Dr. Mel and The-Once-and-for-All-Meal-Planner

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Do you know my friend, Dr. Mel? Let me introduce you….

Mel is a psychologist with six children, one husband, and a dog.

She is a speaker and the author of the book So You’re Not Wonder Woman.

“If you were Wonder Woman, you could stop overeating and get fit, finally get organized, enjoy Super friendships, live happily ever after with your Superman, and raise Incredible Kids. With the Super Power, you can! Psychologist, Dr. Melanie Wilson, shares the story of her own transformation from wayward to wonderful. She offers humor, help, and hope to all Wonder Woman wannabes.”

Mel recently combined her three blogs – Wonder Women, Motivated Homeschooler, and Psychowith6
one information packed site:

 I interviewed Mel for today’s post and asked her, “What do you want me to make sure to tell my readers?”

Mel – “I have a fondness for homeschooling, homemakers, Christian women, organization and productivity, faith, fitness, blogging, technology, and parenting. I guess all of them can be summed up as Christian Living.

Mel gets questioned often about her “ability to do it all.” People wonder how she manages to “homeschool, keep my home in order, give my husband attention, blog, speak at events, stay fit, serve at church, enjoy playing tennis, and scrapbook family memories.” (She failed to add . . . author books and entertain friends.) Whew!

Aren’t you anxious to know how she does it?

Her faith and trust that God will help her accomplish all the important things, and have peace about the rest.

She is also the most organized person I know. You should see her planner!


I can’t give you a look at her planner, but I can help you get access to her meal plan. 

Mel and I have talked at length about her ebook, The-Once-and -for-All-Meal-Plan. I can’t wait to get my copy tomorrow. I accidentally referred to it as a recipe book the other day and she quickly reminded me this is not a book of recipes. It is a meal plan. Although, she does share a few of her family favorites.

This is a plan I will use. Which is a testimony when you realize I am a person who goes into any organizing plan kicking and screaming. In The-Once-and-for-All-Meal-Plan, Mel will help you take your family’s favorite breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts and turn them into a resource which will simplify your shopping lists and trips to the grocery store.

Mel’s plan will save you time, money, and improve your family’s health. Who doesn’t want that?!

She will help you plan for those crazy “I can’t get it all done weeks,”  helping you see to it that your family gets the nutrition it needs when they’re running at hyper-speed. All without losing your sanity.

Are you ready to get your own copy of Mel’s meal planner? It’s super easy!

Just visit psychowith6  and subscribe. That’s it!!

Even more exciting . . . you will receive Mel’s helpful posts in your inbox. I can’t wait for you to get to know Dr. Mel. She’s a wonderful friend. I know she will bless and encourage you.


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  1. Deb, you seem to have a much better handle on what my blog and book are about than I do! Thanks so much for your support and friendship. I hope you like the book and will share the favorite recipe you told me about on my site so everyone can enjoy it. Counting you as one of my blessings.

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