Amazing Worship Songs that will Make Your Day Better


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Welcome to Week #2 of The Summer Sizzle Blog Hop Series.

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by Dawn Klinge


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I am so excited to share a post by my friend, Carmen Brown, with you this week.

I was blessed to meet Carmen in person a little over a year ago. She writes to encourage wives and mothers to build their homes on a foundation of Christ. She says it’s her “desire to express understanding, compassion, and love to all the beautiful, strong, graceful wives and mothers who visit her at Married by His Grace. 

Oh, and she’s also great at helping new bloggers with tips, ideas, and lots of encouragement.

Please welcome, Carmen! I KNOW you’re going to love her! She’s kind, caring, and she makes me laugh!

Amazing Worship Songs that will Make Your Day Better

There is nothing better than listening to one of your favorite worship songs to get your mind off your problems and make your day better. #SummerSizzleBlogHop #Worship

I get hooked on worship songs. Once I fall in love with a song, I add it to a playlist and will play the list over and over. In the morning when I wake up, during breakfast time with my children, while working out, and most definitely in my prayer room as I am seeking after the Lord, my playlist will play.

I love finding songs that will lift me up to His presence, bring peace to my worship time, and even clarity to how good God truly is to us.

All of this helps me have a good day as a wifey, with my children, as a full-time Blogger at home, and especially within myself. Worship music builds an intimate connection with God.

Listening to music is a form of worship that I can be on the go with. I love that I am either praying continuously throughout the day or I am singing praises unto Him. I do it so much that I even catch my children starting to sing when there is complete silence longer than a minute.

Oh, my goodness…it just melts my heart. Vision it….worshiping with your children through music. To me(deep sigh)…..Nothing beats that!

Worship music is seriously one of the best ways to shift the atmosphere. The Bible tells us, “Submit yourself unto God, Resist the Devil, and he shall flee.” (James 4:7)

Worshiping the Lord our God is the best way to completely submit yourself unto God, by doing so you will resist anything that is not of God, which then does not allow the devil to be around. 1,2,3, take the fact as it is and enjoy the worship music!

Right now my top song to play about ten times a day is, ‘Reckless Love’. I mean who doesn’t love that song? It completely describes the “overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.”  Like how I added that?!!

I love the Reckless Love song because after hearing Cory Asbury live performance to this song, I received a great understanding as to what this song meant to him. He read the scriptures when Jesus spoke the parable of leaving the ninety-nine to save the one (Luke 15:4). This song is anointed and driven with a passion for the love of Christ which is all I ask for in a worship song!

There is just something about worship music; whether it’s with a slow soothing repetitive beat or a powerful anointing drumming sound to fire you up with a massive amount of energy for the day or not. Any song that represents the Lord’s love for us is an anthem to any day we have.

I encourage you to lay before Him for five minutes to just think upon the words we are listening to. Let it take you to complete solitude with Him, our Father. Let it enrich every thought you have about Him. Allow yourself to grow deeper in His magnificent love for us.

There is nothing better than listening to one of your favorite worship songs to get your mind off your problems and make your day better. #SummerSizzleBlogHop #Worship

Worship Songs to add to your Playlist:

Reckless Love – Cory Asbury

The version by Steffany Gretzinger ….. is also full of absolute beauty!

Amazing Worship Songs that will Make Your Day Better by Carmen Brown and Deb Wolf @ Counting My Blessings

What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong

Come to the Alter – Elevation Music

Break Every Chain – Jesus Culture

Amazing Worship Songs that will Make Your Day Better by Carmen Brown and Deb Wolf @ Counting My Blessings

Good Good Father – Chris Tomlin

Oceans – Hillsong United

How Great is our God (World Edition) – Featuring Chris Tomlin

Chain Breaker – Zach Williams

Forever – Kari Jobe

Great are You Lord – All Sons and Daughters

Amazing Worship Songs that will Make Your Day Better by Carmen Brown and Deb Wolf @ Counting My Blessings

Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here – Jesus Culture, Kim Walker – Smith

War – Pastor Charles Jenkins

Fill me up – Tasha Cobbs

Resurrecting – Elevation Worship

You paid it all – Wess Morgan

Trust in You – Lauren Daigle

Honestly….this is not even close to ALLLL my favorites but I hope you get the point: Worship music is AWESOME!

Seriously though …..Worship music is extraordinary songs sung by ordinary people just like you and me. Just people loving to praise Him with all our heart and might through expressions of words.

I am a writer and knowing the power of words is something I take very literally; especially when it comes to glorifying God.

Go about doing what you do…..just add some amazing music as you do it today!

Don’t forget to tell me your favorite worship song that I must have on my playlist, if not already mentioned.

Carmen Brown is the creator of Married by His Grace blog. Through her walk with Christ as a wife and mom of five, she actively writes to women who are desiring to build their home with the word of God. Her passions involve staying connected with her family, drinking an immense amount of coffee daily, and developing content that will help and encourage new Christian Bloggers. You can connect with Carmen on her blog, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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  1. Hi, Carmen!
    As someone who used to serve in the praise band at church with my husband (we’re now retired), I can totally relate to the power of song in worship. You have listed a few of my favorites here, and some I’ll have to look up and listen to. So glad to have met you here at Deb’s place! Blessings!

  2. Oh, yes! I absolutely love Reckless Love, Carmen! But I don’t know that I know all the songs you’ve mentioned, so I’m going to check them all out and add them to my playlist. Thanks also to Deb for featuring you here today!

  3. There are some beautiful songs here. I am currently listening to Tenth Avenue North, which is most helpful with my fearful tendencies.

  4. I have a playlist too! Many of the songs there are on this list, but I also like–

    Ever Be – Aaron Shust
    Great I Am – New Life Worship
    Simplicity – Rend Collective
    Grace Wins – Matthew West
    Biggest Greatest Thing – Mary Mary

  5. Recently I started exercising with worship music, and it’s been amazing how those lyrics are working their way into my head throughout the day. It really does make a difference!

  6. You have some great songs here. Some of my faves that you didn’t mention are Jesus I Believe (Big DaddyWeave), You Say (Lauren Daigle), and Who You Say I Am (Hillsong Worship).

  7. Marlene MacArthur says:

    Love this article and love the songs. However, I do have an issue with the word, “Reckless” … I wish another word was chosen, because GOD’S love is anything, but reckless. In my opinion.

    1. I’m glad it blessed you, Marlene. I do understand about the use of the word “reckless.” I like Cory Asbury’s explanation as to why he used that word . . . “When I use the phrase, ‘the reckless love of God,’ I’m not saying that God Himself is reckless. I am, however, saying that the way He loves, is in many regards, quite so. His love bankrupted heaven for you. His love doesn’t consider Himself first. His love isn’t selfish or self-serving. He doesn’t wonder what He’ll gain or lose by putting Himself out there. He simply gives Himself away on the off-chance that one of us might look back at Him and offer ourselves in return.”

      Thanks so much for visiting and for joining the conversation. God bless you!