibly lodge complaint against me if she gets angry due to my multiple calls which irritated her, if i tried to meet/see her again but i dont wanna give up, as i really love and haven't cheated, believing that God can restored any broken relationships 5. Just required 1 more chance and her trust on me to improve my mistakes i made as per her, to restored the relationship within us
Relationship Restoration Anonymous705-17-2019
Could you please pray for my daughter to be Strong, Courage, Defensive & Have her Mojo to SAVE Her Marriage from child daddy? Saving My daughter’s marriage after she had an affair, which resulted in a pregnancy. The baby girl is now 2 years old. Her husband is devoted to save their marriage, but child daddy (very wicked) is being very demanding that the child is not to have any relationship with her stepfather & for my daughter to leave her husband. He uses the child as incentive in order to provide financial support for the child, etc... Could you Please PRAY for Peace, Love & Union for my daughter & her husband and Child? My daughter seems to be acting like a robot rather than protecting herself, daughter & husband. She’s afraid to lose her daughter. PLEASE PRAY PRAY PRAY
Pray for my daughter Anonymous705-17-2019
My daughter has an autoimmune disease lupus. She is only 15.Currently her blood has been given for retest ana, dsdna etc. Only after that doctor will decide whether to take medicine hcq which has many Side effects. I want God to perform a miracle and let the blood test be normal and doctor says no need to take any medicine. I don't have anybody to help me out. Please pray for me. I am an Indian.
My marriage Anonymous505-17-2019
My marriage is fallen apart due to my husband having affairs constantly. My 2 children are smoking and failing to give up due to health reason. They need powerful job cos they are intelligent. Pray to protect my children their up and downs.
Prayer for a Breakthrough Anonymous805-17-2019
Please pray that my husband and I get back in our feet. My husband has been without a job for more than a year and me for just about 7 months. We have 7 children and are really struggling to make ends meet. I have been battling depression for most of my life and now I feel nothing but despair, my children are my sole source of joy and they deserve so much better. Please stand with me in prayer..
Me issuesAnonymous505-17-2019
Sick and tired of being sick and tired of everything job, home, etc
Prayer for God to make my job transfer possibleAnonymous505-16-2019
I am believing God for a job transfer to Lusaka, a city where my husband is now working and living with our 3 daughters . It's been 6months of me having to drive 2 hours to get home every weekend and back to my small work town on Monday mornings . I really need to rejoin my family so much please stand with me in prayer
HealingMaria Moya405-16-2019
Please pray that I will heal from this pain on my side that doctors have not been able to find out what it is I\'ve had it for a little more than 5 years also for my legs I have very badd varicose veins and they hurt a lot and I feel afraid and I don\'t want to I know the Lord is with me.
Broken relationshipGina Reid805-16-2019
Need God's powerful movement in my relationship and for Him to put an end to all the chaos that is between Sai and me.
My childrenJoyce Bwete805-16-2019
elder daughter (keziah) to get a spouse, ability to complete her masters,grow spiritual strength,financial growth and the little one Georgina to be blessed,loved,spiritually guided and study well. I need financial blessings to be part of the congregation that contributes to the church and hospital construction of Kireka SDA.
Healing and DeliveranceAnonymous1005-16-2019
Please pray for my healing and restoration in my body aoul and spirit. Also, please pray for my restoration with a good paying job with the federal government. AMEN
depression and sadness Monica Silva 1005-16-2019
that the good LORD touch her with his healing mercies
Disability hearing is in a monthNicole Sunkel905-16-2019
I am praying hard that the Judge will continue to look at my case and just go ahead and approve me. I believe in the power of prayer. I also believe that God has the power to completely heal my spinal cord injury that I have had over 11 years if it is His will to do so. These last few months I have literally been living off of Blessings. I really need this to be approved, since I am no longer able to work and that is including working part time.
Bringing my son and gf homeAnonymous705-16-2019
Please bring my gf and son home I'm going through a bad break up and I miss them we been together 4 yrs and I found out my 3 year old son is not mine I\\\\\\\'m really hurting and having a hard time healing
My two sons have been shot. Please pray for healing, comfort and peace. Pray they accept Jesus as Lord. God’s will be done. Healing for past traumas and grief for our whole family. God please bless each person who prays for my family. Thank you
My baby RileyEmily Wise1305-15-2019
Please pray for my baby’s brain to be healed, she suffered oxygen deprivation at birth and doctors aren’t sure how this will effect her in the future. Prayers for complete healing
My FamilyCarol Griffin2005-15-2019
Our family is going thru several medical illness at the same time mother in stage 4 bone cancer at 98 husband start of dementia and my deepening depression of caring for them and my need to take care of myself
Health and MarriageGrace Whiting1305-15-2019
May I request prayer for my and my husband’s health and our marriage please? Thank you so much for your kindness. May blessings abound for you and yours.
I need a better paying, benefits, hours, supervisor employment in Georgia. So, that I can provide for my child and get out of debt. I like my job, but I cannot pay my bills. And my credit is getting worse. The Spirit leave Louisiana, but I am so afraid (fear). I have a 16 year old daughter and I want to move somewhere safe. But, not on a little salary. I am tired of just getting by and living in bad places.
