Thankful Thirty – What Did You Miss?

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30 days of gratitude and thanksgiving. What did you miss? Click on any graphic to catch up on the full month of Celebrating Jesus A to Z. What Did You Miss?

We’ve done it. It’s November 30th.

Here’s a recap of the month

Just click on any graphic to check out that post.

Celebrating Jesus A to Z

There are too many blessings to simply celebrate Thanksgiving one day a year. Join me for Thankful Thirty to celebrate Jesus everyday from A to Z.

You want to be accepted but people are fickle allowing feelings and moods to rule the day. But... you are accepted by the One who matters most.


You are blessed more than you know and not the way you think. Read this to learn more...


Some days the real courage is found in just being able to face the day. Quotes and verses to inspire courage...


Sometimes it's easy to know God's plans and purposes. Sometimes it's not. But His direction is always perfect. Always.


Take a close look at your story. How have you been equipped for this time This place How will you use your story to make a difference



Gifted with Grace

Grace is a difficult word to explain and hard to understand. But one thing is for certain . . . it's more than you think.


When life is hard and you don't know what to do or where to turn it's comforting to know God is our Help . . . the perfect loving parent.


How important is an iota Very important. Seriously, an iota has life-changing importance. Read this to find out why...


What to justice and justification have in common, why we should be thankful for them, and the difference they can make in our lives.


The Bible says God keeps you. What does that mean exactly Come on over and read more about His safe keeping and His love...


Laughter is good for you. Improves your heal body, mind, and spirit. Come over and laugh with me, and tell me what makes you laugh...


God's mercy is our punishment being pardoned because of Jesus death and resurrection.

Your Name

God knows your name. It is precious to Him. He loves You. Thankful Thirty - list of quotes and verses to remind you of God's personal love.


God is all and everything . . . Omni God. He is who He says He is. Here's a list of quotes and verses point to His the answer to our questions..


When life is hard and peace seems impossible to achieve - we can turn to the source of possible peace.


One of my favorite teachers whispered when she had something important to say. Are you listening to the most important quiet voice


We hold these truths to be evident... The Declaration of Independence says the Creator gave us undeniable rights. What are the rights given by God


When you are afraid and anxious, when life's storms rage . . . God is your Shelter. Here are truths to help you feel safe in His presence...

Through Faith

God in His grace, mercy, and love carries us through hard days. 8 ways God gives us through faith...


Jesus prayed for it. The apostles stressed it. Yet countless things work to divide us. Did you know we have everything we need to unite


God has won every promised victory. Through His love He gives everything you need for victorious living. Get rid of fear and LIVE


We thank God for the wonderful things He does, but let's stop and thank Him just for who He is. 50 Wonderful Things about Wonderful God...

(X) Cross

Humbled and thankful for God's gift of the Cross. It shows His love. His mercy and grace. And it gives hope for the future.


10 reasons why I am so grateful for you, my readers. You bless me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

 God gives everything we need to live with enthusiasm. You and I can live with a zest for life and enjoy everyday more...

Thank you so much for joining me this month of thanksgiving.

I want to remain mindful of God’s many blessings.
Not only the touchable blessings,
but the heartfelt spiritual blessings that are so easy to take for granted.

May gratitude be our daily offering.

Father, Thank you for Your faithfulness. Thank you for countless blessings. Many we can we can touch others touch our hearts. Thank you for home, family, food, protection, work, health, and so much more. Thank you for Your love. Thank you for the blessing of faith. Thank you for Jesus, for grace and mercy. Help us to live every day with gratitude and thanksgiving put into lives offered to You in humble faith and love. With Your Spirit’s help in Jesus name. Amen.

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14 thoughts on “Thankful Thirty – What Did You Miss?

  1. Thank you so much for putting this all together in one post! So so good! I have enjoyed reading a few of this this month! Many blessings!!

  2. Gratitude is DEFINITELY something to intentionally focus on – and what a great way to make this happen! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such wonderful things and words of thanksgiving and gratefulness! Thanks for sharing and sure love your pics and graphics, too!

  4. I love this idea. There truly is something to be grateful for everyday. I wish I had known about this earlier! Wonderful graphics!

  5. Deb, what a great series! So full of life and inspiration! I love this round up page, just in case anyone missed anything! (Or needs a reminder!)

  6. What a beautiful month of thankfulness! This must have been a lot of work for you but it is beautiful and I love your graphics! Rebecca

  7. Thank you all so much for your kind encouragement. I have to say that it was a huge blessing to focus on His blessings and faithfulness each day for the month. Praying to not stop in the days and weeks ahead! God’s blessings to each of you!

  8. Hi, congrats on a great series. I love the laughter. It is so much fun to read and am I am thankful for it too. 😉 Thanks for linking up with us at Literacy Musing Mondays.

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