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Request Title# PrayersDate 
My son, Patrick012-18-2017View Details
I am broken112-16-2017View Details
House112-16-2017View Details
God please let me control my mind and not the other way round312-15-2017View Details
better health112-14-2017View Details
prayer for my grandson to be delivered from addiction212-13-2017View Details
Strengthen my marriage112-12-2017View Details
Parkinson's Disease212-11-2017View Details
Parkinson's Disease212-11-2017View Details
For God's grace on me and my boyfriend. 112-10-2017View Details
success112-09-2017View Details
Help in a cival suit112-07-2017View Details
Change in work?112-07-2017View Details
salvation/relationships 212-05-2017View Details
Isolation412-04-2017View Details
Ladies group312-03-2017View Details
Restoring312-01-2017View Details
My Daughters412-01-2017View Details
My purpose in life411-29-2017View Details
A relationship411-28-2017View Details
Empty Nest and Life with Adult Children & Grandchildren311-26-2017View Details
OBEY GOD211-25-2017View Details
Newly wed211-21-2017View Details
HEALING 211-20-2017View Details
my family211-18-2017View Details
Power in Prayer211-16-2017View Details
For good health afrer surgery211-16-2017View Details
Broken relationship 311-15-2017View Details
Health 211-13-2017View Details
Healing111-12-2017View Details
for me my child and all my family211-12-2017View Details
Broken relationship711-09-2017View Details
I need God311-07-2017View Details
Unbelieve and self condemnation.211-07-2017View Details
begin to be productive411-04-2017View Details
Struggle in Marriage711-02-2017View Details
For inner peace511-01-2017View Details
Decisions 611-01-2017View Details
Family restoration310-31-2017View Details
Help supporting my children through divorce 710-30-2017View Details
Prosperity210-28-2017View Details
Anxiety and lack of faith 610-28-2017View Details
Depression410-27-2017View Details
nursing school310-27-2017View Details
my family210-26-2017View Details
for healing , to be healed310-25-2017View Details
Relationship310-25-2017View Details
Rejection of my son in law and his job5210-25-2017View Details
I need more nearness to God310-25-2017View Details
Hope and support during trials410-24-2017View Details
Marriage210-24-2017View Details
For my grand daughter 310-24-2017View Details
Healing210-24-2017View Details
Father, what do You want me to do?310-23-2017View Details
Broken Daughter 610-21-2017View Details
Pray for my family and for my sinking relationship310-21-2017View Details
Stained marriage410-20-2017View Details
God please fix all that is broken in my life710-20-2017View Details
Employment410-19-2017View Details
renew my heart and soul510-19-2017View Details
Marriage Prayer310-19-2017View Details
family510-16-2017View Details
salvation &finances810-14-2017View Details
Asylum seekers 310-14-2017View Details
My life310-14-2017View Details
Eating Disorders310-13-2017View Details
Let me get peace at my workplace510-12-2017View Details
Guidance 310-09-2017View Details
Finances and Addiction310-08-2017View Details
Prosperity210-07-2017View Details
Healing 210-07-2017View Details
A financial blessing, please?210-06-2017View Details
BLESSING AND FAVOUR310-05-2017View Details
Salvation210-05-2017View Details
My Fathers lump under his arm is normal. 310-04-2017View Details
Employment 410-02-2017View Details
My 3 girls509-28-2017View Details
Pray for my husband to remember our love and marriage.509-27-2017View Details
A baby409-27-2017View Details
Increased faith 309-26-2017View Details
God609-25-2017View Details
Marriage409-24-2017View Details
My daughter Matilda's Kidney to be healthy 709-12-2017View Details
My murder son trial809-05-2017View Details
Job409-04-2017View Details
heart break709-04-2017View Details
Guidance209-03-2017View Details
Healing in body 209-02-2017View Details
Guidance and Provisions308-26-2017View Details
Hurricane Harvey208-26-2017View Details
Give me peace Lord708-23-2017View Details
For my children308-23-2017View Details
Son on drugs308-22-2017View Details
Everywhere I Turn I Meet The Cross608-19-2017View Details
Test308-14-2017View Details
