Will You Help Me Bring the Gift of Hope, Please?

10 days ago, I had trouble focusing as I watched Hurricane Irma at category 5 following a path over the island home of my dear friend, Marva.

I know she’s so loved by many of you, too.

Wednesday, Thursday, and the days following we worriedly waited for word from her. I saw friends online asking if anyone had heard from her as we lifted prayers on her family’s behalf.

Marva and Deb - Bring Hope to Tortola - Marva Smith

I met Marva online a year and a half ago and in person as The Blessing Counters Group gathered in Phoenix earlier this year! And I have to tell you she is amazing!!

She has the gift of leadership and yet she does her leading with a kind and gentle spirit. We all laughed at the way she could keep us on track when conversations wandered and do it in a soft-spoken loving way.

And her smile…

She wears her message of Sun Sparkle Shine as she surrenders life’s challenges to Jesus. And her family is facing a huge challenge as their home, their schools, and their places of employment have been destroyed.

Marva and her family live in the British Virgin Islands, which as you may know, was one of the most devastated by Hurricane Irma. Her family is facing a huge challenge as their home, their schools, and their places of employment have been destroyed.

I can’t imagine the devastation they’re facing as food and clean water are scarce, electricity is limited and basic supplies are lacking.

So, I’m coming to you asking you to:

  1. PRAY – please ask God to hold them close and lift them up as He meets every need.
  2. Visit and read more of the story at their Go Fund Me Page.

Of course, we’d love to have you join us in financially helping Marva and her family . . . but if that’s not possible at this time, please go over and read the details on their page to learn more specific ways you can pray for them, their extended family and their neighbors.

Blessing Counters - Bring Hope to Tortola - Marva Smith

The friends above are just a portion of The Blessing Counters group . . . those of us who were able to travel to visit at Lori Schumaker’s this spring.

These girls are a big part of my heart. We are not only blogging buddies, we do life together. We share our joys, pray over our junk, and talk about the ways Jesus is sustaining us.

I’m excited to tell you we’re working on ways to help you start your own blogger/friend group and build relationships.

Blogging can be lonely . . . sitting alone behind a screen typing word after word between stops to make sure you’ve checked off all the social media boxes, kept up with Facebook groups, and commented on other sites. Sometimes it feels like the list goes on and on and you start to wonder why you do it day after day all by yourself.

Several of us have said, we would probably have given up were it not for the love and encouragement of these sisters in ministry. And we’re working on ways to help you start and nurture your own groups.

So, stay tuned! We’ll have more info in the weeks ahead!

Marva, Sylvester and their children - Bring Hope to Tortola - Marva Smith

Meanwhile, please go over to Bring Hope for Tortola – Marva Smith. 

Continue praying for her family and all those living with the aftermath of these terrible storms and if you are able to help financially in any small way, I know it will be an amazing gift of hope, encouragement, and love to this precious friend and her family.

You can also take a minute to leave her a message of hope on her Sun Sparkle Shine Facebook Page. I know she’d love to hear from you! 

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! Love you, my friends! You’re the best!!

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21 thoughts on “Will You Help Me Bring the Gift of Hope, Please?

  1. Praying for Marva and her family. There is so much devastation. I am thankful for the protection we received during the hurricane. The eye of Hurricane Irma moved east and passed over my community. Although prepared, I’m not sure you can ever prepare for the devastation left behind. My heart breaks for those who have suffered. I’ll check out the link for Marva and her family to learn more and continue to pray. On another note, I’m happy to hear of your efforts of assisting with blogging groups. You are correct, blogging can be so lonely. There are those days I feel like the new girl in school who has no one to sit with at lunch. I’ve been blogging for just over a year. I’m still in a learning curve, and there have been some down times and up times. I’ve learned some things the hard way – I’m pretty trusting lol! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your encouragement weekly!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Marva’s story! She has been on my heart and in my prayers since the hurricane hit, and you have given us a powerfully tangible way we can show love to her and her family. I am in awe at how the Christian blogging community can bond sisters in Christ together from all over the world. Thank you for your beautiful ministry!

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