Question of the Day – Why Do You Write?

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Why Do You Write

Why do you write?

If someone had asked me that question five years ago I’m not sure how I would have answered. But today…

[Tweet “Today I write because I have to. God’s love compels me. It’s what I do.”]

My story…

Tells about a gracious God who allowed me to come face to face with the things I feared most to prove that He is greater than my fear. It’s a story of the way my faith grew as it intersected with the hard parts of life. And of the ways I learned that God’s grace, mercy, and love was and is sufficient for every situation.

I didn’t always know that. I could put a doubt at the end of every statement of faith. Because I was trying “to be good” always wondering, no—always knowing that my good wasn’t good enough.

You may have heard teachers talk about living “under the protection of God’s umbrella.” That was me. Trying to be good enough to stay under His umbrella. While constantly worrying and wondering if it was even possible.

That’s why I write. Because I now know that I’m not good enough but God’s loving grace is more than enough. When I end up out in the storm He will give me strength. Sure I’ll go through all the normal emotions when hard life happens, but I won’t wonder if God can give me all I need. I know He can and He will. That’s my story.

What’s your story?

What are you passionate about?

Why do you write?

Those thoughts about my writing came from just the first lesson of Arabah Joy’s – Christian Blogger Bootcamp. 


My friends were so enthusiastic about CBB I decided I had to sign up.

I’ve attended other bootcamps and blogger training sessions, but I never felt like they spoke to me. They could give techniques and disciplines, but they didn’t speak to my heart as a faith writer. This is a course that is not only teaching me what I need to know about blogging, but it’s doing it from a Biblical perspective. Yay!

So today I’m here as a friend telling you…

You’ll thank me.

Click here to learn more and sign up. 

It’s only $69 – $62.10 today with
discount code – DBW10

You can do the lessons at your own pace.
You don’t have to finish it in six weeks.
You have life-time access to the lessons. 

You can start the course as soon as you enroll.
Arabah Joy even offers a money-back guarantee
if you complete the course and don’t see increased
blog traffic. You have nothing to lose.

So what are you waiting for..?

You were born pre-packed!  God looked at your entire life,
determined your assignment, and gave you the tools to do the job!
God packed you on purpose for a purpose!”  (Max Lucado)

i-heart-u Around the Blogosphere

Last week of July 2015


Paige Givens shares at My Story, My Song

She’s wife, mom, musician and kindergarten teacher.
My bio lists those as well. That’s why I love her page…
Teaching Kindergarten: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Her post – In Spite of Myself  is beautiful,
and you will love her song by the same name.


Courtney Stanford pours into Let Every Heart
Preparing Him Room in Every Season

She says “our home is full of guys (young and old)
singing church hymns or playing “superheroes”
…loudly…always, always loudly.”

Her post – Does My Response to Sin Look 
Anything Like My Jesus made me stop and think.
She inspires me to want to love better.

Take a minute to visit Courtney and say hello.


Dianne Thornton is the writer of Sweeter Than Honey
Taste and See that the Lord is Good

She is a busy wife and mom to three teens, who says,
“each stage of parenting is wonder-filled and difficult.”

Her post – Do You Skim or Do You Soak?
will motivate you to slow down, soak in the Word,
and grow closer to the Lord.

i-heart-u-Top Pic


This photo makes me think summer.
My mom canned every year.

Do you have a garden?
Do you can or freeze the harvest?

Photo by bossfight.

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25 thoughts on “Question of the Day – Why Do You Write?

  1. I write because I feel the need to! I feel like God wants me to share my hope with others and this is the way I can do that right now. Whenever I wonder if I should stop spending so much time on this pursuit God opens another door as His way of telling me to continue.
    Thank you for this link up Deb. It is a wonderful place to join up with others like me.

    1. Thank you Patti! I love that you have to share His grace and love. I know your posts have both inspired and encouraged me. Hugs!

  2. Hey, Deb! I loved reading about why you write. The word COMPELS echoes in my own heart. When God gives the message, it must be shared! Seriously considering the Blogging Bootcamp! (Thanks for linking to me, today!)

    1. You’re very welcome Dianne! I know you’ll love CBB. It’s great! And yes, when the story is His we just have to share it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I write because God said “write” but the bigger story is that God knew that in the release of my words mixed with His I would come to know Him better and gain some healing in my life. Great question! Arabah Joy’s course sounds wonderful. Thank you for being so open in letting others come here to join you each week. Weekend blessings!

    1. Oh Mary, thank you for coming by each week and encouraging me with your writing and your comments. I definitely agree . . . I’ve learned so much and my faith grows and I study and write for His glory. Blessings and hugs!

  4. Thank you for such a fabulous faith filled Post Deb! I write because i want to share the \”good news\” of the gospel and I hope to encourage and inspire other believers too. I feel in my heart this is what God has called me to do. using my passion for writing for His glory! God bless

    1. Thank you for visiting and joining the link up Horace. It’s such a blessing to have you join us. All for His glory! Amen!

  5. Deb, I have always been a fairly transparent person. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am someone who is honest about my life, the struggles, the joys and the heartaches and will share with anyone who asks or even when unsolicited to encourage.

    I was a mentor for MOPs for a few years and it was then as I prepared and shared devotionals with the young moms that I realized how much I enjoyed doing just that. The Lord then moved me to start a blog where I can continue in that vein but reaching a much larger scale.

    Thanks for asking! 🙂

  6. I admire those who write to minister to others. Although I do hope to encourage other women, I mostly write for my own fulfillment. I did write a blog post on this.

    I Write Because…

    1. I love that you write to help us focus on the joy God gives us. Happiness is an attitude and your posts always inspire me to keep my best attitude going. Blessings!

  7. I am so glad you obey God and write, Deb! I write because I want to remember what He has done, to share pieces of my heart with the loves He has given me, and to bring a bit of grace to those who He brings into my life. Mostly.. I write to worship Him better.

    Bless you, Deb!

    1. That’s lovely Dawn. It is a wonderful way to leave your heart-prints for others. Sharing His love is worship. So beautiful!

  8. I write because it is both my gift and my calling from God. If a day goes by when I don’t write something, it simply feels wrong.
    And isn’t it wonderful to know we don’t have to be good enough for God to love us? Makes my day every day!
    Blessings, Deb!

  9. I write because I like to. I also like to express my thoughts and hear what others have to say whom I don’t know and won’t always agree. And hopefully this won’t sound arrogant: I write because I feel I have something to say/share.

  10. Beautifully written post! I write as a way to document my memories + share my experiences! :] I love having it as a creative outlet! :]

  11. Praise God that His love constrains us to serve Him, through writing, witnessing, teaching, music, dance, and in whatever areas He has gifted us. Thanks for the beautiful post and for hosting and God bless!

  12. Hey Deb,

    Hope you are doing well this afternoon.

    I took some time today to look at all of the referrals to my website. I was thrilled to see that so many wonderful visits had come from your site.

    I just wanted to express my thanks and let you know that I appreciate you!

    27 visits have come as a direct result of your website!

    This amazed me, and I thought it might encourage you to know that other people (like me) are benefitting from your ministry.

    I pray that God will bless and you and encourage you~

    1. Oh Melanie, I’m so glad! That really blesses me. I just love spreading the love around. Thank you for letting me know. A beautiful day brightener. Blessings and hugs to you!

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