The Confession That Saved My Life

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I am so excited to welcome Patti Krank from Old Things New as my guest today. Patti says that she has been . . . Transformed from broken to beautiful. She loves to point people to the transforming power of Jesus and rescuing old pieces of furniture and giving them new life.

What a beautiful analogy our lives in Christ. Please make her feel welcome. I know her story will bless and encourage you. Don’t forget to visit her site to read more posts and see her beautiful furniture transformations.

The Confession That Saved My Life

If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I John 1:9

“Are you pregnant?”, she asked.

“I think so,” I answered fearfully.

Guest post by Patti Krank of Old Things New. A public confession that changed everything - restoring hope and saving her life.

It was 1973 and I was 17. I saw our family doctor first, a visit filled with dread and shame. I went alone.

On the day of the abortion I was accompanied by my mother and my boyfriend. We went to a city far away.

“We won’t tell your father and I don’t want you to tell anyone else either.” We were a good church family with a fine reputation.

Guest post by Patti Krank of Old Things New. A public confession that changed everything - restoring hope and saving her life.

I was awake throughout the abortion. I could hear the noise of the suction and feel a deep pressure inside my core, a pressure both physical and emotional.

In the middle of the night, at home in my bed, I began cramping. Deep, painful cramps with bleeding. I called out to my mom in fear.

“Those are labor pains,” she answered tersely. “Even though “it” is gone you still have to go through the pain.

Guest post by Patti Krank of Old Things New. A public confession that changed everything - restoring hope and saving her life.

I asked God to forgive me many times but the pain continued. Over the course of many years I had bouts of undiagnosed depression. How could it be diagnosed when I kept my secret to myself? I was frantically living my life to look like a good Christian, trying desperately to live up to the name that my family gave me when I was very young, “Perfect Patti.”

When the lows came I would sometimes sink so low that I would want to die. I cried out to God to take my life. During this time I failed at so many things. I married the boy who fathered my child, because I heard at youth group that having sexual relations meant you are married in God’s eyes. I wanted to be obedient. That failed after only a few months. I married again, a church man who was much older. It was a poor decision from the outset but I truly believed that no one would want me and I was lucky to be asked. Another failure. I married my current husband, “the doctor”, believing that he would be my savior.

Guest post by Patti Krank of Old Things New. A public confession that changed everything - restoring hope and saving her life.

After the initial “high” of marrying the man of my dreams, the pain returned and the draw of death pulled me closer as each low became lower than the last . . . until . . .

“You have a spirit of death hanging over you,” said the prayer counselor at the retreat we were attending.

A light came on as I realized what was causing my obsession with death.

“Abortion,” I spoke the word out loud.

Guest post by Patti Krank of Old Things New. A public confession that changed everything - restoring hope and saving her life.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray
for each other so that you may be healed. James 5:16

My first confession, a prayer prayed over me, and the experience of a great weight being lifted.

This was followed by the same confession to my home group and more lifting.

Guest post by Patti Krank of Old Things New. A public confession that changed everything - restoring hope and saving her life.

Sometime later, after much healing in my husband’s and my lives, our Pastor released us into ministry within the church, and I told my story in front of a larger group of people. I’ve done this many times now and though there still may be tears in the telling there is no guilt or shame because I know that I am clothed in robes of righteousness through Jesus Christ my Savior. I am forgiven and I have been set free.

Each time I share my story I’m surprised at how many Christian women come to me and share their own abortion stories. It isn’t something one freely talks about in church settings and I’m sad that so many are living under a cloak of guilt, unable to lives their lives to the fullest.

The enemy of our souls loves for us to keep our secrets hidden inside. Confess to God and receive forgiveness. Confess to another trustworthy person who will pray through the pain with you and experience healing.

About me:

Queen-Bee-French-Flea-2013-059-e1423589562555I am Perfectly Imperfect Patti, daughter of the King, wife to the amazing Mr. OTN, mom to two loving daughters, companion to three dogs. I blog at OldThingsNew where I share home and soul transformations. God has redeemed the wasted years of our lives and my husband and I are both grateful that God has allowed us to share our stories to help others along in their healing journeys. We’ve recently moved from Washington State, where we directed a program called Freedom Session, to South Carolina, where we are currently working one-on-one with others and waiting for the “next step” in ministry.

We are all a work in progress and the story isn’t finished yet.

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  1. Joan

    Thank you for sharing your story, Patti! Just yesterday a Christian friend shared her story…one so similar to yours. She also has been lifted from the burden of guilt by accepting the love and forgiveness that Jesus brings. And, she is also a counselor for women who are suffering from the pains of abortion. It is so important to get our stories out there…to share our stories of redemption and of how the Lord rescues us. Thank you for your heart! I’m praising God for His love right now!

    Blessings, Joan
    Joan recently posted..Sharing His Beauty Blog Link UpMy Profile

  2. Mr OTN says:

    I am very proud of the courage shown by this post. I am also here to confirm the healing in our lives brought about by authentic sharing of our pains and shortcomings and restorative power of God. My story coming out of addiction and despair also mirrors the healing power of Yeshua available to all who will be healed of their brokenness. May this story of restoration be hope to the hopeless. No one is disqualified.

  3. TerriAnn says:

    You are Precious Patti, and I admire your transparency, and bravery.No pointing fingers cuz we are all sinners and God sees all of our sins the same. No judgement here…only love and compassion. You know you have a baby waiting in Heaven…what a glorious welcome home gift! Love you dearly!!!

