Book Review – Mended by Angie Smith

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“There is no brokenness God cannot make whole.”

Those are the first words on the back cover of Angie Smith’s book, Mended – pieces of a life made whole.

I want to begin by simply saying, “Wow, I needed this!”

Have you ever wondered if God can redeem your mistakes, misunderstandings, or maladies? I’m not talking about His redemption of your soul, His saving grace, I’m referring to His ability to take the broken pieces of your life and put them back together in a way that glorifies Him, blesses others, and gives you joy.

In Mended, Angie “takes you on a journey to show how faith lived in the regular events of daily life is all that it takes to be a part of creating God’s picture of redemption in your life and those around you.”

I love the format of this book. It is written in 31 short chapters making it a perfect daily devotional. I’ve enjoyed reading it this way, because each chapter offers much to ponder . . . ending with questions to consider and an easy plan for actively engaging your thoughts throughout the day.

I must admit it hasn’t been easy to read only one chapter a day, because Angie’s writing style is extremely engaging. It feels like she’s sitting across the room personally sharing her stories with raw honesty. She gets it! She gets life!

Beth Moore wrote this about Angie:

“Even the blindest heart could behold the gift of God upon Angie Smith . . . she throws herself into the same lot with the rest of us who struggle with fears and self doubts and flaws but she leaves none of us languishing there.”

I wholeheartedly agree!

Angie points again and again to the One who is able to mend our broken lives and use. She fills each page with words of hope and encouragement.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs help connecting their faith with the messiness of life.

Besides checking out a copy of Angie’s book, take a few moments and bookmark her blog, Bring the Rain, to learn more about her and the ways the Lord is working in her life.

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