My sonAnonymous1105-14-2019
I got to court to see if I can get my son back. Please pray that I can he does not understand what is happening and just wants us back. He wants to be in his own bed. It breaks my heart to see him like this.
medical treatmentAnonymous1005-14-2019
please pray for me, i start treatments with a new nurse tuesday after years with someone else; i pray it goes well and easy and successful. amen
Financial assistance Mary Ellen McGloin 1205-13-2019
Dear God please help me to pay what I owe and be able to pay all my bills each month... I also would love to have money to take care of my two rescue pets Petty ? and Putty ? that need Veterinarian attention..Thank You for praying ?? with me in Jesus name..Amen
Transfer request to Human Resources department Anonymous905-13-2019
I am currently working in a very victimise, bullying and unconducive working environment. I studied Human Resources and enrolled my my masters degree but only doing a very small component in my current job. I am in the process to request to be transferred to human resource department in the same organization in order to experience job satisfaction and to be out of the department were I do currently manage fleet, equipment, infrastructure and budgets. It is to much pressure and because I am not a person that do corruptions I picked-up a lot of personal conflict . I am sick and experienced Maniere’s decease due to anxiety and stress. I also suffer from Insomnia due to work problems. My psychiatrist surported my proposed solution to be transferred and wrote a letter to my employer. I need prayers that God will do this miracle in my life and that my formal request will find God’s and our HR director’s approval. I need your prayers my friends ?
I want God to show me the wayAnonymous1305-13-2019
Its been 15 years since I got married and I have two kids. My sisters -in- law have been very rude,unkind,bullying me and they always seem to get away with it. To my husband this is all in my head and that I should try to be patient and tolerant and for 15 years I have been trying to only to feel more claustrophobic.I need help . I want to move away somewhere else and perhaps live more happily. But is this right . I want God to show me the way.
Relationship Restoration Anonymous1005-12-2019
Could you please pray for my daughter to be Strong, Courage, Defensive & Have her Mojo to SAVE Her Marriage from child daddy? Saving My daughter’s marriage after she had an affair, which resulted in a pregnancy. The baby girl is now 2 years old. Her husband is devoted to save their marriage, but child daddy (very wicked) is being very demanding that the child is not to have any relationship with her stepfather & for my daughter to leave her husband. He uses the child as incentive in order to provide financial support for the child, etc... Could you Please PRAY for Peace, Love & Union for my daughter & her husband and Child? My daughter seems to be acting like a robot rather than protecting herself, daughter & husband. She’s afraid to lose her daughter. PLEASE PRAY PRAY PRAY
Urgent Health HealingAnonymous1505-12-2019
Could everyone please pray for my best friend/sister (46 yrs old) that is in critical care in the hospital because of brain/skull hematoma & hemorrhages? She had a surgery of the spinal cord on April 9th, which caused paralysis of her 4 limbs. Several weeks later, she was transferred to a nursing skilled facility for PT/OT within 2 days at the facility when she encountered the brain injuries. Rushed to the ER by paramedics, she had Emergency surgery. She still recovering in ICU with much critical symptoms, 2 weeks still draining blood from her brain, ventilator removed after 2 weeks, a tracheotomy, a PEG Tube to her stomach, fever on/off, and her tongue is cut in half with infection, etc...
Relationship restoration Anonymous1105-11-2019
Please pray that my relationship with my partner may be restored. That he may be healed from hurt, brokenness and forgive me for any way in which I have wronged him. We still both love each other. But due to certain things that happened we just fell apart. I believe I could have been a better women and more understanding towards him. The hurt and pain feels unbearable at times. I still love him with all my heart and want that special bond we share in each other to be restored. I also want another chance to be a better women and partner to him. Amen
Relationship restoration Anonymous605-11-2019
Please pray that my relationship with my big friend may be restored. That he may be healed from hurt brokenness and forgive me for any way in which I have wronged him. Amen
Deeper Faith, Deeper TrustAnonymous905-11-2019
I am purchasing my first home nearer to family in NC. A move I've been making for the last 20 years. God finally sent to me a beautiful home that checks off all my wish list bells and whistles. Its a home I can afford. A few hurdles arose this week and now I am doubting and questioning everything. I am even questioning the confirmations God has already provided. I lost my son Ryan 7 years ago. This home is being built by Ryan builders. I know in my heart this is what God has for me. I'm letting fear drive me. I want peace.
To all who are requesting prayerAnonymous1105-11-2019
My prayer request is for every person who had the courage to seek prayer on this web page. Father you know every want, need, desire and hear every cry for help. Your word says you are the healer, redeemer provider, and that you would never leave us or forsake us. I am asking in the name of Christ Jesus for restoration of relationships, financial increase, healing, marriages, employment opportunities, sound mind, a new revelation of who you are in their lives, draw those who are far away to be closer to you and to break any and all strong holds. You are the God of more than enough and we know you hear all of their prayers. May your peace be with them during this season and that they will see your goodness Lord here in the land of the living. Your promises do not return void and I trust in you Lord to meet the needs of your children. Blessings to you all, Trust God and BELIEVE in His promises. Amen - I love you
Career and RelationshipAnonymous805-11-2019
Please can you pray for me as I dont know which way to go career wise and I am 45 in July. I also desire marriage I have never been married but I have always wanted to be. I am a single mother and came to the LORD after I had my children. Hoping in faith. God bless you.