Prayer for Health and sucess.308-14-2017View Details
Prayer208-14-2017View Details
Marriage blessings408-12-2017View Details
Marriage delay108-11-2017View Details
Healing & Relationship308-10-2017View Details
Filled with Gods spirit508-09-2017View Details
My marriage308-08-2017View Details
How to know if something is from God408-07-2017View Details
Waiting208-04-2017View Details
Marital Crisis308-04-2017View Details
Reconciliation and Restoration 208-03-2017View Details
Need healing: health, emotional, financial, marital. 208-02-2017View Details
Heal our relationship208-01-2017View Details
Recovery from Guillain Barre Syndrome208-01-2017View Details
My Purpose 207-31-2017View Details
Infertility going through IVF in August 407-31-2017View Details
My dad is missing 907-31-2017View Details
Save our marriage207-31-2017View Details
Marriage207-30-2017View Details
Starting counseling 107-30-2017View Details
I'm afraid he's done.807-30-2017View Details
Jealousy an envy207-29-2017View Details
New Job107-27-2017View Details
My job307-26-2017View Details
financial breakthrough for my husband and debt repayment207-26-2017View Details
My Son307-26-2017View Details
Successful journey 107-26-2017View Details
Salvation for my family307-24-2017View Details
Strength,Financial increase,total healing207-24-2017View Details
To get back to work 107-24-2017View Details
Struggling with sexual sin207-24-2017View Details
Ashamed of myself507-24-2017View Details
Restoration107-23-2017View Details
Work107-23-2017View Details
My daughter's addiction807-22-2017View Details
My family207-22-2017View Details
Life and church Gods way207-21-2017View Details
Pray for me 307-21-2017View Details
Ministry107-21-2017View Details
Waiting and waiting and waiting...307-20-2017View Details
Financial crisis 507-18-2017View Details
Children Know the Lord107-18-2017View Details
Healing107-18-2017View Details
I Need Emotional Healing & Faith107-16-2017View Details
For my husband307-16-2017View Details
Family issues307-15-2017View Details
Praying for a lifemate507-15-2017View Details
Salvation for my family and friends 107-15-2017View Details
Moving away307-13-2017View Details
TO BE USEDBY GOD507-05-2017View Details
Finding new church home 307-04-2017View Details
choosing the right life partner407-04-2017View Details
Over welmed207-03-2017View Details
Linda's family Health problems107-03-2017View Details
Letting go of Fear and trust307-03-2017View Details
My family happiness and we'll being107-03-2017View Details
Relationship with my daughter207-03-2017View Details
Our daughter Leen207-02-2017View Details
My Spiritual walk with the Lord 207-02-2017View Details
Boldness&Courage in my walk with the Lord207-01-2017View Details
Success and Realtionship506-30-2017View Details
Overall wellbeing and strength 206-29-2017View Details
Dubya306-29-2017View Details
Healing406-29-2017View Details
Lord need your presence 306-28-2017View Details
Forgiveness206-28-2017View Details
Paralyzed with depression 606-28-2017View Details
My Son406-28-2017View Details
I NEED GOD's Help506-28-2017View Details
My Family106-27-2017View Details
Anytime106-27-2017View Details
Fruits of spirit renewed 106-27-2017View Details
Breast cancer306-27-2017View Details
Daughter in Law said God told her to divorce my Son106-26-2017View Details
Peace with family and job106-26-2017View Details
Justice for our disabled and a blessed Dayhab 106-24-2017View Details
Laney's surgery 206-23-2017View Details
for my marital destiny to be fulfilled106-22-2017View Details
Restoration for my marriage 706-22-2017View Details
Happiness206-22-2017View Details
Healing206-22-2017View Details
Getting over my hurt406-22-2017View Details
Marriage and Finance 206-22-2017View Details
Work for me206-21-2017View Details
Healing within my family306-21-2017View Details
My marriage 406-19-2017View Details
Getting divorced906-19-2017View Details
I pray for an end to loneliness and being alone306-18-2017View Details
Uncertain on what to do306-17-2017View Details
Quality time and unity with my loved ones106-16-2017View Details
THANK YOU LORD206-16-2017View Details
Please pray for my husband306-14-2017View Details
My Sister306-14-2017View Details
