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Last month I told you about Our Favorite Catalog.

As a member of one of the WV Blogger Teams, I was asked to tell you a little more about the 2013 Share Joy Campaign.

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This Christmas season, World Vision wants to share joy with the world by inviting individuals, families, and small groups to join our Advent Challenge.

On our blog each day during Advent, you can find a new suggested activity to share joy with friends, strangers, and others around the world. (For example: Go out of your way to bring a smile to someone’s face today.)

Participate as an individual, use it as a teaching tool with your children, or invite your church small group to build community together.


Please visit the World Vision Blog to see what they’re doing each day to share joy and find out simple things you can do at home to take part.

Check out the Gift Catalog and find ways you can share joy by blessing children and their families around the world.

Click on the World Vision link above to learn how a trip to Bolivia with a team from World Vision changed my life. Meeting children like Arminda and Abigail made the world smaller, and helped me understand how abundantly blessed we are.


Rev and I love sponsoring children and supporting the ministry of World Vision. I’m hoping you will visit my World Vision Child Sponsorship page help me meet my goal of 10 sponsors. I will send an autographed copy of my book Sarah’s Garden to anyone who signs up to sponsor a child before the end of the year.

Finally – please Share Joy by sharing this post with your friends . . . let’s spread the word and help children and families in need in the U.S. and around the world.

Let’s talk: How are you sharing joy this Christmas season?

Sharing is caring!

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