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1-Through My Frontdoor

I’m excited to tell you about a new weekly series I’ll be running on Fridays . . . Through My Front Door. As many of you know I’ve been a contributing writer for TJX – HomeGoods Stores Blog for as long as I’ve written here at CMB. In fact, I first learned about blogging through HomeGoods.

HG recently updated the blog with a new name and a whole new look. It went from HomeGoods Happy to the Design Happy Blog. We’ve added five new bloggers, each of whom have their own fabulous design blogs. How did this non-designer end up writing for a design blog? Great question and one I ask myself often. I guess it’s because I love HomeGoods stores, decorating my home, and if you give me a topic . . . I can talk about it.   😉

I thought it might be fun to join the two sites one day a week since we’re talking so much about gratitude here at CMB. You know we can choose to look around our homes and be contented and happy, or frustrated and dissatisfied. We decide.

It’s important to remember . . . gratitude which leads to peace, contentment, and happiness does not come from having what you want, but from wanting what you have.

So, I’m hoping you’ll join me each Friday as we talk about home.

We’ll talk about decorating, organizing, recipes, product reviews, and bargains. I’ll share links to some of my favorite home idea and recipe sites, and hope you’ll return the favor by sharing some of your favorites with me.

Design Happy at HomeGoods

This week, I’d like to invite you to click on the link above and visit the newly designed Design Happy Blog. You will find tons of tips and decorating ideas. You can take the Stylescope Quiz to find your personal decorating style. And meet some pretty terrific people who I’m blessed to call my friends.

When you’re finished I would love it if you’d leave a comment here and tell us you favorite post at Design Happy. I would also love to know about those things that you’d like to talk about on Fridays. What’s the most important thing about home for you?

This will be our day to share our joys and challenges when it comes to life at home. I use CommentLuv for comments, so every comment you leave will link back to a post on your site. Let’s link up and visit each other at home.

Finally, don’t forget to scroll down and read yesterday’s post. I have a great Mother’s Day giveaway going on!!

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