Forgive and Free Yourself to Love

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I met Jackie Kendall at dotMom last month. She led a breakout session on parenting adult children. Since that is the stage of life where I find myself, I decided to find out what she had to say. I sat there nodding as Jackie shared with humor her message of . . . pray more and interfere less. I’m sure my children are doing the happy dance as they read this. ūüėČ

Later, I had an opportunity to talk with Jackie for a few moments during which she invited me to read her book, Free Yourself to Love, The Liberating Power of Forgiveness.

Are you being held hostage by the wounds of your past?
Have you buried the pain and anger so deeply that you have trouble admitting your resistance to forgive?
Are painful memories robbing you of joy?
Do you find it hard to give yourself over to trust and love?
Are you angry?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then stop what you’re doing and get yourself a copy of Free Yourself to Love.¬†

Jackie’s words flow from her own experience with emotional and sexual abuse. Two of her siblings committed suicide as adults unable to cope with the painful memories of their abuse. A counselor declared ¬†her family among the top-ten most dysfunctional in America.

Jackie had every reason to use her abuse as an excuse and to live her life filled with anger and unforgiveness. However, by God’s grace, Jackie¬†was determined to fight bitterness and become a healthy, loving woman.

She wrote, “You simply can’t love freely without the habit of forgiving freely.”¬†

Are you ready find freedom from the bondage of anger, hatred, and bitterness?

Jackie revealed the truth behind:

  1. The Lies That Bind the Hostage.
  2. The Excuses Used for Remaining a Hostage to Yesterday.
  3. Forgiveness – The Escape for Hostages Who Want to Be Free.

I highly recommend this as a personal read, or as a small group study. Each chapter is followed by questions to help the reader personalize what they’ve read. It is full of practical examples and Scriptural truths. I’m applying “The 490 Principle” to my life. Thank you, Jackie!

If you find yourself saying, “Maybe, but you just don’t understand my situation. I just can’t forgive because______________”

You’re right. I don’t know your circumstances, but I know that anger, bitterness, pain-filled memories, and lack of forgiveness are robbing you of all God wants for you. It’s time to forgive and Free Yourself to Love. Do it for you. I promise, the blessings are immeasurable.

Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32

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6 thoughts on “Forgive and Free Yourself to Love

  1. Thanks a lot for this post. You are truly a blessing to those around you and the world. To admit: the most difficult part is forgiving yourself but by His grace through the cross it becomes easy step by step as we walk with Him and He works it out.

    1. Forgiving ourselves can be very hard. Like all forgiveness it is step by step obedience to the One who loves and forgives us unconditionally. His grace will forever amaze me.

  2. “Pray more and interfere less.”

    Haha – This is a good one. I love both parts of it. I always tell my kids once they graduate high school I’m going to stop giving them advice unless they ask – but I’m afraid I find myself slipping up at times!

    1. Hey Barb, You’re right, it’s a challenge not to give unsolicited advice to our grown children. Whew! Praying constantly that the Lord will help me think twice before I speak once.

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