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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Healing from anxiety, heart disease and allergy Simi Dsouza302-22-2019
Hello Deb, Thank you, I am a mother of a 3 year old boy he has a dairy allergy please pray for his healing also for my husband who has had a heart surgery and for me I have been unwell for a month because of things unknown and anxiety and stress
Cleansing from all evil CAROLYN JOHNSON602-21-2019
For 11 years I have lived with my boyfriend & I also work with him. I love my work. Neither of us have sought the lord in this relationship, which is the problem as I see it. We are living in sin. He doesn\\\'t see it that way and believes that God has blessed our relationship. Since the beginning we were sexually active, but since then I have had a series of things to happen to me. I am on disability, and due to our income at first I didn\\\'t want to get married since the ssa would take up to $200/month from my income. But since then I have changed my mind and do want to get married. He is not discussing marriage with me anymore (his words). We haven\\\'t been sexually active in several years now, due to the hardening of my vagina, which is extremely painful for the both of us. I have been sleeping in the guest bedroom because of scolosis, arthritis, disk degenerative disease. I am 62 now and he is 73. He still wants sex and would be quite active. Another problem, which I am in the process of is getting rid of things that relate the new age movement. For a while it was just a hobby, but recently I became fearful that if I didn\\\'t stop immediately and turn to God, that I would be cut off from the Lord - which terrifies me. I have started to pray and read the word again, but because of the things I was doing, concentrating on cleansing my home according to the Lord\\\'s ways. Please pray that we would get things right, or I would have the courage to leave and be able to afford living on my on and for the Lord 100%! That is my desire. Amen
My marriage. Anonymous302-21-2019
I need my wife to forgive me and love me so we can be together as one with God as he has promised
ThanksgivingBrian & Kathy Wolf302-21-2019
Thank you, God for your miracle!!! The cancer has been removed for Karen S. and the adjacent lymph nodes are benign! We continue to be humbled by your Power and Grace!!!
a broken relationship Anonymous202-21-2019
Hi there I have been in a relation with a man 20 years older then me for 8 years, he has 2 daughters aged 19 and 21. The youngest daughter and I don’t really have a lot in common and I can sense a lot of negativity towards me from her which it makes things very difficult all round. I have told my partner I would like to get married one day as it’s something I feel is the right thing to do but he doesn’t ever encourage it as he’s been married before and was deeply hurt and I feel he doesn’t want to be hurt in that way again. I’ve told him I’m not out to hurt him and I’m nothing like his ex wife and he know this but still I feel we are going round in circles year after year not knowing where this is all going is really hurting me and causing a lot of stress of which I am now taking medication for. I don’t want to waste my life but I need answers to decide either way if this relationship is going anywhere or sadly call it a day and just be friends.
Marriage restorationAbrie Visser102-21-2019
Please God change my wife\'s heart to flesh so that she will communicate with me and find that she has love for me and that she wants to come back to me and restore our marriage. It been 5 months now Lord and there is no change yet. She said Monday night that she does not want to do anything with me and its finished Lord. Please help me with prayer
Saving of mine , my family and friends souls. Healing for DanAnonymous302-21-2019
Please pray for healing for my friend Dan, that he may be cancer free. Also pray for the salvation of all souls , especially my children and husband. Thank you . Amen
Cure for my &my husband's illnessesTheresa Miles302-20-2019
Please pray that God will seek to cure my diabetes & my husband's illnesses.
Broken relationship Anonymous902-19-2019
I am currently dealing with a broken relationship my partner is verbally abusive . I am pregnant at the time I suffer from depression I have been trying my best to fix our relationship I have reached out to the church I have been praying I dont want a broken home I dont want to raise this baby as a single parent this baby deserves a full home I am trying . I would like my partner to be more caring and respectful and supportive towards me and the baby and for us to fix our relationship it's taking a toll on me and the baby and I'm afraid I would loose it as I had complications earlier in the pregnancy due to stress . I would really like my partner to change for the better and come to God everytime .
7:10 Foundation (based on Zechariah 7:10)Candice Cheney702-19-2019
Pray for Haiti, the 7:10 Foundation has a mission in Haiti and right now there is much unrest and danger. People are afraid to go out of their homes to get much needed water and food. The pastor for this mission and his family live in Haiti (a Haitian man) they care for the widows and have taken an orphan child into their home. They also can not go into Port Au Prince for medical needs and the orphan child needs medical attention on a frequent basis. It is a very hard time for them. They also need prayer for funds for the Foundation to keep going. Thank you and God bless you.
Help us get back togetherAyan Mukherjee1002-17-2019
Please pray for Ayan Mukherjee and me to get back in a relationship together. Help us restore communication. Thank you.
