How’s Your Faith? And What are You Doing About It?

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Win a copy of David Gregory's new book - How's Your Faith And join the discussion about our spiritual journey.

David Gregory – former moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press and White House correspondent for NBC News during the administration of President George W. Bush . . . had been on a spiritual journey.

Raised by a Catholic mother and a Jewish dad, David Gregory had a strong sense of Jewish cultural and ethnic identity, but no real belief—not until his marriage to a Protestant woman of strong faith inspired him to explore his spirituality, not just for himself but for the family they would soon start.

This journey has inspired him to Bible study and ask questions of some of America’s most thoughtful religious leaders . . . Christian, Jewish, and Islam.Win a copy of David Gregory's new book - How's Your Faith? And join the discussion about our spiritual journey.Gregory’s journey led him to write the book – How’s Your Faith?

While David Gregory was covering the White House, he had the unusual experience of being asked by President George W. Bush, “How’s your faith?” David’s answer was just emerging. The question was not out of place as the president knew from a mutual friend that Gregory was in a Bible Study asking questions and searching for answers. Nonetheless, the question took hold.

HOW’S YOUR FAITH? An Unlikely Spiritual Journey

In HOW’S YOUR FAITH? David probes various religious traditions to better understand his own faith and answer life’s most important questions: who do we want to be and what do we believe? His spiritual journey has taken him inside Christian mega-churches and into the world of Orthodox Judaism.

His journey brought him back to his childhood, where a belief in God might have helped him through his mother’s struggle with alcoholism, and through a difficult period of public scrutiny surrounding his departure from NBC News, which saw his faith tested like never before.

David approaches his faith with the curiosity and dedication you would expect from a journalist accustomed to holding politicians and Presidents accountable. But he also comes as a seeker, one just discovering why spiritual journeys are always worthwhile.

Quotes from the Book

“When we started thinking about how God would be part of our family life, I realized that I needed to take a deeper look at my own beliefs. And once I started asking myself big questions like “How do you find a sense of meaning and purpose in life?,” I concluded that I would find answers only in the search fro God.”

“It was all coming together: Here was the time for me to live out so many of the lessons I’d been learning on my spiritual journey. I’d been contemplating living a more spiritual, meaningful existence, and now was the time to walk the walk.”

“Why do I think it makes us better to share our secrets? If as Buechner says, we are our secrets, then we should be able to embrace them, to announce them as part of ourselves.”

“To me, spirituality is in fact rooted in a religious tradition, but flows from there into a language of connection to God.” (Beliefnet)

My Closing Thoughts 

David Gregory wrote this book using his excellent journalistic skills. He spoke in detail about interviews with religious leaders sharing their insight, faith struggles, and the ways their beliefs and faith traditions influence them.

I would have loved to know more heart behind the stories. But even so I appreciated the truth of Gregory’s conclusion . . . we are each a work in progress. Seekers continue to seek. In this life we are never “done” in our faith journey.

He asks, in my opinion, one of life’s most important questions – How’s your faith?

I believe that is the second most important. The first being . . . Your faith – religion or relationship? Who is Jesus to you?

In faith, we are either growing closer or moving away. What we must never be in stagnant or disinterested? We must continually ask and seek.

May you be blessed as you seek and as you ask . . . How’s Your Faith?

I was invited to review this book, yet all thoughts are my own. 

And I’ve been given a copy of the book to give away to one of my readers. Just enter below . . . you may just be the one to read this very interesting journey yourself and then pass it along to another fellow seeker.


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8 thoughts on “How’s Your Faith? And What are You Doing About It?

  1. Sounds like an interesting book Deb. Isn’t it interesting also how many people are seekers, people we know about or people we may even think have it all together. I never tire of hearing stories of a faith journey…as long as it leads to Jesus.

  2. This is a great review. I need to check my faith daily. I use to watch Gregory on NBC. I hope i win this book. It looks so interesting. Please link up with Literacy Musing Mondays if you get the chance this week. I love your reviews.

  3. This sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading. Thank you for the review and thank you for the opportunity to try and win a copy!
    BTW…I love the new look of your blog!

  4. Found you on Arabahjoy link up and I totally agree that we must continually ask ourselves “How’s My Faith?” since answering the question sincerely can help us from straying and making God ask us “Where are you?” (Genesis 3:9)

  5. I never knew this story about him.

    I find those in journalism who are seeking, like Lee Stroebel when he wrote the Case for Christ and others like it, approach the subject of faith in a way that helps to answer questions that unbelievers are asking themselves but never asked out loud. That approach seems to open the door to more people to come to saving faith.

    Thanks for sharing your review.

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