Why You Need and How to Know Your Purpose in Life?

I first heard from Raj several months ago, when he emailed me about writing a guest post.

It’s been a blessing to work with him as he developed this post and then worked diligently to make it a valuable fit for you, my readers. He is one of the hardworking students working with SmileTutor in Singapore.

Like always, please make him feel welcome and thank him for his efforts.

Whatever you want to become and whatever your ambitions are, it is essential to understand your purpose in life. #NewYear #Goals #Purpose

Why You Need and How to Know Your Purpose in Life?

Do you know what drives you in day to day life? Why you work so hard and take so many efforts to get what you desire? Do you know the actual purpose of your existence? Maybe you want to make a more significant difference in the world, but you aren’t confident how.

Almost all of us wander through life, look numb and sad for a more in-depth connection, yet no one is sure how to get it. Whatever you want to become and whatever your ambitions are, it is essential to understand the reasons for doing that particular thing.

Remember, the day you first saw this world and the day you discover what your purpose in life is, are the two most significant days of your life.

Discovering Your Purpose:

It looks odd that most of the time we walk through this life devoid of knowing any real meaning of our existence. Sometimes we do achieve big things and get the vision of owning a beautiful experience. In fact, we may even produce all material things we can ever crave for and be triumphant in our studies, professions, trades, and everything else. However, each person who has attained a glorious victory will tell you; your life still appears empty within and lacks the real meaning–no matter how big your name is!

Just for a moment, imagine that you have fulfilled your goals and achieved all your dreams. Now, you are well-known, famed, and important to the world. So what? Now, you have many branded cars that speak for your richness. So what? Now, you are at the top in your work field. So what?

Accomplishment, recognition, and money in themselves are worthless if there is no answer to the “why” question. Just as straightforward as it could be, why?

It is because the reason or cause for creating something is eventually more meaningful than what is made.

Everything in Life Has a Purpose:

Everything in this world has a  real purpose. If you are still in doubt, then look around. Look at those green trees, never-tiring ants, chirping birds, and every living being around to you. They hold meaning for being here. Each of them plays own tiny role in the delicate structure of this life.

Not just the living beings but also non-living things have the purpose of being here. Each great design or right tool is nothing but an answer to a question. Technology– it is a solution to someone’s query.

Too many people live year after year aimlessly wandering through life as if just surviving is their ultimate purpose.

When we earn sufficient wealth and keep plenty of things to get us through to the following year, we feel satisfied. Isn’t there more to our existence beyond that?

Do you ever wonder…

What is my role in this world? What can I contribute to make the world a better place? How can my presence make a difference in someone’s life?

How to Find the Answers:

Find your why.

Look a little deeper and you will notice that your “why” is intimately attached to your purpose, mission, and meaning in life.

Now, the next question is who decides your purpose and why?

The answer is very plain – you do!

Don’t wait for lightning to strike to show you your real purpose in life.

With God’s help, dive deep into your soul, and find the answers. Then think about the things that excite you, make you happy, and motivate you.

Listen for the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit which keeps encouraging you.

These are often the signs that hold the answer to discovering your purpose.

Regrettably, they are too often the clues we tend to overlook or hold back.

Whatever you want to become and whatever your ambitions are, it is essential to understand your purpose in life. #NewYear #Goals #Purpose

Make a Decision:

The decision is often a starting point–an initiative!

First, decide that you have a purpose in your life.

Then, decide to dedicate yourself to discovering that purpose.

Without settling these two decisions into your mind, you will ramble through this life like too many other individuals. Busy but achieving nothing!

Learning your real purpose will place you on a path that will keep your mind open and responsive to see ordinary things in a fresh light.

You can find the answers by:

— Spending time with those who make you feel happy

— Reading the Bible and other inspirational books

— Watching inspiring movies

— Listening to music that motivates you

— Praying and asking God to show you why He created you … His purpose for you.

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. Psalm 139:13–14

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

Prayerfully put your mind in the best environment–a suitable environment for discovery and motivation.

Whatever you want to become and whatever your ambitions are, it is essential to understand your purpose in life. #NewYear #Goals #Purpose

Final thoughts: Keep It Simple:

Simplicity is the key. You have to give a simple approach to everything you do. Remember, many big puzzles are solved when we play piece by piece; one at a time!

You will find the real purpose. It will occur naturally. Believe in the power of simplicity. The result will be something that connects most of your abilities, skills, and life’s experiences into one whole purpose. It will take you towards your passion.

But, you have to be patient all the way through this journey. Rather than keeping a will to know everything right away, believe in a step-by-step approach. Would you ever decide to write a book without knowing alphabets?

Take the first move; start with what you know and what you have. These small steps will help you cross a long route on this journey.

Conclusion – Your Purpose in Life:

It’s not enough to live an ordinary life. We must be remembered to live for something. If you are an artist, then paint a picture that shares a positive thought or brings joy to other’s life. Live to offer love to someone who is lonely, to bring faith to someone who is lost.

You must love every moment and try to live this life without sorrow. And this is what we call living a “purposeful life.”

Have you ever thought of finding purpose in life? Do you think living a purposeful life can make a significant difference in your as well as someone else’s life? Please let us know your thoughts through the comment box.

Author Bio:

Today’s post is submitted by James, Raj, and the whole team at SmileTutor. They are passionate about helping students and their parents in all aspects of education. You can find them sharing positive thoughts at their tuition in Singapore and follow them on Facebook

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  1. These great questions are what we seek at the turn of a New Year. I was guided to write on our purpose this week too by the Lord. Wonderful inspiration here Deb. Thanks for hosting Deb and have a Happy New Year.

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