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Character Strength

Let’s play “Would You Rather…”

1. Would you rather be popular or respected?

2. Would you rather live in a world with no rules or one where everyone obeys the rules?

3. Would you rather know absolute truth or make up your own truth?

Consciously or not, you and I live out our answers to these questions and others like them every day. We live our “rathers” in the way we share things online, act with our friends and family, treat strangers, and spend our time.

This week we’ve talked about character, maximizing our strengths, and allowing God to change us where we’re weak. Thank you for telling me this conversation is important to you and for sharing it with your friends and family.

Life is funny sometimes. While this has been an encouraging week on the blog . . . it’s been an emotional week for me. The enemy vigorously poked at me with memories of past failures and losses. Tears flowed. Still I’m trying to count each blessing and remember how thankful I am that…

[Tweet “God keeps track of all our sorrows. He collects all our tears in a bottle recording each one as He speaks words of hope and love. (Psalm 56:8)”]

It’s hard to show our vulnerable side isn’t it? It’s easier to make our public persona the envy of others. We post pictures of our dinners out, vacations, and new purchases. We shout our successes and hide our failures. Maybe we hide behind the pretty because we’re afraid. Afraid others will judge and criticize.

Friends, we need each other. We need to model strong character traits like . . . kindness, patience, forgiveness, mercy, grace, and hope. Because those are our Father’s character traits. They are the parts of Himself He breathed into Adam; the very things we long for in the depth of our souls.

May we set our hearts and minds on knowing His character. May we ask Him to show us where we need to become more like Him. And with His strength may we lay every weakness at the foot of the cross . . . that He might forgive us, restore us, and use us for His glory.

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Sharing Our Strengths

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21 thoughts on “Sharing Our Strengths and Blessing Counters Linkup

  1. I do like posting the happy photos because it actually makes me feel better to focus on the good things in my life. But, as you know, I tend to “bare it all” on my blog! LOL I think that’s what I love about Christian blogging… Most aren’t afraid to be real. We share our failures and our victories while giving praise to our Father, looking to Him for our strength. God made us for community and we shouldn’t be afraid to be real and to share what is truly on our hearts. Who knows? The things we share may be exactly what someone else is going through and by reading what we write, they may not feel so alone.

    Blessings, Deb! I’ve had you on my heart all week. 🙂

    In Him, Joan

    1. Thank you my friend! I can’t tell you how often I thank God for connecting us online. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll even be able to have a face to face over a cup of coffee.

      The Lord strengthens us to strengthen each other. He is good!

  2. Deb, oh that darned devil; just when we think we’re strong, he tells us that we’re weak. But God is our refuge and our strength, an ever present help in times of trouble! Thanks for your authenticity, and always, for hosting.

    1. Thank you Mary! So thankful the Lord always holds His arms open to us . . . always full of mercy, grace, and love. Many blessings to you!

  3. it’s hard to show our vulnerable side – makes us feel weak somehow. truth of the matter is we are all weak.

    I pray things are getting better this week for you. been a few “icky” weeks for me as well. We are going to have to bring our own sunshine until the storm passes over.

    big hugs

  4. Sorry to hear, Deb, that you’ve had an emotional roller-coaster week . . . It happens to the best and the bravest, believe me! When those feelings come, like you, I take comfort in knowing God is there for me, and will give me strength when I am at my weakest. Blessings!

  5. Deb – This here is such truth —> “May we set our hearts and minds on knowing His character.” Our hearts & minds must be set on Him as it will not happen accidentally. Such an important reminder. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Thanks for sharing these links, Deb. I’ll read around.

    It’s not always easy to be vulnerable with our weak sides, but I’ve found that I’m drawn to people much more when they do show that side! We’re all in this together as imperfect beings depending on a perfect Savior.

    1. Thank you Lisa! He strengthens us that we might share the strength He gives with others. Imperfect and depending . . . amen! God’s blessings!

  7. Love, love this Deb! I often remind myself that my appearance or “stuff” in life doesn’t reveal what I am really like inside, or what my true value is. We need to accept; with child-like faith, that we are loved simply because we exist and know that God’s view of us is so much more important than the world’s view of us. He doesn’t judge by appearances or riches, but rather by our faith and character.

    Thanks for this beautiful message my friend!
    Blessings and love,

    1. Thank you Denise. As I’ve struggled this week my constant prayer has been Lord keep my eyes on You! Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could consistently love each other without comparing the outside. I’m blessed by your kind encouragement. Thank you my friend!

  8. I love the scripture about Him collecting our tears. I am sorry for your emotional week, I have had one myself and they are draining, but when we come to the end of ourselves the great thing is that we can look up.. RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF THE SAVIOR! 🙂 That is what I keep holding on to, the hope that finally at the end of myself there is God. Faith is but a seed, we have all been given a portion of. May His Spirit be shed abroad in your heart by faith and grow to exponential proportions!
    Counting Blessings with you!

    1. Amen Dawn! Look up! His face is always filled with love. Perfect for those days when I don’t feel very lovable. Praying He is covering you and filling you with all you need. Thanks for visiting and faithfully pointing to Jesus! Hugs!

  9. As my life has taken a sudden detour, I told myself I could either hang up the blog until such time as God brought me through, or I could continue being real and transparent. I figure there are other people in similar and worst situations. I believe openness and a willingness to share the not-so-perfect moments is what keeps people reading. I hope and pray that God uses my life’s story for His glory.

    1. Oh Barbie, I think about you and add a prayer often. Thank you for being such a wonderful encourager, and for faithfully pointing us to the Lord whatever our circumstances. You are using your story for His glory my friend, and blessing us in the process. Hugs!

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