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Counting Our Blessings Community.

We know there is strength in numbers, but I also believe there is:

1. Encouragement

2. Hope

3. Stronger Faith

4. Friendship

 5. Fun

Let me explain:

1. Encouragement – On days when I’m discouraged and I feel like I’ve prayed a gazillion times for the same thing . . . hearing how God is working in your life encourages me to KNOW that He is and He is doing.

2. Hope – When we  share our blessings we share hope. Not “pie in the sky” hope, but real genuine God loves me and cares about me hope.

3. Stronger Faith – Testimony of God’s blessings strengthens our faith. Plain and simple. I need that, and I bet you do too.

4. Friendship – I love both my face to face friends and my on-line friends. You bless me in countless ways. I would love to have you get to know each other, and I would love to make new friends. Sharing our blessings and our  prayer needs will build friendships. You can never have too many friends!

5. Fun! Really don’t need to explain that one. As a sanguine, I am motivated by the word fun. I’ll bet you like to have fun, too.

How to Participate –  

I want this to be easy – so I’m offering three ways for you to take part:

1. Click on the Counting Our Blessings tab above and
leave your blessing or prayer need as a comment.

2. Go to Counting Our Blessings Facebook Page like the page if
you haven’t already, and leave your blessing, prayer,
or picture as a status update.

3. Go to the Counting Our Blessings Facebook Page and tell me
that you would like to join our small group. There we will share
our blessings and prayer needs privately.

Then what:

Every Friday I will share updates right here at CMB.

Of course I will always honor confidences and never share anything
from our private group without your permission.

I am so excited!

I need this and I’m hoping you do too.

We are a community of blessed believers –
let’s join together, share our blessings and challenges,
and rejoice with and pray for each other.

 Are any of you in trouble? Then you should pray. Are any of you happy? Then sing songs of praise. James 5:13

Sharing is caring!

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