Thankful Thirty – The Gift of Laughter Makes Me Happy

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Laughter is good for you. Improves your health body, mind, and spirit. Come over and laugh with me, and tell me what makes you laugh...

It was our first date. I was nervous. I’d wanted to go out with him for weeks and he’d finally asked me to wait for him after Friday night’s basketball game.


He didn’t play well. He fouled out and the team lost.

I didn’t know him well enough to know how he’d react. Would he be in a rotten mood? Would he have a hard time shaking it off? As I sat on the bleachers my butterflies grew in intensity.

Then I saw him walking across the gym floor with a big smile on his face. His first words…

“Come on Deb, let’s go get drunk!” That was sooooo not going to happen on our small Christian college campus.

I laughed! And I’ve been laughing ever since.

I love that God blessed me with a man who loves to make me laugh. Who laughs easily himself.

I’m thankful our heavenly Father created laughter and joy in shooting stars, rainbows, funny shaped plants, and unusual animals. Who wants us in relationships where we will laugh and share joy with one another.

Oh, I love to laugh! You too?

Good. It’s good for you.

Benefits of Laughter

Laughter helps us not take ourselves too seriously.

It changes our perspective and focus.

Laughter helps us physically.

It relaxes the body, boosts the immune system, lowers stress, and tightens abs.

Laughter connects us in relationship.

It strengthens friendship, attracts us to each other, and enhances teamwork.

Laughter helps us cope on bad days.

Spend time with fun people. Those who encourage you and point you toward hope.

Laughter is good for you. Improves your health body, mind, and spirit. Come over and laugh with me, and tell me what makes you laugh..

Laughter Quotes

We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy. And the other nations said, “What amazing things the Lord has done for them.” Psalm 126:2

“Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God.” ~Karl Barth

“Laughter is the most beautiful and beneficial therapy God ever granted humanity.” ~Chuck Swindoll

“Three to five minutes of intense laughter can double the heart rate-the aerobic equivalent of three strenuous minutes on a rowing machine.” ~Dr. W. Fry, Jr

Thank you Lord.

Father, Thank you for the blessing of laughter. Thank you for funny animal antics and the giggles of children. Thank you for the way you allow laughter to heal our hurting hearts. For making it possible to laugh . . . sometimes in spite of heartache. You are a God of joy. Forgive our grumpiness. Heal our sadness. And fill us with laughter. In Jesus name. Amen.

And just for fun a little Tim Hawkins…


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6 thoughts on “Thankful Thirty – The Gift of Laughter Makes Me Happy

  1. Hello, I love this post. I love laughing so that might help, but the way you write evokes joy so I smiled as I read it and then realised that’s what you were wanting. anyway, just wrote to say thanks and great job!

  2. I would definitely rather laugh hard than get on a rowing machine! Great post. Here’s to much more laughter in all our lives. Thanks Deb!

  3. I absolutely love this… and I LOVE TO LAUGH! I often have to remind myself to laugh more! If I need a good pick me up and there is no one around to make me laugh – sometimes I will just watch a funny movie… and yes, there are lots of health and emotional benefits to laughing, too! Thanks for the reminder to laugh more!

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