Job and life partner Anonymous402-17-2019
1) good job for my husband Anthony soon 2)suitable life partner for my daughter Roxanne as early as possible
Divibe restoration in my relationship Anonymous802-17-2019
That God should heal my relationship. It's just 6month. And I should attract my partner and me alone .He will not make me a 2nd choice .he will see me as his piorit.
Relationship Anonymous902-17-2019
I need a prayer, that me and my significant other, heal from everything we’ve been through. We need God’s help. I need him, and i can’t lose him. Please, pray that he sees me and noticed how much love i have for him & decideds to stop the pain and bring me love. And heal me of any pain or anger i have, heal me of the flaws i have that may also ruin our relationship.
For forgiveness and to reconcile with my fianceeHadji Gaylord 902-16-2019
I didn’t do everything right and I as promised. I did hurt her. There were trust issues. That was our main concern I don’t want to push her away. I’ve recently gave my life to god and soon I’ll be baptized. This is the love of my life. I need her to know that over the course of the 6-7 months things will be different and I had become a changed man. A man of god. A man she can believe and trust in.
Family helpAnonymous302-16-2019
I feel my son needs to harness his anger towards people. He lashes out at his ex wife. And that hurts his son He also lashes out at his parents and sister
Spiritual breakthroughAnonymous502-15-2019
Beginning a new self . Control of temptations, knowing what God wants me to do for his Kingdom
Broken RelationshipAnonymous602-15-2019
Please pray for my boyfriend and I. God brought us together 10 years ago. Recently my boyfriend decided he needed a break from disagreements we have had. I know that the enemy is working hard against us because we were brought together by God. I know God\\\'s will is going to be done.
Finding workSandra Velianoff 502-15-2019
My husband is in need of work, he hasn’t worked in 1and half years. Please pray, it has been extraordinarily difficult for him.
Enemy attacking our relationshipAnonymous702-15-2019
Please pray to soften the heart of my boyfriend Daniel A Barrero. I love him dearly and have dealt with abandonment and broken relationships far too often. He has hardened his heart and closed me out and has no faith and trust. But he seeks the word of God but is afraid he may not be able to make me happy and vice verse. But I know joy is within the Lord and we are to love one another selflessly and without expectations from humans but instead God. Please pray for is because I love him and he loves me but the enemy is attacking us heavy. I feel it wants to isolate me. And his temptation is lust and wrath. I feel it may be the Jezebel spirit attacking us.
FamilyVeronica Chandekar1202-14-2019
I and my husband have to live apart because of his job. Please pray that we may be able to start to live together. His job is from God. I don't want him to quit the job and shift. God will provide us a house nearby his workplace and we can stay together. We also have a 10 months old baby boy. Please pray for us. We want the will of God to come to pass in our lives. These satanic and fleshly obstacles to be removed in Jesus name. God bless you.
Double Lung TransplantVickie Fluellen1402-14-2019
Please pray for my husband he is waiting for approval to be placed on Lung Transplant List. He is very sick and he loves the lord.
Daughter's homosexual lifestylekristine beck902-14-2019
Sara is in a gay relationship for the past 15 years. I am praying for her heart of stone to become a heart of flesh and for the Lord to put a new spirit in her. She will see that her life is not God's will.
Daughter's homosexual lifestylekristine beck402-14-2019
Sara is in a gay relationship for the past 15 years. I am praying for her heart of stone to become a heart of flesh and for the Lord to put a new spirit in her. She will see that her life is not God's will.
The loss of my 17yrs old nephew,Anonymous502-14-2019
Family is hurting
Mend Our Broken Relationship Anonymous702-13-2019
Please...Pray for my broken relationship between me and my boyfriend of 2 1/2 yrs. To make our complicated relationship, become uncomplicated. Where we can talk, understand, respect & love one another as we always have. To move forward & to put the past behind us, & to grow deeper love with one another, in Jesus name I Pray!!!
Finding a jobAnonymous1502-13-2019
Jesus please let me find a good job really soon and one that pays really well because we really do need the finances. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.
For my sonsAnonymous502-13-2019
For my young sons academic improvement he's so weak that he may not feel demoralized. And for my elder sons commitment to God and to be baptized as well as for his young family that he has started
marriage and financial breakthroughAnonymous602-13-2019
Marriage and financial breakthrough
Families salvationKatherine C602-12-2019
Hello. Husband and two sons don’t know God ( children do but need to return) husband grew up in a non Christian home with a strong “ other belief”...0please pray that they come back\come to know the beauty of a relationship with our Lord and saviour. Thank you
Deliverance from evilAnonymous402-12-2019
Please pray son\'s relationship with God and myself praying for deliverance from evil for my son
I need prayer for God to provide for finances going through a rough divorce and to fight for me in a terrible custody battle for my children. That the peace of God and healing to come into my heart as well as my children. For my divorce to be favorable for me and God to guide my career path and make his plans clear to me.
