How to Forgive Dreadful Driver Derek

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Most lists of top driving peeves include the following…

People who:

1. Fail to use a turn signal
2. Tailgate
3. Fail to stay at a consistent speed
4. Dodge and Weave
5. Talk or text on their cell phone
6. Cut you off
7. Primp by doing their hair, makeup, or shaving
8. Stop to change lanes or back up on the highway
9. Drive below the speed limit
10. Fail to stop for emergency vehicles


Did I mention the one that annoys you most?

How often does your blood boil while you’re driving? 

If you’re thinking, “all the time . . . I hate bad drivers.” This post is for you.

How to Forgive Dreadful Driver Derek

1. Don’t take it personally – When you feel like a driving situation is dangerous fear is a normal reaction, and the response to fear is fight or flight. Check your emotions. Breathe! Remind yourself it’s not personal.

2. Remember your last driving blunder – You are not a perfect driver. I guarantee it! Offer the same grace to the dreadful drivers around you that you want them to extend to you.

3. Don’t make it global – The physical symptoms of fear quickly remind us of past dangerous driving situations. So, don’t overreact to this situation because you’re angry at the last five dreadful drivers you’ve experienced.

4. Consider that “Derek” might be in crisis – He might be rushing to an ill family member, may have recently received devastating news, or having car trouble. The key to forgiveness is compassion.

How to Handle Dreadful Driving Situations

1. Praise  God you’re safe – Retrain your mind to praise God for keeping you safe instead of getting angry at dreadful drivers. If your first reaction is praise and thanks you will move on without overreacting.

2. Pray while driving – If you use your drive time for prayer and worship you will be less likely to get angry when Derek cuts you off or tailgates.

3. Don’t return the “favor” or pass it on to someone else – Road rage is frightening. Stay calm. Stop the cycle. Pay attention to your driving and move on. It’s safer for you and for everyone else on the roads.

4. Laugh and sing – Listen to a comedy station or play your favorite music. Stay positive. You are less likely to get upset if you’re laughing or singing.

The next time you get ready to react negatively to Dreadful Driver Derek ask yourself whether you’d be embarrassed if he showed up at your church and recognized you.

One more character to forgive this week . . . come back tomorrow when we forgive Rude Rhoda.

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