5 Ways Time with God Changed My Life

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I’m so excited to welcome my friend, Kelly R. Baker today.

Kelly wants her readers to “stay nourished and thriving in your walk with God,” and says about herself:

I knew from a very young age that God called me to the ministry, but grew up with a track record of being a slow learner of His ways. I finally stopped blaming hormones and embraced His call, including writing.

I love leading others into God’s presence and freedom found through Jesus. 

The acronym Daily Time is my mantra. It means: Determining Again I Live Yielded. Today I’m Maintaining Evidence.

Please make her feel welcome … stop to say “hello” in a comment and head over to visit her at KellyR.Baker.com

Having a daily time with God changed my life, but it didn't start that way. #Bible #Prayer #Faith

5 Ways Time with God Changed My Life

Having a daily time with God changed my life, but it didn’t start that way. You can sometimes drag wrong mindsets into your meetings with God, even if you grew up with a church as your home away from home.

My parents became pastors when I was eleven and family devotions were a regular part of life. I would drag my petite-sized feet to those family devotions, dripping with dread every single time.

My view of God was backward. I didn’t understand that God loved me no matter what. Firmly convinced in my mind was good behavior—or else. So when I grew up, I brought that same mindset into my daily time with God—or lack thereof.

My life reflected the saying, “Rules without relationship breeds rebellion.” That rebellion brought me to a rejection of God as a young adult; I told God I wasn’t a Christian anymore.

Thankfully, it was a short-lived backsliding. There isn’t time to go into the details today, but God delights in delivering prodigals.

He removed the rebellion blocking the view of His goodness by giving me a fresh revelation: He still loved me if I rejected Him. I understood selfless love for the first time.

That day I experienced the most gentle healing of my entire life. There was a sweetness in God’s presence. Accustomed to only feeling conviction instead, I marveled that this presence could be God.

Since then I have desired to know this God of selfless love. My pursuit of Him thrives on having a Daily Time with Him. What is “Daily Time”? That’s when I’m fulfilling my mantra: Determining Again I Live Yielded. Today I’m Maintaining Evidence.

Having a daily time with God changed my life, but it didn't start that way. #Bible #Prayer #Faith

Keeping this Daily Time with God has changed my life! Here are five ways:

Knowing God.

When I grew up in the Church, I could tell you the ending to almost any Bible story. But the character of God was lost on me. As I daily dug into His Word, I began to find verses that describe His promises. Instead of solely looking for what I was supposed to do or not do, I learned the attributes of God. He helped me experience His character when I went through unfavorable seasons.

Now I know God as constant in my life, not just hear Him called faithful by others. He continues to open my eyes to the evidence of different facets of His character as I walk with Him. I love it!

Helping me see myself.

The Bible is a mirror disguised as a book. I saw my foolishness in the book of Proverbs. My unruly tongue came to light while studying the book of James. The disciple Peter’s impulsiveness hits close to home. Other people saw my shortcomings, but I grew up pridefully believing I am right and everyone else is missing it! Avoiding the truth of my sins and faults caused me to walk in deception. But applying His light to my darkness continues to transform me into His image.

I embraced His working on me (Philippians 1:6). And since I’ve seen real changes in my character that reflect God’s nature, it’s easier to surrender to this process no matter how painful it is.

Enabling me to discern my calling.

Applying the Word of God results in spiritual growth and discernment. I matured enough that God saw fit to reveal my calling. I shared this exciting discovery with my spiritual mentors, and they confirmed that calling. That didn’t mean I suddenly launched into it! Oh, no.

As I said, God continues to work on me. When He felt I was ready enough, He began to give me assignments within my calling. Throughout the years if I’ve ever pulled away from it, God brings it to my attention and invites me to walk in it again. No matter how much work in ministry I do, He reminds me that I will never “arrive” until Jesus comes back. Philippians 1:6 again!

Gaining wisdom to train my kids.

The same as many moms, I hold Proverbs 22:6 (ESV) dear to my heart, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Seeing that verse in the Word gives me hope. Whenever I am at a loss for what to do with my kids, I go to God in prayer. More often than not, the Holy Spirit will give me an idea or remind me of additional applicable verses in the Bible. Other times, He will lead me to talk to a particular person. When I follow through with that, the person He led me to will have the wisdom I need. Thank God for the body of Christ that helps each other!

Not being my husband’s Holy Spirit.

In the earlier years of my marriage, I made a list of my husband’s imperfections. I would talk to Him about changing them. Can you say argument? Yeah, like every time. Miserable, I went to God with my ultimatum: God if you don’t change him, I’ll—I’ll—I’ll be miserable! (Divorce isn’t in our vocabulary.)

I picked up a devotional book geared toward marriage, and during my Daily Time with God, my eyes opened to the truth that I needed to work on me. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit made it clear that I had tried taking over His job. Ouch!

I released my husband to God and asked God to show me how I needed to change. Maybe I was a quarter of the problem? Or perhaps a third? He responded, “Most.” Figures. Ha! Later I did a study on love and learned to walk in the powerful wisdom that love is a choice. It took a long time, but I saw our marriage transformed because God changed me.

