Mountain Moving Prayers

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Are you ready to pray for anything is possible mountain-moving faith?

In the devotions below, we’re praying to be completely surrendered as we watch for miracles trusting that when the mountains move in our lives, it’s not the size of our faith but the greatness of God that makes it happen.

So, click the links below to join us as we pray for…

♥ Mountain-moving faith.
♥ As we seek the Lord through Scripture.
♥ And knock on the door of the throne room in prayer.

Mountain-Moving Prayers for the End of the Year

Mountain Moving Prayers that will Empower Your Faith

1. A Simple Prayer of Thanks
2. Father, Please Forgive Me
3. Thank You for the Gift of Forgiveness
4. Please Help Me Forgive When It Is Hard
5. I Need Your Help to Fight This Battle
6. I Need to Be Strong and Courageous
7. Help Me I Need Your Perfect Peace
8. Help Me Be Still and Listen to the TRUTH
9. My Life is Crazy – Please Help Me Seek You First
10. I Need You – Please Increase My Faith
11. I Want to be More Like Jesus
12. Please Help Me Love You with All My Heart
13. Help Me Love Like Jesus Loved
14. Please Help Me Surrender to Your Will
15. Help Me Know the Truth In a World of Lies
16. Please Bless Me with Wisdom, Courage, and JOY
17. I Want to be Bold and Persistent When I Pray
18. I Need You, Please Heal My Broken Heart
19. Please Strengthen and Bless My Marriage with Love
20. Bless My Children with Faith, Hope, and Love
21. Please Restore My Health with Your Mercy and Grace
22. Please Make Me Emotionally Strong
23. Please Help My Loved One Who Suffers from Addiction
24. Bless My Family with Peace, Safety, and Love
25. Please Bless and Protect Your Church with Truth
26. Please Help Me and Make Me a Good Friend
27. Please Help Me to be Wise with Money
28. God, Please Help Me – I Need More Hope
29. Help Me – I Want to Know and Trust Your Will
30. Help My Loved Ones to Love and Trust Jesus
31. Please Help Me – I Need to be More Patient
32. Please Help – We Need to be More Kind and Gentle
33. I Want Jesus to be My Joy
34. Thank You for the Gift of The Word Made Flesh
35. Thank You for the Gift of the Holy Spirit
36. Please Help Me be an Excellent Encourager
37. Please Help Me – I Don’t Want to be Afraid
38. Please Help Me Trust Your Will in the New Year
39. Please Help Me Live for Your Glory Every Day
40. Thank You for the Hope of a New Year

Mountain-Moving Prayers for Holy Week

How to Have More Faith with Mountain Moving Prayers
Palm Sunday – Help Me Praise You Every Day of My Life
Monday – Lord, the Church Needs Your Help to Trust and Obey
Tuesday – Help Me Obey and Love with Faith and Patience
Wednesday – Help Me to Be Still So You Can Strengthen Me
Maundy Thursday – Help Me to be Humble and Kind – Make Me Like Jesus
Good Friday – Father, It Is Finished – Please Forgive Me
Holy Saturday – Please Help Me on the Painful In-Between Days
Easter Sunday – How Can I Ever Begin to Thank You, Jesus?

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