Peace love and holy spirit406-12-2017View Details
Prayer for reconciliation with ex-girlfriend106-12-2017View Details
Financial Needs206-12-2017View Details
For my faith my 16 years (teen) daughter 306-11-2017View Details
Prayer for my husband/Marriage-For change of heart and mind706-08-2017View Details
God's will606-05-2017View Details
Pray for interview 206-05-2017View Details
Change, Love, Health, Mindset406-05-2017View Details
Pray my family and myself seek more of God.306-05-2017View Details
Healing and guidance for my fiance and I406-05-2017View Details
Mercy and Forgiveness.406-02-2017View Details
Exam406-01-2017View Details
Work stress405-30-2017View Details
Employment for my son505-30-2017View Details
health 305-29-2017View Details
Marriage 405-28-2017View Details
Healing305-28-2017View Details
Friends father's health/husband alcoholism205-28-2017View Details
Guardianship205-27-2017View Details
Son Kevins alcoholism battle405-25-2017View Details
obedions405-25-2017View Details
Husband's salvation & desires605-23-2017View Details
Negative test405-22-2017View Details
Prayer for Fiance's cancer diagnosis505-19-2017View Details
For change605-16-2017View Details
Prayers for my dad405-15-2017View Details
Prayer for my marriage805-15-2017View Details
Prayer for Healing905-13-2017View Details
Please pray to overcome405-12-2017View Details
Overcoming Illness505-12-2017View Details
For change305-10-2017View Details
Moving no Money305-09-2017View Details
Passing lcsw exam205-09-2017View Details
For Sean305-07-2017View Details
Bitterness, I get angry easily, I'm broken inside805-06-2017View Details
A BIG MOVE305-05-2017View Details
Husband605-05-2017View Details
Trying to conceive with pcos704-25-2017View Details
Family Unity404-15-2017View Details
Acquaintance's brother suicidal504-14-2017View Details
Love304-14-2017View Details
Trusting god with my heart's desires404-13-2017View Details
Wisdom 404-12-2017View Details
Financial miracle404-12-2017View Details
Wisdom and peace of mind504-12-2017View Details
For a better job 204-11-2017View Details
Justice for my husband, Aaron 404-08-2017View Details
My Friend Judy404-08-2017View Details
Father's dream and generosity taken as control by daughter503-31-2017View Details
Restoration for our son and his wife\503-31-2017View Details
Strength 603-31-2017View Details
financial increase 403-29-2017View Details
Employment and Marriage 603-24-2017View Details
Good Health403-22-2017View Details
Longing to find a church family for my whole family803-22-2017View Details
Reveal all truth403-21-2017View Details
Broken friendship 503-19-2017View Details
Forgiveness and acceptance503-19-2017View Details
Auto Comfirmatio503-16-2017View Details
Restoration and reconciliation 1303-12-2017View Details
Compliment me and you in a relationship and being partners303-12-2017View Details
Work family, my faith can grow303-12-2017View Details
Visa303-12-2017View Details
WOrk Family, Family 703-06-2017View Details
Healing903-04-2017View Details
Financial Breakthrough403-03-2017View Details
Funds for wheelchair and car repairs403-02-2017View Details
Focus and Healing703-01-2017View Details
WAITING,DIRECTION602-27-2017View Details
Marriage Restoration1002-24-2017View Details
Breakthrough and Purpose Driven Life602-23-2017View Details
Pray for My Husband\1102-22-2017View Details
Pray for my two sons902-19-2017View Details
Restore my marriage 502-19-2017View Details
Peace of mind702-18-2017View Details
prayer for a small job402-17-2017View Details
Barry and Belinda302-16-2017View Details
Financial grief402-16-2017View Details
My marriage502-13-2017View Details
Direction602-13-2017View Details
Marriage302-12-2017View Details
Mission trips302-09-2017View Details
JOB- teaching/ Church revival402-08-2017View Details
Pastor's Wife continue or not?1202-07-2017View Details
Finances402-03-2017View Details
Salvation 1002-03-2017View Details
Broken Heart1502-03-2017View Details
PTSD is ruining my relationships702-01-2017View Details
Family /Work 402-01-2017View Details
Miracles needed for Marriage Help1001-30-2017View Details
Keep my home701-27-2017View Details
Peace501-27-2017View Details