Restoration of my relationship with my partnerAnonymous405-11-2019
Please help me ask God to restore my relationship with my partner that has just ended. We are still in contact as friends but I would like for us to get back together again.
Help in pregnancy & relationship Anonymous805-11-2019
Pregnant and currently separated from baby's father everytime we decide to Make it work he flips and becomes this evil person shortly after his mother is doing alot to separate us she goes to alot of places to pray to separate us and she wants our family broken up so she can control him she doesnt want our baby to even stay with him when he's born. I pray she fails at breaking us up I rebuke everything she is doing. We have also been trying to get our own home and now he doesn't want to do so and is talking about fixing his mother's house I just want my baby to have a family together I know we can make it I hope he comes to his senses. Please pray for us our baby will be born soon I just want us be happy together and for his mother to stop what she's doing. Please mention us in prayer.
Good healthAnonymous505-10-2019
Please pray for my friend SSJ that he be healed and return to good health that he be healed completely heis having quadruple bypass surgery next week please pray for him thank you
Transfer request to human resourcesAnonymous305-10-2019
Transfer request be successful to human resources department
Find work so I can keep my relationship togetherLynette Meinier605-10-2019
Financial abundance
Strength and Patience Anonymous1005-10-2019
I would deeply like to ask for prayer in my home. I am a daughter and single living in my house with my lovely mom, dad, and brother. The Lord has been so gracious in our home and to me. I tend to be a very detailed and clean and here it comes...critical cleaner. That’s right, I am not a perfect human. None other than Jesus, the only one who is good, is showing me my weaknesses. I am so thankful and with that I believe he guided me to this website which I stumbled across on Pinterest. I would ask that you pray for my heart. I become impatient and upset at my family when I feel I am the only one who cleans most of the time. Our house is mess and I feel frustrated when I cannot move anyone’s clutter so it stops me from cleaning with a joyful heart. Instead of accepting this as a gift from God and using it with kindness...I turn it around. I would only ask that I begin to grow this gift inside of me and use it with love and laughter, not anger and bitterness towards my family. I am no better than they and I ask, if you would, to pray that I may cling to God and that He may show me exactly how this gift is to be used. I thank the Lord again for stumbling across this page. I know it was no accident ??
My marriage Anonymous1305-09-2019
I would like my marriage to work but my husband don’t believe it would after I guess because he had an aFair and he just abound the kids and I.and he blames me for everything he has done.thank you God bless.
How to get unstuck from the pastAnonymous705-09-2019
I know that I've meen molested as a baby, and nobody is telling me the truth, it feels like u need to get over this, work through it to get unstuck. I don't know how if I don't have the facts or evidence. I don't love myself, I will try to do what I've learned today with this How do I love myself, it made sence, thank you.
Restoration for broken relationshipAnonymous705-09-2019
I finally left my relationship after being drained of pretending to leave so many times because of lies. It’s been about 5 months now and my heart has been so heavy because I still love my ex unconditionally. I feel I did what was right but also feel I could have been a better woman by fighting for my relationship instead of the enemy putting thoughts in my head. It was also my fault as relationships are a two way street. I think we were both so drained that we hurt each other and really broke something that was special. I’m not sure what God’s doing but just asking God to please restore our relationship but only if it’s Gods will and to be healthy. I’ve learned a lot about myself during this time apart From my ex and now wish there was things I could have done better in the past. Just hoping for a miracle out of this brokenness and that God will soften our hearts and bring us back together. Our bond was so strong and we ended things so broken without any words and or goodbyes. Please pray for me and my ex. Mountains need to be moved and chains need to break.
Bringing my soon to be family together Anonymous805-09-2019
Pregnant and baby will be here in a few weeks everytime my fiance (child father) and I decide to make it work it seems he's changing his mind and being ignorant and blaming me for everything . This whole pregnancy has been hard because it's a high risk pregnancy. I just would like for us to be together and make this work so we can have our family I've been hurt so much I'm worn out I pray he can change and we could decide what's best for the future of our baby. I haven't had any support emotionally from him since I've become pregnant it seems he wants to but there is always something pulling him back. I beg of you please pray for us . Thank you
I want God in my lifeAnonymous805-08-2019
May God make me who iam in him,how I was formed may he use me..I don't want a sinful life I want God above all
Guidance and miracles Jennifer Badger1405-08-2019
I am broken. Divorced two times, not loved, used, and mistreated. My ex husband is fighting for full custody of my 13 year old disabled child. I need God to send me a Godly man that LOVES all of me. I need court settled and keep my daughter. I need to feel loved, wanted, and whole again. God guide me, help me, and rebuild me to the woman you want me to be!
Finance & Marriage & Health Anonymous805-08-2019
Dear Jesus it's been 8 years since Claude has been diagnosed with leukemia I watch him in so much of pain all the time I feel so helpless. Please Lord heal him and let him go into remission It's also now 5yrs that he has shut me out of his cancer and life. I love my husband Lord I just want him to Love me unconditionally and let me back into his life. Finance is very bad with us Lord we are in so much debt please Lord dont let us lose our home please help us financially so that Claude can relax a bit. Please Lord take care of us all.. Amen
Fruits of the wombAnonymous505-07-2019
Please pray that I will be pregnant with my quadruplets in Jesus name. Amen
For better healthDebbie Keck1805-07-2019
I am very sick and in much pain. Im only 63 and im not ready to leave this Earth. God please choose what you believe is best for me.