  4. Shelly says:

    Thank you, Patti for taking the time to put the confession and testimony into writing. You are such an amazing woman of God. I am so very blessed to see you set free from the shame, guilt and depression that kept you bound up for so long. God will use this in even greater ways now! I love and treasure YOU, Patti!

  5. Crystal Green


    First let me say that I’m so glad that you’re sharing your story with the world. It has to be helping many women gain the strength to tell their own stories and gain the healing and forgiveness they desperately need too.
    It is quite uplifting to be free from guilt and shame of mistakes we’ve made in our past. I did not have an abortion, but I have a load of secrets that I need to get out. God is pushing me to write my book about them all, and very soon it’s going to happen. I’ve shared some of them on my blog, but not all.
    This is an inspirational read, and one that has touched my heart. I’m sure you would appreciate reading the book Hidden Under My Heart too. (I did a book review on it, and it will forever be stuck in my head.
    Crystal Green recently posted..The Fantasy Marriage SyndromeMy Profile

    • Patricia Krank

      Thank you Crystal, for the book recommendation – I’m always looking for a good read – and for your sweet comments. It is indeed an amazing transformation when God sets us free. I do hope you’ll receive the healing you desire from the “secrets” you alluded to. I’m glad you are writing out your story but I also pray that God will bring godly people into your life that will come alongside you in the process. Miracles ahead for you!
      Patricia Krank recently posted..The Confession That Saved my LifeMy Profile

  6. Rose says:

    Dear Patti ~
    So brave to tell your story to your blog friends.
    You have lots of strength & wisdom ~
    My prayer for you is to have the peace you deserve.
    This is an amazing story of strength & love.
    God Bless you always.
    Much love,
    Rose recently posted..SPRING IT’S ON IT’S WAYMy Profile

  7. Tyra

    Deb thank you for hosting Patti. Patti thank you for sharing your story. Yours is literally the 3rd story this week I’ve read this week about releasing shame. This week God has been taking me through deliverance from regret. I thank you thank you for sharing so openly and I’m going right now to take my next step of deliverance in sharing my story. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.
    Tyra recently posted..I’ll Add You To My PlanMy Profile

  8. Tyra

    Patti right after I left the comment I did call a friend to confess and uncover the shame so I could release regret. Oh it was so therapeutic. And God has continued to minister to my heart. Thank you so so much for this post. I’m in tears as I type this. Your testimony has been instrumental in my healing. This is how we overcome; by the blood of the Lamb and the word of the testimony. Bless u friend.
    Tyra recently posted..The Battlefield of The MindMy Profile

  9. Laura says:

    God bess you, Patti, for your bravery! I know your story will touch many lives. I am so happy to hear that you were finally able to be open about your abortion. God can heal in miraculous ways. His forgiveness makes us new. Keep shining His light, Patti! 🙂
    Laura recently posted..Get Rid of Your ListMy Profile

  10. Amy Jung

    Thank you for being brave and sharing this! Whether or not readers have had an abortion, we all need to hear this. We need to show love and care for those who have. We need to remember that we have a God who heals! God bless you as you continue on the healing path…

  11. Rachel

    Thank you for being brave and sharing this. It encourages all of us to be true and share our stories of forgiveness through Jesus, and then forgiveness to ourselves. Thank you thank you thank you… visiting from RaraLinkup today!

  12. Aimee Imbeau

    Those dark secrets are what keeps us in bondage. I carried my own deadly secrets for many years. The thing is, He already knows all about whatever is hidden. He knows even better than we do. And He wants the shed His healing light on it. Everything was nailed to the cross that fateful day, He was scourged so that we could choose wholeness and life. It takes courage to bring these awful things out into the light. That means we have to actually look at them and see them again. Our enemy would love for us to keep these traumatizing events hidden away. He knows what happens when Jesus redeems and restores. But when Jesus shines His light upon these secrets, we can be confident that He will use them for His glory and for His purposes.
    Thank you so much for sharing. I want to put this on my blog round-up.

  13. Abby Edwards

    Absolutely beautiful! As it sounds like it has already done, this confession will help so many heal, and you continue to heal. Our greatest wounds can bring the greatest triumph in the name of Jesus. Thank you for your courage today.

  14. kathy says:

    Thank you for your beautiful post. I have a friend from church who shares her testimony and helps other ladies who have had abortions.
    I appreciate your transparency. You are a great blessing.

  15. Diane

    Deb… thank you for hosting Patti and encouraging her to tell her amazing story of redemption and transformation.

    Patti, my friend, I just want to hug you. Thank you for bravely sharing your story. Look at where you are today! God’s love for you (all of us) is amazing and it’s beautiful to see how our confession gives way for forgiveness and redemption. Everyone’s story is different… so grateful that God never changes and that he has the same offer to everyone. I understand even more now the passion behind your ministry and the grace that eminents from your writing. [big hugs]
    Diane recently posted..When did you last make time for a good friend?My Profile

  16. Lisa Brittain says:

    Patti, Thank you for your obedience to God in telling your story. Yes, you are forgiven. Yes, you are set free. And yes, you are ministering to many with your testimony of old things new. You speak life into our broken lives from experience. We’re all broken, but you are brave to say “Ok, Lord, I’ll go first tell my story…the one You redeemed.” You are beautiful…clothed in Christ’s righteousness!!
    We overcome by the Word of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb. You are an overcomer in the cleansing Name of Jesus!
    Lisa Brittain recently posted..Five*Minute*Friday::Real*My Profile

  17. jamesrod214 says:

    I was touched by your story, thank you! I think it’s great that people can believe in a higher power, and feel forgiveness. I love how the Christian faith can help people move forward in their lives. I think we could all use more forgiveness in our lives.

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