Praising the Lord Who Cares

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Father, You promised to never leave nor forsake us. Deuteronomy 31:6

You are the One who provides for us. Genesis 22:14

You are the Lord who heals us. Isaiah 57:19

You are the One who directs our steps. Psalm 37:23

You are the God who loves us with unfailing love. Psalm 117:2

We thank You. 

We praise You. 

We worship You. 

We surrender this day to You. 

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One thought on “Praising the Lord Who Cares

  1. That is so funny. While I was clicking on your post to read, I was thinking, “Praising the Lord who Cares – jus the name of this post ministers to me.” Then I opened up the post and it was just the plain, unadorned truth of God’s Word – you didn’t even need to write anything else! Thanks for another great post – and great picture, Deb.

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