It’s a Triple Holiday – Lots of Fun Ideas for Kids

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January 9th is a triple holiday day – National Static Electricity Day, International Balloon Day, and Word Nerd Day.

So choose one or more and celebrate with your family and coworkers.

National Static Electricity Day

We’ve all walked across the room in our stocking feet and been zapped when we leaned over to give a quick kiss or touched a doorknob. Or taken funny pictures of hat hair that stood up in every direction.

Static electricity is the reason for stand up hair and shocked fingers and noses.

For a good explanation check out an article at Wonderopolis titled – What is Static Electricity?


Try these easy experiments with your kids. 

1. Roll a can with static electricity.
2. Fun balloon experiment for kids.

If you’re frustrated with the zap factor increase the humidity
in your house and keep your skin moisturized.

International Balloon Ascension Day

Although this is a lesser known holiday, It’s a great way to add some fun on a winter evening.


January 9th is chosen as the holiday because on that day in 1793 Jean Pierre Blanchard
became the first man to successfully ascend in a balloon on the North American Continent.

Jan 9th, 1793 was a day of wonder and amazement for the on-lookers in Philadelphia.
Over 4800 people gathered around the takeoff spot, including the President,
George Washington and future Presidents, Thomas Jefferson,
John Adams, James Madison and James Monroe.

Balloon Ascension Day began with the public ascension of a hot air balloon in
Philadelphia, PA and landed in Woodbury, NJ.
It’s become a day to celebrate all kinds of balloons. ~ Celebrations

How to celebrate Balloon Ascension Day

Surprise your children and tie a helium balloon to their chair at dinner.
Blow up a balloon and let it go – watch it fly around the room.
Play balloon waddle by walking across the room with a balloon between your knees.
Play hot balloon and see how long you can keep a balloon from hitting the floor.

Word Nerd Day

Word Nerd Day

This holiday is a celebration for word lovers.

Emotional Words
Descriptive Words
and Adverbs

So, play Scrabble or Boggle
Do a Crossword Puzzle
Play BookWorm Online (my favorite)
Do a Word Search
Make a list of Funny Words

I love having so many ways to celebrate today.
Great ways to make an average January Thursday fun.

Let’s Talk: Are you a Word Nerd?
Have you ever gone for a Hot Air Balloon ride?
Do you have a static electricity story?

Praise God for electricity, balloons, and words.

“I, Wisdom, I was there when he established the heavens,
    when He drew the horizon on the oceans. And how happy I was with
the world He created; 
how I rejoiced with the human family! Proverbs 8:27 & 31

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