FamilyRachel Hummel902-12-2019
Please pray for my children and I. We have family court tomorrow. May GODS WILL prevail!!! I pray for it all to be over and the kids and I can move forward.
My marriageAnonymous602-12-2019
Please just pray for my husband and I. We've been married for 13 years and have 4 children together. For 3 months we have just fought and this morning he left. We're taking a break, but I dont want the break. I just want him home. Thank you so very much.
Freedom from worry Miranda W702-09-2019
I’m off work because of illness, and struggling to find purpose in this time. There is so much insurance paperwork to fill out to justify my time off work. I’m asking all right people (doctors) to help me. I just want to get back to work and feel that I’m being useful again! Please pray I get all of this sorted. Sometimes all I do is worry. Thank you for your prayers !
SSI disability Anonymous502-09-2019
Approve disability SSI
For healingRamona Ramona902-08-2019
Please pray for my health, that God heal my body and take away all the pain.
Safe and immediate returnAnonymous802-08-2019
Please pray for Richard that he will return home to the UK safely and immediately. He has been stuck where he is for almost a year now. Please pray for his health too that God will remove his pains and restore him to full health. Please help to pray for him that he will remain strong and please keep him safe and alive God. In Jesus\' name, Amen!
PRAYING FOR GOD \Anonymous602-08-2019
Please pray that I be blessed with pregnancy this year because we have been struggling and pray that God blesses me with the job which I have applied for. Me and my partner have been travelling and paying off bills as a result of our health. It has put a strain on us financially, emotionally and spiritually because we do not have much of an income. I don\'t feel happy at my current job, I also feel that it restricts me from expressing my given talents from God and I pray that I get another job not only for a higher income but where I will find peace.
Reconstruction of my homeShirin Suresh John 602-08-2019
We started constructing a house 7yrs back and yet not completed because of financial shortage please pray for us to complete that house.
Healing damage I caused in relationship with girlfriendJohn Perez602-07-2019
Please pray for my girlfriend and I to restore our love and happines. I have broken the bond of trust and respect by hurting her deaply by repeatedly lying, being selfish, womanizing and disrepcting her. I Pray that God gives her the strength and courage to see the changes I am making in my life and putting God in my life so I can love her the way she deserrves to be loved. I pray that he gives me the strength and guidance to become a better man and not lie, womanize, disrespect her, or be selfish so that I can regain her trust again and build a newer and stronger love for each other. I pray that she forgives me and allows me back in her life. I pray that God removes all fear from my heart and replaces it with love for her. All this I pray in his Almighty name, AMEN!!!
Restoration In My MarriageSonia Bacchus602-07-2019
I would love for you to agree with me in prayer,that Daddy Abba heals,restores,breathes life into our marriage and lead us to live our lives as a married couple the way He intends for us to. I pray,that the Lord would take control of my husband's heart and mind and lead him to be the man and husband he was created to be. Finally,i pray that the Lord remove and cast out every spirit of control and manipulation by his ex and son from my husband's life ,in Jesus' name i pray,Amen.
Relationship/ Marriage Anonymous502-06-2019
Hi, I don't feel like explaining the whole story... Me and my boyfriend are going through a very difficult time. I truly loves him and I know he loves me back. If you can keep us in your prayers so that the Lord can do His work to give us both strength. Thank you ?
Prayer for my grown childrenDonna anon802-06-2019
I am struggling to surrender my grown children to God. They are being conformed to this world and I would like to humbly ask prayers for them to be transformed by the renewal of their minds and especially their hearts. That they would see clearly and turn to God and away from the world's influence on them. Thank you.