New JobA H905-07-2019
After being layed-off and looking for work for months I started working again. Please pray that I will be able to successfully do what I have been hired to do. One of the things required is that I be able to take constructive criticism, I pray for faith, wisdom, understanding, strength and compassion. I am excited and nervous and pray that this new role is what God wants for me.
Help candis and jaylaPaula Vample905-07-2019
Please help candis find some one to help her address the people that has done wrong. She has been displace from her home by no fault of her own please her to have faith and know that God will send some one to help her .make sure these people that\'s wrongly responsible for not seeing her threw be made accountable for ther atcion. Help candis be calm and listen to and angry wen people like mom try to help give her faith so she get a good safe place to live give her PEACE. Help her be more understanding to jayla her daughter and not degrading and put her all the time jayla is her daughter please protect them .help candid to be more powerful and stronger
Protection from the devilAnonymous705-06-2019
Divine favor and opened doors from GodDayna Williams 1005-06-2019
I feel so stuck in my life, every time I make two steps forward I end up 3 steps areas of my education my job and even in my personal relationships
Salvation for family and friends Gina Gagliastre 705-06-2019
Please pray for salvation for my son, family and friends who are blinded to the Truth.
Please pray for my child. He has walked away from God and is living for self and it has broken us. He is living contrary to the call. He needs restoration and clarity of mind he has traded the truth for a lie.
Pray for my nephew who is in hospital Grace Njogu1505-05-2019
He has kidneys problem
Praying for my Mother and my sister in law Anonymous1605-04-2019
My Mother fractured her leg while visiting my sister in law who is diagnosed with cancer at the hospital. These past few weeks been very difficult for our family. Please pray for their recovery.
Bring him homeVERONICA GARCIA 1105-03-2019
Robert Miranda
King and familyDorothy King905-03-2019
Health financial
Strengthening of my faith Anonymous1205-03-2019
For the Devine power in my relationship
Moving and stressful jobAnonymous1005-03-2019
Please pray for Gid’s Direction in my life for a career I am considering. It would require me to move, also. But the job would be very rewarding. My biggest fear is being disobedient to him by taking the job.
Lost after my daughter's suicide Yolanda Dugan2605-02-2019
I lost my only child, a daughter to suicide in 2017. I am lost without her and I am racked with guilt and grieve her. Then two years to the day my younger brother died unexpectedly. It was the last straw for me. I have a difficult time with living my life. I am married but I can't always talk with my husband about my situation. Thank you.
Daughter, My marriage Anonymous1205-02-2019
Pl pray for my daughter who's suffering from anxiety now because of autism. I need some more prayers for my husband, who's gone astray.
Stage 4 cancerRUSS LEWIS1805-02-2019
Help them to pinpoint the origin of the cancer
Help me stopMichelle Schulze1405-01-2019
I am dependant on prescription pain meds and I want to get off them. Please pray that I can go through the process of getting off these meds and help me deal with the withdrawal so I can be proud of who I am again
God’s Grace and blessingsAnonymous1405-01-2019
Please God protect and bless my daughter and son in law’s new home. Please no more set backs in their remodel. Let everything get done in a timely manner. Fill every room with God’s love. Amen
Prayer for my MarriageAnonymous1405-01-2019
We have been married for 5 yrs. We have problems in communicating. As a result there is misuse of money. Husband lost a job. No growth. We have no respect for each other.Husband find comfort in having affairs. Please pray for our marriage as I believe our union was suppose to glorify his name and living in his presence we will have joy.
Thank you Pastor Hubbard!!Marilyn C405-01-2019
Thank you my Jesus for moving us to Vancouver Canada, My husband sushi and I bless you dear father. You heard our prayer and gave us an instant response even though our difficulties were enormous. We love you. Thank you! Pastor Hubbard!
College at 47Deanna K1504-30-2019
I am in college for CMA certified Medical Assistant it normally a 3 yr course but is converted down into 7 months, I am so stressed and worried all the time about low grades ! So I just need prayer to help me understand and learn and pass all this stuff cause I have to have a career to take care of myself and my son and granddaughter cause of divorce and need to really move on and live my life with Jesus always !
Help in hard times Anonymous1404-30-2019
Currently pregnant and It seems the devil is working harder in my life my relationship has ended due to physical violence and a ignorant partner he never sees his wrong doing. I'm praying that he agrees to go to counseling together to have our family together and he starts understanding what needs to be done In a relationship and stop being so ignorant i have been hurt countless times by him but I want my family together i beg of you to please pray for us and let him come around a changed faithful & peaceful man. Thank you amen
For peace in my marriage and fruits of the womb. Martha Akila1304-30-2019
I am depressed, feeling weak after a beautiful wedding in October 2016. My husband and I where diagnosed with unexplain fartility. I prayed every day for a blessing to have my child lucky me last year God answered but two weeks after I was confirmed pregnant the Lord took it. Ever since then I have been praying for God to bless me again with the gift of pregnancy but still waiting for God. I need everyone reading this to take his/her time to pray that God should open my womb again. (Martha Akila).