I’ve been a slow learner over the years, but I can affirm God’s way is the best way.

5 Ways Time with God Changed My Life by Kelly R Baker at Counting My Blessings

Daily Time in Your Life

You will find no higher satisfaction in life outside of God’s presence. Devour the Word every day and fill pages of newfound truths. Allow Him to transform your life to His ways. Thrive in Him and share His goodness!

Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him! Psalm 34:8 (NLT)

Do you want to taste and see that the Lord is good, too? Take time with Him daily!

If building the habit of spending time with God every day seems unmanageable, I created the Daily Time Challenge just for you.

Kelly R. Baker is a Bible study teacher, writer, and mentor. She serves with her husband in leading the worship ministry at their church. You will probably find her sneaking a bite (or more) of organic dark chocolate in between wrangling her four kids. Her greatest passion is helping others seek God daily and thrive in spiritual growth.

Connect with her at Kelly R. Baker.

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33 thoughts on “5 Ways Time with God Changed My Life

    1. Kelly, Thank you! It’s a pleasure to have you here today. I love the way you’ve shared your heart and your journey pointing us toward God’s goodness and grace. Blessings!

  1. Love this Kelly! And thanks Deb for sharing! That last one … yowza! I’ve been there, too! The more learn it, the more we see God’s way is indeed best! I wrestled a little with that this week myself! Blessings to you both!

    1. I still do from time to time, but the Holy Spirit is quick to remind me. I definitely don’t want to go back to the grief I lived in before I learned to let God do His job, so I’m usually backing away slowly. 😉 Blessings to you, as well, Liz!

    2. Thank you, Liz! I think my greatest challenge is getting out of the way and trusting the Spirit to work in the lives of those I love. I tend to want to charge in and fix things myself. I loved that point too. Definitely the reminder I needed.

  2. I feel like we are two peas in a pod, Kelly! This is exactly my heartbeat and the journey I took spiritually, sans the teenage rebellion. But I certainly have discovered the power of God’s word to transform my mind, heart, and relationships. No other marriage or communication tip or principle can impact my marriage as much as a soft heart following hard after God!

    1. Yep, a soft heart following hard after God! You are so right. I knew I had a hard heart. That pride marked my reputation. It was a painful process, but allowing God to chisle away at it was worth it.

    2. Amen, Beth! Trusting God to work in my heart and mind, and allowing Him to work in my relationships … His promises are real and I love that they are so available to encourage us every day!

  3. my husband asked me once early on if I were his Holy Spirit! I said, Of course! (and of course, it never works, even still!! maddening– I’m so good at it.) I love your list and I love the line: the Bible is my mirror. Early in the morning is not my best look, but I rarely get ready for the day w/o time in my chair w/ Him. A privilege – as John Ortberg said, All He ever wanted was to be with us. Soul Keeping.

    1. Right! We need a mirror to get ready in the morning, both physically and spiritually. I don’t always like what I see when I first look, but everything’s right again after the adjustments are made. Be blessed, Sue!

    1. Right, Nylse. Wives have a different role. Sometimes I find myself trying to ask the Holy Spirit if He needs a helper to let me know. 😉 But I just have to let Him do His job. Many blessings!

  4. I enjoyed this so much! Love Kelly’s Daily Time mantra! Also had to chuckle at the reminder that we wives are not our husband’s Holy Spirit! Wait! What?

    1. I loved her Daily Time truth, as well. Oh, we are fixers aren’t we?! Now to just remember to get out of the way and pray. Thank you so much for visiting, Jerralea! God bless you!

  5. Kelly, I’ve enjoyed many of your posts in the past year, but this one is my favorite. You shared your story so honestly, and I relate to many of the same attitudes you mention. Also, your love for God and devotion to him shines through your story. Blessings to you, friend.

  6. Love this, Kelly! Such great insight here! We truly get to know Him as Friend when we dig into His word! I also tried to be my husband’s Holy Spirit (and still occasionally fight the urge). One day, I felt Him whisper, “I can do my job a lot better if you’re not standing in between us.” Hmm, I hadn’t thought about the fact that my “make him better” was actually nagging and interfering with God working in him. So grateful for God’s gentle hand of discipline!!

  7. I love that through His Word we can know God intimately. Know His character, His heart, and His great love for us.

    Thank you, Kelly, for the encouragement to seek Him daily and, Deb, for helping us count our blessings.

  8. Kelly, this is so good.– Inspired, I believe. Thank you for sharing so candidly from your heart. One of the many phrases that stands out to me, “The Bible is a mirror disguised as a book.” Love that. Thanks for sharing, friend. xoxo — And, thanks for sharing Kelly’s words here today, Deb. Great to see you. 🙂

  9. Kelly, I enjoyed what you shared with us here–learning to own our faith is important. It’s interesting when the Bible reads us–going beyond our reading the Bible.

    Thank you Deb for sharing Kelly’s writing.



  10. There’s so many good things here – not being my husband’s Holy Spirit is one of them! Thank you for sharing your sweet encouragement!

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