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A huge thank you to my friend, Robert Millar, for writing this post. As you will note from his first paragraph it took a wee bit of coaxing. (How’s that for adding a little Irish, Robert?)

As you can tell from this photo, Robert has a sense of humor which he uses well to put others at ease and engage them in conversation. He describes himself this way:

I’m a 40 year old Northern Irishman who has moved from 
Munich, Germany to St. Louis, MO.
I work for Young Life College as a College Director
with responsibility to help local people from St. Louis
create a new college ministry in St. Louis.
If you would like to know why he is dressed like a pirate in the photo click here to read the rest of his bio.
So, without further delay . . . Leading Women by Robert Millar
I begin this blog with a disclaimer. I tend to think men should never speak about issues related to women without first having been given a clear directive and permission from at least two women. As I have both the directive and the permission from two very impressive women I now put fingers to keys and weigh in on an issue that touches both men and women but is felt most keenly by only women.
Yesterday I finished a 4 week series at a local church. The subject was Basic Christianity which is what we use to train potential YL Volunteers. I’d concluded my last thoughts on the specialness of each individual human and the opportunity that specialness offers us to participate in God’s plan to create a safe place for others to meet God, when I opened the room to questions, concerns and comments. What follows is my answer to a specific question from a sincere lady.
I’ve repeated her question here but I can’t recall exactly the words she used, but this is the essence:

“I have belonged to the Roman Catholic Church and now to the Lutheran Church and both of them refuse to allow women to lead. How can I be special and be called to participate if I’m forbidden to lead?”

Please take a moment to go over and read the rest of this post. I believe that Robert shares a very wise perspective on the topic.
Leave a comment for him here and share your thoughts. I have asked him to enter in on the dialogue, and we both would really like to know what you think.

Sharing is caring!

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