Continued StrengthKim Baer804-30-2019
Please pray for continued strength and the ability to be able to wait through these tough times. In the past 5 years I have lost my mother, mother in law , father and now a very close friend. I know they are all in heaven but miss them all so dearly. All this while dealing with a husband with addiction. Help me continue this journey with confidence and trust in his plan.
Breakthrough and transformationDonald Kgaodi1104-30-2019
i am currently unemployed for more than 10 years and i really want to marry and o business to sustain my family which is poor.sometimes i feel that i got too much love for worldly things and material things than God so i need transformation on that area.the other thing is am asking God to create a clean and pure heart in me,open up my eyes to see him,open my heart for his word to dwell in me and transform me, eliminate anger,stress,doubt,impatience, fear,anxiety,unbelief and disobedience in me
Financial BreakthroughJoy (Joy)904-30-2019
Myself and husband have started businesses after the loss of our jobs. We pray for success of these businesses and ability to secure income to make ends meet. We have family members dependent on us as well. Our families are attacked by poverty and mental illnesses.
Husband with Health ProblemsDebbie Oxford1204-29-2019
Don has been diagnosed in the early stages of dementia. This man's identity is so tied up in being Mr. Fix It to friends and family that he is having trouble letting go of that role. Instead, projects hang on for months (and even years) all while I'm told it's getting done. Current project is our washing machine. He's been working on it for over a week. He also has COPD and diabetes and is addicted to cigarettes and prescription drugs (legal)
New home Petrina PENISTER 704-29-2019
I’m asking for prayers for this house I’m trying to get this week for my family and I, I’m asking for prayer for my children, family, finances and for some new transportation
Healing for David overall wellbeingAnonymous704-28-2019
Please pray for the remission of David’s myositis so that his muscles will regenerate and strengthen again. That he will be able to do all the normal activities with us.
Prayers for DaughterAnonymous1404-27-2019
Please pray for emotional and spiritual healing for Jessica. Pray for the desire to live.
Broken RelationshipAnonymous904-27-2019
My 7 years relationship is falling apart and I really love this person
Depression & AnxietyAnonymous1104-27-2019
Jesus please deliver me from depression and anxiety. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Please pray for my healing for anxiety, mitral valve prolapse, and letting go of being a people pleaser/perfectionist/fixer/doubter/shameful/guilt ridden/unconfident/ judgemental/prideful/ jealous/envious/self-comparing person with low self-esteem. Thank you so very much!
Salvation Anonymous704-27-2019
My son doesn’t believe in Jesus hasn’t in 20 years. Raised to be a believer. Eastern teachings. We have been estranged for a month now
God's will at my job.Tina Hardy604-27-2019
We have schedule bidding at my work. I am third from the bottom which means I may have to change to nights. I am not wanting this ti happen but if it is God's will, then so be it. Thank you i n advance for your prayers for his will. <3
God's will at my job.Tina Hardy304-27-2019
We have schedule bidding at my work. I am third from the bottom which means I may have to change to nights. I am not wanting this ti happen but if it is God's will, then so be it. Thank you i n advance for your prayers for his will. <3
Financial MiracleElsie LongHall704-27-2019
I'm in desperate need of a financial miracle, to repair my car, get out of debt, to start my own business, buy a home for me & those who need shelter, & to help those in need. And peace, love, respect, & compassion between me & all of my family, friends, & every person I meet. That I may see the Creator in all & everything that exist. Amen!
Sister’s illnessAnonymous904-27-2019
Jesus please let my sister’s immune system get much stronger. She is sick all the time. Please take away all her illnesses and let her breathing and allergies be much better. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.
HealingMelva Lawson704-26-2019
I have been diagnosed with a skin disorder and I don't know if it will get better. I'm scared and worried of what may be ahead. I pray that this goes away but I need to surrender to God and have faith in his plan for my life. Thank you for your prayers for my healing and peace.
For rebellious teen grandsonAnonymous704-25-2019
Pray for my grandson Joshua who is making wrong choices and not studying his school work he falls in love with his Saviour.
Breakthroughs Anonymous504-25-2019
Financial breakthrough Emotional healing Healing from sickness Blessed Marriage Prosperity , Protection and Protection over my family and myself. Grace and favor Open my spiritual eyes, ears and heart - spiritual wisdom
I have tube block on both sides,for which I had done massage treatment from a person who can diagnose by just touching the pulse and heal by massaging.Along with that we keep praying also.He said it's healed so I didn't go to doctor also to check my blockage. I have premature ovarian ageing also.It's been 4months since the treatment and still not conceive.we don't have money right now to go for IVF also because that is what all the docs whom I have visited had told me to do.Whatever it is happening in our life it's God's plan and will accept it if he doesn't want us to have.
Reunite with my boyfriendBernadette Bouvier704-25-2019
I'm asking for prayers to reunite with my boyfriend he has been unfaithful and I have said some mean words to him.
My husband RussAnita Lewis704-25-2019
Has stage 4 cancer Going for Pet Scan Friday Please get rid of the mass heal him.