Weakened Faith601-26-2017View Details
To get married and to get a direction in life401-26-2017View Details
Prayer for shop301-26-2017View Details
Healing401-25-2017View Details
Intimacy with Jesus401-25-2017View Details
New job.401-24-2017View Details
Work301-23-2017View Details
Family 201-23-2017View Details
May God Bless My Financial Problems501-19-2017View Details
I Asked God 3 Things to Change My Life401-19-2017View Details
Miscarriage401-18-2017View Details
second chance at love601-15-2017View Details
Guidance501-14-2017View Details
My precious daughter 801-14-2017View Details
Decision about Future501-12-2017View Details
Laying down my relationship1001-10-2017View Details
Prayers for my Son1001-09-2017View Details
Courage and contentment 601-07-2017View Details
I am redeemed but not quite where I need to be 301-05-2017View Details
Personal401-03-2017View Details
God's Wisdom501-02-2017View Details
Family512-31-2016View Details
Salvation for my family and marrige512-31-2016View Details
Healing412-31-2016View Details
Time to be together again412-28-2016View Details
Restoration of marriage and family 612-27-2016View Details
Debts and better financially212-27-2016View Details
Restoration 212-26-2016View Details
Grief & Anxiety612-25-2016View Details
Laser eye surgery212-22-2016View Details
Work injury212-20-2016View Details
Family Unity212-19-2016View Details
Reactions, choices & grief 512-18-2016View Details
child512-16-2016View Details
Depression812-15-2016View Details
waiting...512-15-2016View Details
Healing 412-14-2016View Details
Family Restoration 1012-13-2016View Details
Unsaved friends312-12-2016View Details
children212-09-2016View Details
Painful divorce612-07-2016View Details
Salvation512-05-2016View Details
Healing/Deliverance712-02-2016View Details
A greater love for god .First 412-01-2016View Details
New Job Prayer311-29-2016View Details
Dealing with pain211-29-2016View Details
My marriage1311-23-2016View Details
Marriage 911-22-2016View Details
Salvation for family 611-21-2016View Details
Employment311-21-2016View Details
My household 311-21-2016View Details
Find my soulmate from God511-18-2016View Details
Family411-18-2016View Details
Prayer for a husband 1011-16-2016View Details
My intentions311-16-2016View Details
marriage to Diana maskell311-15-2016View Details
pray for freedom,peace,understanding finance611-14-2016View Details
husband511-13-2016View Details
Settlement511-12-2016View Details
God\411-12-2016View Details
Husband for daughter411-11-2016View Details
Guidance 411-10-2016View Details
Financial Breakthru611-09-2016View Details
Financial breakthroughs411-07-2016View Details
Family Salvation711-03-2016View Details
New Work311-02-2016View Details
New Transitions211-01-2016View Details
Ungodly soul ties610-31-2016View Details
Restoration of my marriage510-30-2016View Details
Forgiveness & miracle for my son to come home810-29-2016View Details
Life After Divorce 1010-27-2016View Details
Gabriel my son410-27-2016View Details
I don't have faith or belief anymore 710-26-2016View Details
Blessings through Christ Jesus210-26-2016View Details
What now?710-26-2016View Details
Being approved for the apartment 210-25-2016View Details
Life partner210-25-2016View Details
Family210-25-2016View Details
Heal my faith, finances and family 410-25-2016View Details
Grieving510-24-2016View Details
Healing and financial restoration210-23-2016View Details
Family210-23-2016View Details
To be debt free210-23-2016View Details
Visa permit310-22-2016View Details
Anxiety depression hormones410-22-2016View Details
Finances 210-20-2016View Details
JOB210-19-2016View Details
family210-19-2016View Details
Court date510-19-2016View Details
Family410-17-2016View Details
Provide funds or bills210-16-2016View Details
Marriage 210-16-2016View Details
pray for deliverance from evil spirits310-16-2016View Details
For me and my boyfriend, for God\210-15-2016View Details
Prayer for my relationship.210-13-2016View Details
Marriage restored! 210-12-2016View Details
Financial Hardship210-12-2016View Details
Overwhelmed waiting on God310-11-2016View Details
My Husband610-09-2016View Details
Family needs prayer610-08-2016View Details
