Day 40 – God, Thank You for the Hope of a New Year

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Tonight, you and I will turn the page on another year.

How many times have you and I approached midnight thinking, “maybe next year.”

The dreams and wishes of a New Year’s possibilities.

But you and I have something far more valuable than dreams and wishes.

You and I have hope!

We have God’s unfailing love surrounding us, we have forgiveness for our faults and failures, and we have … Jesus!

So, I’m praying…

It's the last day of Mountain Moving Prayers and tomorrow begins 2019 - so, I'm praying and thanking God for being and giving the hope of a New Year! #Faith #Bible #Hope #MountainMovingPrayers #BlessingCounter

God, Thank You for the Hope of a New Year

Father, thank you!

The past year hasn’t developed exactly the way I planned.

Some days have been absolutely beautiful and others have been extremely hard but through them all, good and bad, You have been with me.

You have been faithful.

You have been loving, and kind, and good!

And that gives me hope.

Whatever the coming months hold…

With You, I have the hope of a clean slate, a fresh start … the hope of a new year!

So, Father, I ask You…

Lead me by Your truth and teach me, for You are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you. Psalm 25:5

Make me strong and courageous, Lord, my hope is in You! Psalm 31:24

Help me to be still and listen, to cease striving, to know You. Psalm 46:10

Help me trust Your plans and purposes for my future are intended for my good. Jeremiah 29:11

Help me faithfully remember, that whatever happens in my life … Jesus is my hope and my future. 1 Peter I:3–6

Thank you for Your blessings too numerous to count.

Thank You for inviting me to come to You with bold prayers.

Thank You for answering my prayers through Your love, mercy, grace, and perfect wisdom.

Father, please comfort and strengthen those of us who have been waiting and praying about something for years. By the power of Your Spirit, defeat discouragement and bless us. May we trust Your will as we come to You with bold mountain-moving prayers. And may we never give up.

Your Word says…

You hear me whenever I ask for anything that pleases You. 1 John 5:14

May my prayers please You.

Thank You for hearing each heartfelt cry.

By Your grace, help me seek You and Your kingdom above everything else…

When I seek Your kingdom above everything else, You will give me everything I need. Matthew 6:33

And help me trust You to give me everything I need one day at a time.

Father, thank you! Because of Your love, I can look at the new year ahead with confident hope. I can boldly come to You with my prayers. I can and I will trust You are who You say You are and You always keep Your promises.

Thank you for the gift of another year. Thank you for the blessing of hope.

Thank you for Jesus, the One who is always and forever the source of my hope. Amen.

It's the last day of Mountain Moving Prayers and tomorrow begins 2019 - so, I'm praying and thanking God for being and giving the hope of a New Year! #Faith #Bible #Hope #MountainMovingPrayers #BlessingCounter

It’s hard to believe this is number 40 in our 40 Days of Mountain-Moving Prayers.

Thank you so much for joining me for this series

You have blessed me, more than you know, with your kind encouragement. I truly appreciate your willingness to honestly share your struggles with me and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to pray for you. 

May we never stop boldly asking and seeking and knocking.

May we faithfully watch God do what only He can do when we go to Him with anything is possible mountain moving prayers.

I’ll be back with a new post and the Faith ‘n Friends Link Party on Friday, as I go back to my regular twice a week posting schedule.

I hope you’ll stick with me and…

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  1. I have loved reading these posts and what a wonderful way this one was to finish out the new year!!
    Thank you for sharing these prayers with us!

  2. Michele Morin says:

    I’m studying for a series I’m planning on hope, and this post fills me with all kinds of assurance that God holds out to us the ONLY “hope that does not disappoint!”

  3. May my prayers please you !! Oh that’s humbling . That is my prayer as well that my life will please Christ as long as I Live .

    I enjoyed this series my dearest friend !

    So glad I got to meet you face to face and hug you this year .

    I am so thankful for you

  4. Today’s prayers have been so beautiful – such gratitude, such hope … I’ve been so blessed by your 40 day journey – thank you, thank you, thank you for putting into words what my soul needed so many days …
    May the Lord bless you and keep, make His face shine upon you, be gracious and give you His peace …

    1. Nakato Lillian says:

      Hello Den thank u so much for praying with me the mountain moving prayers. My life is not the same. Through the prayers God touched my some of the very issues affecting me from the inside yet I was too embarrassed to share them even with counselor all these years. I am so blessed and strongly believe that the changes to my life through the mountain moving prayers are permanent. God bless u

  5. Thank you so much for this prayer series!!! I have been striving to get closer to God this year and this was an awesome way to end the year. God bless you!

  6. Alprescia says:

    Good morning, Deb.

    Thank you for the 40 day Mountain Moving Prayers. I enjoyed them with pursue of hopes and dreams to be fulfilled in this coming year. Happy New Year’s and may God continue to pour out his Spirit upon you and your family and grant you good health, new strength, new insight for your life every day. God, Thank You for the Hope of a New Year.

    Psalm 29:11 May the Lord give strength to his people! May the Lord bless his people with peace!

    God bless you.

  7. Thanks to Jesus, we can move forward into the new year with infinite hope.
    Blessings, Deb, and thank you for this marvelous series you have shared with us these past 40 days!

  8. Tonya Walper says:

    Thank you so much for the daily “Mountain Moving Prayers” . I’ve truly been touched & blessed by them all. Thank you also for those before, & the ones to follow. 2018 has been a tough year. I lost my job & my marriage. So please include me in your prayers. I know God is working, backstage & at center stage!

  9. Happy New Year , Thanks For the Prayers.God Bless Deb . ????

  10. Amazing post! As I’m new here, I prefer not to have missed the previous days of this series. I’m looking forward to this year of getting to know you. Happy New Year of blessings!

  11. Nkey Consilia says:

    Thank you so much,it enriched my soul

    1. I am so glad it blessed you! Thanks for letting me know! Happy New Year and God bless you!