Marriage & Family RestorationTraci Singleton1104-24-2019
My husband divorced me last year after 30 years of marriage, I did not want the divorce and feel God has called me to stand in the gap for my husband and our marriage. He is getting married next month. Please stop this non-covenant adulterous marriage and bring him back to God in repentance and back to our family. Our only daughter has not spoken to her dad since May of 2016. Restore our family.
Financial freedom,find a job and my relationship Anonymous704-24-2019
To find a job and grow my relationship to be blessed and mu studies to be passed for my eyes to be away from the worthless and focus on God's way
Release and Let Go & Let GodTina Smith604-24-2019
No worries in let go and let God take care of each situation in my life and children's lives as well. Give me Grace, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Love and hope
Reconciliation in mattiarre after being cheated o Rose Wambu804-24-2019
Healing heart,forgiveness and trust.
Please pray for my only child. She has anger and resentment issues that are tearing our family apart. I have grandchildren that this is affecting deeply. She uses my grandchildren as pawns and when she's angry I "pay" by not be able to see them. Please pray that her eyes will be opened to the damage her behavior is causing to her children. Please pray for her husband that he will have the strength to endure. He works constantly and I worry that he is at his breaking point. She is very demanding of him and she does not work. She's very dependent on me and her father but will not help herself and lashes out at us constantly. She verbally abuses her father and I and we too are at our breaking point. Please Pray for her salvation above all.
Broken relationship Anonymous1204-23-2019
My relationship is on the rocks. I don't want to lose my partner of 10 years. I said and did things that were disrespectful to him and now he's cold and distant which is now hurting me deeply. Please pray with me for healing and reconciliation.
Room for FaithAnonymous604-23-2019
I am struggling to feel like I am accomplishing anything worthwhile in life, and I feel like I\'m in a pretty bad rut. I have many goals and dreams, but fear of failure is keeping me from trying to chase any of those dreams. I know that I can do all through Christ, and though I pray daily, I always welcome more prayers to help me chase my fears away ?
Prayer for jobs, internal peace and memoral lossRachel Jacqueline Nel804-23-2019
Prayer for a job for my brother and a better job for my daughter. Kindly also pray for internal peace for my niece, Roux-che and for my memory loss and forgetfulness.
God to restore my marriage and bring back my husband back home Anonymous904-22-2019
Help to pray for my marriage my husband to come back home and also God to give him true salvation.may God protect him nor to be sick e.g. HIV CANCER STDS ETC
prayer for the sickAnonymous904-22-2019
please pray for the egomaniacs and the pathologically envious ppl who have to hurt others to feel good. amen
Prayer for my son and husbandAnonymous704-21-2019
I praying for my husband to walk i. What God has for him, he does God's will and a desire to serve God. I pray that I be the Godly wife to support him in God's will. I pray for my son, protection, guidance and wisdom as he enters middle schho, preteen. Pray God's covering over him, surround him with Godly friends, teachers. Pray God's will over his life, he seeks after God's and become a mighty man of God.
Gods loveBas B1604-21-2019
Somehow I dont feel loved by God. The feeling of Him being with me somehow slipped away. I know He loves me, because the bible says so. But please pray that He helps me overcome my unbelief.
Prayer for peace at my home and workplace am to learn my jobAnonymous1104-21-2019
Please pray I have peace in an abusive home and peace at work where I am in anew job and am having trouble learning because I have already encountered a bully help me I need the money I also must have knee replacement surgery 15 May and I need to recover quickly with no problems I am fearful. Thank you
Courage and self loveDionne Grant604-20-2019
Please pray for me to have courage to make decisions and take opportunity to improve my life. Also help me to have enough self love to not allow the man I’m with to have so much power over my happiness
Broken marriageAnonymous1404-19-2019
My husband chased me out of our house because of misunderstanding with her 21 year old stepdaughter
Family worshipAnonymous904-19-2019
Please pray that my husband and daughters open there hearts to Jesus and we can worship our Lord together as a family
Prayer for financial struggle, employment and family problemAnonymous1704-19-2019
Please help us to seek guidance from our Lord God. I am a single mom, have 3 kids and we are living with my parents. We used to live life abundantly, but its been 2 mos now that we are financially struggling - as in money to buy for our food. I used to work in a corporate world but i quit my job to take care of my 2 little kids. We put up a small business but it didnt work well, to the point that I was now troubled with debt (rental fee, tax fee). I have no job and keep on finding one but no one is getting me and because of this, i knew my family hated me. I am closed to my dad and i feel he started to avoid me, my brother is blaming me for all these mess. I am praying to our God that He will guide and help me to surpass this challenge, for I cannot do it alone. Im crying but I dont want my children to see that i am crying, i dont want to hurt them. I am not asking for a life full of luxury, what I am asking is just enough. I want to see myself as a good provider to my family, the way I used to be. I want my children to continue studying on their previous school and pay all my debts. I keep asking myself, "am i a bad person?" Because i know im not. I pray a lot, i am a church-goer but still these nightmare happens. Pls help me to ask divine intervention.
GI concernsAnonymous1104-19-2019
please pray my GI tract will be healthy and easy.amen
Pray for the father of my son. Anonymous1204-19-2019
The father (David Fatogun) of my son has surrounded himself with the wrong crowd, please pray for his SPIRITUAL EYES to be enlightened so he may yet come into the Grace of GOD and fulfill his GOD given purpose.