Broken810-07-2016View Details
Freedom410-07-2016View Details
Financial freedom310-07-2016View Details
Husband's heart310-06-2016View Details
Daughter and son-in-law waiter to adopt210-06-2016View Details
Mother/Daughter relationship210-06-2016View Details
employment410-05-2016View Details
Reconciliation 510-05-2016View Details
To start a new business 310-03-2016View Details
Salvation210-01-2016View Details
spouse trapped in addiction609-30-2016View Details
Broken 409-29-2016View Details
marriage 409-27-2016View Details
Pray for me to be more a peacemaker instead of peacekeeper!209-26-2016View Details
My mother209-25-2016View Details
New employment 309-25-2016View Details
Health309-25-2016View Details
Marriage Restoration 409-25-2016View Details
Family209-24-2016View Details
Daughter 509-23-2016View Details
my son709-22-2016View Details
Lead Me, Guide Me Lord209-22-2016View Details
.Emotional Healing409-22-2016View Details
Spouse in depression 209-22-2016View Details
Restoration of our Marriage and Husbands promotion at work209-22-2016View Details
Favor209-21-2016View Details
Fear anxiety and panic.709-21-2016View Details
Peace409-21-2016View Details
For a strained relationship between mother and daughter909-19-2016View Details
Divine intervention for loan application309-19-2016View Details
Healing809-18-2016View Details
preemie twin609-18-2016View Details
Salvation309-17-2016View Details
Healing and salvation for family209-16-2016View Details
Health209-14-2016View Details
Desperate609-13-2016View Details
Full time Job209-12-2016View Details
God's will709-10-2016View Details
financial security209-06-2016View Details
Healing mother daughter relationship809-06-2016View Details
Coding Associate Position309-05-2016View Details
Health209-05-2016View Details
Marriage restoration308-31-2016View Details
Re: Marrige/Divorce708-31-2016View Details
Restoration of marriage208-31-2016View Details
Healing for mother daughter relationship708-27-2016View Details
pray for my vision to be a good doctor and for my family308-20-2016View Details
for marriage restoration and healing708-16-2016View Details
My mother408-14-2016View Details
please pray for me to have strength to endure and overcome708-13-2016View Details
My Son308-11-2016View Details
Healing and increased faith 208-06-2016View Details
Sons and dating308-06-2016View Details
Job308-01-2016View Details
Marriage407-20-2016View Details
Employment for Husband 307-19-2016View Details
Hoarding and health407-16-2016View Details
safety for Alex Laguardia and Courtney Kasche507-07-2016View Details
Praise: diabtic son is healthy again!406-29-2016View Details
Marriage - God's will 506-28-2016View Details
Healing and salvation for my adult son and daughter206-25-2016View Details
Sick diabetic child306-24-2016View Details
Marriage Retreat306-22-2016View Details
How to control my emotions during trials306-21-2016View Details
deliverance for my son306-21-2016View Details
Healing406-17-2016View Details
Cousin Amy406-16-2016View Details
My daughter806-15-2016View Details
Struggling family506-13-2016View Details
Heal my marriage1006-08-2016View Details
re my daughter506-07-2016View Details
work/finances306-07-2016View Details
To become all He created me to be.306-07-2016View Details
Drowning in Debt1105-29-2016View Details
Broken Heart1105-27-2016View Details
Trusting God but tired of ongoing chaos905-26-2016View Details
my relationship with my 2 sons305-25-2016View Details
Healing305-24-2016View Details
Restore my marriage605-22-2016View Details
job opportunity/strength /guidance505-21-2016View Details
Marriage505-09-2016View Details
son, idolizing married GF and ignoring God's law305-09-2016View Details
mother in law605-06-2016View Details
Forgivness505-04-2016View Details
Prayer for direction and wisdom605-04-2016View Details
My children305-02-2016View Details
pray for healing704-21-2016View Details
favor504-18-2016View Details
After Cancer - Now what?704-18-2016View Details
peace and joy after divorce704-16-2016View Details
I want Peace1204-10-2016View Details
Marriage2304-09-2016View Details
My children1304-08-2016View Details
Bless Our Prayer1204-05-2016View Details