Mid-month Attitude Check

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check upSo how’s it going?

We’ve passed the midway point of attitude adjustment. Let’s do some self-assessment.

Starting with the 5 simple truths about attitude:

  1. Self-absorption generally promotes a negative attitude.
  2. Negative attitudes generally get negative reactions.
  3. Negative self-talk generally produces negative attitudes.
  4. Negative attitudes create unnecessary problems and conflict.
  5. A negative attitude can be improved with intentional effort.

 Your mind believes what you tell it? ~Paul J. Meyer

What are you telling your mind?

Are you choosing anticipation over expectation?

Are you smiling more?

Are you remembering to be kind to yourself?

Are you taking time to rest?

Are you controlling your memories or are they controlling you?

Are you identifying your “what ifs” and trying again?

Are you laughing more?

Are you acting like a firefighter?

Are you loving the least of these?

Are you avoiding information overload?

Are you done judging others?

Are you making an effort to show you care?

Are you breaking up with envy?

What difference does it make?

Why you need a an attitude of gratitude.

Because it will help you:

  • turn problems into opportunities to grow.
  • find more happiness.
  • experience less stress.
  • enjoy better health.
  • improve your relationships.
  • make better decisions.
  • worry less.
  • stay within your budget.

Take some time this weekend to rest. Enjoy your friends and family. Count your blessings.

And check your attitude.

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Sharing is caring!

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2 thoughts on “Mid-month Attitude Check

  1. Great post! I have learned our inner voice and thoughts really show through in our actions and attitude. It’s why it’s so important to make sure we are speaking/thinking positive and optimistic things into our life on a daily/hourly basis.

    1. Thanks Dan! I agree. A change of attitude can change everything. Having an attitude of thanks and praise just makes everyday better.

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