My marriage Anonymous1004-19-2019
I’m asking for prayer to for me and my husband reconciled our marriage his name is Donald Marks I want him to be a better husband a man of God to do right by God and me.
Relationship healing and teconciliationJaime Cochrane404-18-2019
Please pray for relationship healing and reconciliation with me. mike G and I dated over a year. While we have had our ups and downs, we’ve always worked through them and have been committed to making it work. A little more than a month ago his depression got the better of him and he completely pulled away. We have not seen one another in more than a month and haven’t spoken in 3 weeks. I feel God telling me to BE STILL. And if i am honest, i struggle with this. What does it mean. I have tried to give him space and not contact him, but then i send a text or call and... NOTHING. God can heal this relationship. He can restore it. Please help me pray for healing and reconciliation... it’s possible with God.
Marriage Restoration Anonymous804-18-2019
I would like help in petitioning the throne of grace for restoring my marriage. We live like roommates now and are considering divorce.
For my daughter to be herd.Maria Campos1204-18-2019
Please pray that my daughters feelings be taken into consideration I need her to be herd I need people to advocate for her infront of the judge she doesn't want to be with her father she cries and pleads not to make her go i don't know what to do to help her something is not right please pray for her and the judge over seeing our case and also our Lawyer Benjamin Perez Please pray that she is heard that our previous court order is changed Pray that She gets to be my happy lil girl again please
Finance job and work permit Anonymous504-18-2019
I recently completed CIMA and need a Finance job. I also am a foreign national so I need my work permit and my daughter's study permit to be sorted at the home affairs without any further delays
Free me from satan’s focus and attempted murderAnonymous304-18-2019
I believe in the Creator Our Father and am cursed followed abused tricked gaslighted broken by the steady abuse from the other side. My mental physical psychological emotional spiritual bodies need revival over fear dumbness and stale bitterness from the past. Lord Bless me with your impossible gifts of goodness today! I accept your savior ways over the plan taking place now. More importantly kill the perp upstairs and dettach her ugly filthy smelly energy from my core mind body soul.
When Will It Stop.Lynda Loose1104-17-2019
My significant other died, fractured my hip, developed drop foot and had surgery, gave friend a power of attorney and sold my car, helped herself to my money,. It looks grim. Please pray for me.
Marriage Anonymous404-17-2019
I believe I have met the man God has given to me for marriage. I’m waiting for the proposal. I’m asking the Holy Spirit to reveal in both of us and give us both the desire to make this happen. Thank you ?
Prayer for HEALING Farai MTSHAKA1204-16-2019
About six ago I developed a small wound on my left ankle and didn\'t think much of it at the time. I went to the nearest pharmacy and was advised to clean it regularly with alcohol and not to cover it during the day. This did not help as the wound did not respond. After two weeks without any progress, I decided to seek proper treatment and went to see physician. The Dr prescribed an antibiotic and was confident that the wound would heal within a few days. Its been six weeks now and the wound hasn\'t healed. As I also suffer from deep vein thrombosis, I was advised to see a cardiologist as the healing process is linked to blood circulation. I started treatment prescribed by the cardio two weeks ago but haven\'t seen any sign of healing so far. I would be very grateful for your healing prayers
Infidelity Anonymous1104-16-2019
I’m asking all who would take a moment to pray for my husband and I. I need to forgive him for hiding a secret child and for having an affair. We were taking time apart so that I can find a way to forgive him and her. Thank you.
EmploymentElvine Achieng504-16-2019
I would like God to open a way for me to get an employment for I have been a volunteer in a Christian based organization in Turkana, Kenya for the past one and a half here now.
Prayers for a abused childrenLynnette Saucedo1204-16-2019
My grandaughter is in a home that has an abusive stepfather and a mother that is emotionally vacant. I pray over her safety but my self righteous anger is fueling my anxiety. God is Sovereign and I know He will win this fight, I need prayers over her and all of them for Gods healing grace.
Freedom from Debt and Business wisdomAnonymous604-15-2019
Wife needs Job.
Prayer against the attacks of the enemy Anonymous604-14-2019
Pray for God to protect my jobs it seems the enemy is trying to attack my job.
Husband needs job Anonymous604-14-2019
My husband was laid off two weeks before Thanksgiving, and despite tremendous effort, he is struggling to find a new job. He is starting to have feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. Please pray that he will feel peace and hopefulness again, and that he will find a job even better than the one he had before.
