My Favorite Bloggers


Here are some of my favorite bloggers.

Let me introduce you to…

Diana Abe – Diana’s Diaries

Diana Abe - Diana's Diaries

I am Diana, and a stay-at-home busy mama of triplets. I am also a Sisters’ keeper, and a wife to my supporting husband. I love meeting new people who want to have a relationship with Jesus , and knowing their story.

I always loved to keep a diary of incidents in my life that molded me and what God wanted me to learn from trials and triumphs in my life. I wanted to share those incidents and the encouraging verses to you all, hence I called it Diana’s Diaries.

Jen Avellaneda @ Rich Faith Rising


If you talk to me for any length of time, you will learn that I am pretty passionate about the needy; whether the homeless, lost, broken, but especially those who embody the “orphan spirit”.  My own life journey has broken me and is now teaching me, “No one is too far gone, too lost, too broken that God can’t reach them and make them whole again”.

Carmen Brown – Married by His Grace

Carmen Brown - Married by His Grace

My name is Carmen Brown. I am married to an amazing man of God named Anthony. We are blessed with five beautiful children. All of them are so very different. Mostly because they are all in different stages of their life. My oldest daughter is 14 and our youngest is an infant. 

My mission is to be led by God. In 2009 I dedicated my life to the Lord. I was going through a tough divorce and felt very much alone. I was ministered to through a Freedom class then a movie at a church event. Instantly I was sold out for the Lord. I became a true believer that God will and can, heal, deliver, and restore.

Lauren Gaskill Inspires

Lauren Gaskill

I am a storyteller. I believe stories are powerful, and I love how God uses them for His good. I write and speak to motivate and inspire others to experience abundant life in Christ. I am particularly passionate about encouraging women to claim their identity as a Positively Lovely daughter of God.

As a woman who has a chronic illness, I also write and speak about what it looks like to walk with Jesus through pain and suffering.

Shannon Geurin @ Fiercely His


The most important thing I want you to know about me is that I love Jesus. I do I love Him. He saved me, He redeemed me, He kept me. I have a God- filled story I’d love for you to read.

My aim is to inspire women to rise up. I long for passionate women to rise up into their calling. To inspire them to pursue their dreams no matter how far out of reach they seem.

Sarah Geringer – Finding Peace in God’s Word


Sarah Geringer @ Finding Peace in God's Word

Writing has been an important part of my healing process, and has inspired me to minister to women who struggle with the same hangups I have.  Hangups like these pop up often in my writing, and I hope to encourage you by sharing how God has helped me through difficulties such as these:

  • perfectionism
  • loneliness
  • depression
  • self-destructive habits
  • emotional abuse
  • codependency
  • passivity
  • toxic relationships
  • marriage trials
  • financial troubles
  • disillusionment

Ruthie Gray @ Rear Release Regroup


God brought me through the years of parenting with one thought uppermost in my mind:  keep a sense of humor.

And so, that is what I did.

It’s the glue that kept our family together. Moms are looking for the glue.  I want to help you find it. At Rear.Release.Regroup. you will find encouragement, Scripture, humor, and stories from real life in the trenches.

Dawn Klinge @ Above the Waves 


I want my writing to encourage people to let go of worry and to trust in God and his amazing grace.

My goal is to use the medium of story, as much as possible, to illustrate Biblical truths and examples of God’s presence in daily life.

Sarah Koontz – Exploring the Beauty of God’s Design


I don’t want anyone to remain stuck simply because they have no one in their life urging them to dig into God’s word and find a way forward. Understanding God’s beautiful design for my life has brought so much freedom and joy to my life, and I simply must share it with others.

I want to be that friend urging you forward, pointing to God’s word and walking the curvy paths alongside you.

Valerie Murray @ Cord of 6

Valerie Murray

Cord of 6 exists to help families grow closer to God and each other. Every day families are faced with conflicts that threaten to unravel the family cord. Marriages are struggling to survive. Parents are stressed and overwhelmed.  As we grow closer to God we also grow closer to each other.

Melanie Redd @ Ministry of Hope


Using God’s Word, practical illustrations, a little wit, and a whole lot of common sense, I regularly have chances to offer encouraging instruction to other people.One of my favorite Bible verses is 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”

Lori Schumaker @ Searching for Moments

Lori Schumaker

My prayer is that after you spend a little bit of time hanging out here, you will feel encouraged and loved. Not just loved by me, but loved by the King of Kings!  And as you leave and head into your day, may your hope be renewed.

Marva Smith @ Sun Sparkle Shine


Sun SPARKLE Shine is your space to simply…slow…down. As you do, I hope that you will breathe easy and give yourself permission to enjoy life to the full. It’s okay. Go ahead, escape the busyness of life and truly sparkle in the light of God’s goodness.

Alison Tiemeyer @ Bold Living Rooted in Grace


My space on the web is about so much more than simply building a blog. It’s about living well, loving well, and being bold for Christ in the midst of it all. It’s about vulnerability & authenticity. In this place, we’re real.

Nicki Schroeder @ Showered in Grace

Nicki Schroeder - Showered in GraceMy heart’s desire for this site is to encourage you to grow deeper in your daily relationship with the Lord. I pray that you find gentle, nudging reminders that you are loved by a Mighty King who desires to shower you in His grace and be in a deep, intimate relationship with YOU, His special creation!