Ideas for Make Your Own Holiday Day

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It’s your day to celebrate anything!

Because today is Make Your Own Holiday Day.

It’s an unofficial holiday, but what a fun idea. You can make today a special holiday for anything you want. Unofficial holidays can promote a cause, remember historical events, or used to have some simple good fun.

How to Make a Holiday

A “National” holiday takes an act of Congress, and that takes a lot of work. First you will have to contact your local congress person. Then you must create the proposal that you hope will make it into the Congressional agenda. It is a tedious process, but it can be done.

The President can declare a national special day, a Governor can name a state holiday, and Mayors can proclaim city-wide celebrations. Unofficial days can be created by the declaration of a company, organization, or individual. Many of them are one-time events, but occasionally they catch on and show up annually.

Ideas for Make Your Own Holiday:

  • Celebrate your family – The _________ Family Holiday.
  • Celebrate your favorite game – Scrabble or Monopoly Day.
  • Celebrate small accomplishments – I Survived the Day Day, I Cleaned My Closets Day, or I Did Everything On My To-Do List.
  • Celebrate your faith – Thankful for Faith Day.
  • Celebrate forgiveness – Forgive Myself Day or Forgive __________ Day.
  • Celebrate something that makes you happy – Dance for No Reason Day or Buy a Bunch of Flowers Day.
  • Celebrate your creativity – Make Your Favorite Recipe Day.
  • Celebrate your favorite book or movie – Hobbit Day, Frozen Day, The Wizard of Oz, or Spiderman.
  • Celebrate your favorite food – Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, Fried Pickle Day, Burrito Day, etc.
  • Celebrate everything – Scrabble Faith Forgiveness Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

Now get your family in on the fun.

How to Celebrate Make Your Own Holiday:

  1. Keep it simple! 
  2. Make it personal!
  3. Make it fun!

Ask your children what they would celebrate if they could make their own holiday.

It’s your day! You can celebrate anything you’d like.

What a great day to Celebrate Life.

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