To do translate New Myanmar Standard Version, NMSV BibleSai Thiha304-14-2019
To save Myanmar people by NMSV. i'm a Myanmar native speaker Bible / Christian translator with 14 years exp. I need to do that work. That work is unfinished work of An American missionary Rev. Dr. Judson who wrote Judson Myanmar Version for c.200 years but Myanmar is not changed because he was not a Myanmar native speaker and Myanmar peoples are not understand c.30% of his translation. Nation changing Bible must be 95% accurate-clear translation. KJV was translated by English native speakers, and has 95% accuracy-clarity and England is changed, reached to peaceful and developed. Korean Bible also translated by Korean native speaker and South Korea was changed by c.50 years after their Bible. I will do 95-100% accuracy-clarity translation quality from Hebrew and Greek. Not only that NMSV will change Myanmar hell to peaceful nation but also helper as like you will get many financial benefits that is real God's blessings if you will help my translation fee, you will get the publisher rights that is I'll give you but if you want to donate for Bible translation freely, that is okay. But I want to work with you. God has idea for you live in USA of rich nation to help to as like me. Pleas not only pray but also do action in love in Jesus Christ. Thanks and God Bless You. Rev. Dr. Sai S. Thiha P.S./ By the grace of God, I'm a direct descendant believer from American missionaries, Rev. Dr. C. A. Kirkpatrick and Dr. Gordon S. Seagrave.
Prayer for peaceAnonymous1104-14-2019
I need some peace and strength as I pass through a financial burden I had never experienced before. I don’t know how to wait, I don’t know what to do or how to feel but desperate and hopeless. Thank you for your willingness in praying for me as well for others. God bless.
Job and life directions Jeanne Brossette 404-12-2019
I am of in need for God direction for my life and I need a good job that is stable, with a caring team, the ability to learn new things, pays more than 100,000 dollars , 6 weeks off , great 401k and ina an area where I can get to the ones I love. Should I stay married?
Forgiveness /repentance Financial blessing Anonymous904-12-2019
Restoration/get my life back in order
Waiting on fixing a relationshipAnonymous504-12-2019
Afternoon all. I believe we all have been patient and then became in patient and just walked away. I do ask today for a prayer for me to be guided on how to restore this relationship that im fighting for. That God will just give slight Hope to me and i can know that waiting a little longer if so is all worth while. No Fear in True Love and i believe this. Ever loved a person so much that you keep praying towards this person no matter how much hurt he has cause you... at the end of the day you know it was not his intention but the enemy found the weak spot in him to destroy something beautiful. I do pray to all that is going thru similar cause it painful but we all know only Gods time not ours.
thank you to allAnonymous804-12-2019
thank you to all who pray, and know that i am praying for you. amen
at workAnonymous1504-12-2019
please pray i am able to work well and happy at my job. i pray the chaos doesn't touch me. i pray i am healthy and able to do the job. amen
Please heal me from all cancerAnonymous2504-11-2019
I am currently undergoing treatment for liver cancer and in the abdomen which according to oncologist is life threatening and can’t be cured but I have faith that God will heal me - the God of miracles. Please pray for me to be cured
DaughterTricis Dunn2004-11-2019
Thank you for the reminder that nothing is impossible with God. My 23 yr old daughter has battled a heroin addiction for 5 years. Due to my husbands death many years ago I feel an enormous amount if pressure for God to provide me wisdom and strength to help my daughter beat this demonic attack of addiction. I remain in constant prayer for her from the moment my eyes open in the morning until they close at night. My prayer is that God would perform a parting of the seas kind of miracle in her life. Nothing is impossible with God. I ask that you pray for my daughter and stand in agreement with me that anything distracting her from God's plan for her life will be removed. In the name if Jesus she is covered by his blood. I pray God will send a legion of angels to surround and protect her. I pray that God uses her story to give hope to others and lead them to the foot of the cross. I am a Mom and I am human. At times I grow weary and tired but with God I will continue to fight for my daughter. She is worth it
Need to go to Canada for a charity event (kiwanis) cant find the fund to go.
Healing and freedom from my families long term addictions to drugs.peace in my children\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s heart and to teach them patience love and how to rebuke satanism from their for my grandsons life and to give up .and for God to send him the right job
Broken RelationshipAnonymous1604-11-2019
Please pray for us. Our daughter has turned against us And won’t let us babysit our grandkids. We have been praying but it’s been almost a year now and nothing has changed. I cry and have a panic attack every night. My husband is sick with a staph infection and she won’t even come over to check on him.
Bless Our PrayerDeb Wolf5404-05-2016
Father, I ask that you would use this space to bless all who need prayer. Lift up pray-ers and help us to bless each other.

Praise Reports Here:

Prayer RequestPraise Report
Healing for my relationshipSubmitted By: Anonymous
I would like God to heal the relationship between myself and my partner. We love each other yet there is so much pain and brokeness that we ended up seperating.Good day saints!!! I am happy to say that i submitted my prayer request for healing for my relationship whike engaging in fasting and prayer and God healed me first and helped me deal with my own limitations.There has been a complete turn around in my relationship.There is love,restoration and Gods undeniable peace.Praise God and thank you for lifting me up in prayer. I also went on the platform to pray and lift other relationship prayers.It helped to give what i desired. He is able!Amen!
Right help for my daughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
Jesus please help if it is at all in your will. Jesus I love you. Amen. Jesus please help me I feel so overwhelmed. I am waiting for a spot in the eating disorder program for my daughter. Her twin sister came to talk to me tonight and says she thinks she might have an eating disorder. I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if she just feels this way because of the stress from her sister or she does in fact have an eating disorder. Jesus please help me and guide me and make me get her the type of help she does need because I know how important this is and don't want her to go through a lot of pain and suffering. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.Thank you for your prayers. The doctor has referred her to the eating disorder program with her twin sister. God bless and I wii continue praying for each of you.