My husband relationship with God to grow stronger Crystal Joseph rivers502-06-2019
My husband's name is Garvin i prayer he would take up his place as head of our home for us to have a prayer life as a family, he also has a court case coming up this month it's been going on to long false accusation were made of him being where he was not the people don't come to court and the case is always put off we just want it to stop
Need help to find a job.Anonymous1502-05-2019
Hei there! I would like to have anyone besides me who could help me to pray in order to find a good job and became a good man who loves his own life at first and family. I sometimes wondered to be here in the world and wishes to make any unwanted things. so wish to get the help of you. thank you in advance! Best regard Ambes
For healing and God opening up doors no man can shut LaQuisha Cary1102-05-2019
I have to go in for a mammogram on February 27th and a benign cyst was found a couple of years ago and now it feels like another lump has come up and I just pray for God’s healing that it’s not anything serious and I have no transportation so it’s hard to get to places as I have a drivers permit but no one to help me get my drivers licenses. Just pray that God sends me help and healing. Thanks
New Job in Atlanta GaNikki Simmons702-05-2019
I’ve been looking for a new job in Atlanta, Ga for 6yrs! I want to move back to be closer to family and friends. Me and my daughter are here in Fl by ourselves and it gets very lonely. I pray GOD blesses me with the right job. I’ve decided to step out on faith and move to GA this summer with or without a job. I want my daughter to be in a better school district
broken relationshipMaria Cruz202-05-2019
please help me and Aldo to learn how to forgive and love each other again as God meant it for us
Husband’s Salvation Anonymous402-05-2019
Please pray for my husband’s salvation. His name is Tom.
My Family needs to be whole Jenifer Dry902-04-2019
Hello, I am currently in a place where my family is broken. I have a 7 month old baby and me and his dad have split. I did not know I was suffering from postpartum depression and was projecting all of my anger, anxiety and depression on to my sons father, which then lead to our break up. All I want is for our family to be whole and my son to have his dad back. He is struggling with forgiving me.
Please pray for me and ask God to help me love him.Anonymous502-04-2019
I struggle with loving God due to the fact that I believe I will never be able to repent of all my sins, I also struggle with fear telling people about the word of God due to my social anxiety. My name Is Caleb, I didn\\\\\\\'t want to put my last name down cause I wanted to be anonymous.
Remove all Fear, and send down your FavorGina Williams1502-03-2019
I'm requesting prayer that God will remove all of my fear, in every area of my life. I want to walk in faith, but my mind is full of dark thoughts and negative things. I need peace of mind. I cant sleep at night. My fear is so heavy, I'm afraid of everything, my job, unpaid bills, my car note. It's just been too much. Please please pray for me. Help me to feel God's love and know that he supplies all of our needs. Pray that my bosses are pleased with my performance, and that I will succeed at everything they set before me. Pray for me to strengthen my faith and walk knowing that I can do all things through Christ. Please pray for me. I'm desperate and afraid.
Relationship with Fiancé to be restoredMarissa Jamison702-03-2019
Please pray for my Fiancé and my relationship to be restored. Thank you
Miracle for RubenNetsi Fuentes402-02-2019
Please help me pray for Ruben he is being persecuted by people from the past over things he regrets doing and he drinks and looses his mind
For complete healing Anonymous802-02-2019
I need prayer to walk again after foot fracture and knee replacement that didn't heal right..and for courage n strength.
Restore RelationshipAnonymous402-02-2019
Help me pray for my relationship with my love and friend, Sheldon. Something happened and we were forced to be apart and in no contact of each other. Pray that our relationship will be restored by God's power and made more powerful to withstand obstacles. Pray that our relationship restoration will be our testimony together to glorify God's name as nothing is impossible by God's power. Thank you.
Prayer for Blessings , focus and stop envyAnonymous701-31-2019
Please pray for me to have focus, stop envy and receive blessings especially spiritually, physically and financially. Thank you so much...
Karen S.Brian & Kathy Wolf1101-25-2019
A prayer for faith, peace of mind, strength, and healing after a cancer diagnosis.
Bless Our PrayerDeb Wolf4104-05-2016
Father, I ask that you would use this space to bless all who need prayer. Lift up pray-ers and help us to bless each other.

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Prayer RequestPraise Report
Healing for my relationshipSubmitted By: Anonymous
I would like God to heal the relationship between myself and my partner. We love each other yet there is so much pain and brokeness that we ended up seperating.Good day saints!!! I am happy to say that i submitted my prayer request for healing for my relationship whike engaging in fasting and prayer and God healed me first and helped me deal with my own limitations.There has been a complete turn around in my relationship.There is love,restoration and Gods undeniable peace.Praise God and thank you for lifting me up in prayer. I also went on the platform to pray and lift other relationship prayers.It helped to give what i desired. He is able!Amen!
Right help for my daughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
Jesus please help if it is at all in your will. Jesus I love you. Amen. Jesus please help me I feel so overwhelmed. I am waiting for a spot in the eating disorder program for my daughter. Her twin sister came to talk to me tonight and says she thinks she might have an eating disorder. I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if she just feels this way because of the stress from her sister or she does in fact have an eating disorder. Jesus please help me and guide me and make me get her the type of help she does need because I know how important this is and don't want her to go through a lot of pain and suffering. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.Thank you for your prayers. The doctor has referred her to the eating disorder program with her twin sister. God bless and I wii continue praying for each of you.