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Request Title# PrayersDate 
Friendship hurt010-16-2018View Details
Restoration 110-15-2018View Details
Healing of broken relationship210-15-2018View Details
Healing a broken relationship and family 310-14-2018View Details
Move To Melbourne 110-14-2018View Details
Employment and financial 110-14-2018View Details
My prayer for reconciliation510-12-2018View Details
Troubled and Confused310-11-2018View Details
Financial grace and blessing210-10-2018View Details
Adult Children / family110-10-2018View Details
prayer for my daughter, Carenina110-10-2018View Details
Financial blessing guidance110-09-2018View Details
Heal broken relationship 410-09-2018View Details
Blessings110-09-2018View Details
Healing a broken relationship and family 310-08-2018View Details
The Lord to Save my 3 kids210-08-2018View Details
Lies and financial struggles in our marriage710-07-2018View Details
Going to Cambodia to minister the love of God310-07-2018View Details
All the desires of my heart210-07-2018View Details
Financial, Health, Happiness110-06-2018View Details
Confused 610-06-2018View Details
My daughters210-05-2018View Details
spiritual growth 510-05-2018View Details
Help fix my broken relationship with Tasha 610-05-2018View Details
Guide us safely through our health challenges.410-04-2018View Details
Business 110-04-2018View Details
My kids journey 110-03-2018View Details
Prayer for broken relationships 510-03-2018View Details
Salvation109-30-2018View Details
God to do His will upon my life and the ministru209-30-2018View Details
Healing & Salvation for my nephew, Abraham309-30-2018View Details
Heal my broken relationship609-30-2018View Details
broken relationship409-30-2018View Details
My family and finances209-29-2018View Details
Pray for son who has liver cirrhosis caused by alcoholism409-29-2018View Details
Healing 109-29-2018View Details
Broken relationship309-28-2018View Details
Restore relationship409-28-2018View Details
Clarity and Gods Plan for me209-28-2018View Details
Healing309-28-2018View Details
Restoration of a relationship309-27-2018View Details
To be delivered of bondage209-24-2018View Details
Life partner209-24-2018View Details
Broken relationship109-24-2018View Details
Wealth 109-22-2018View Details
God's plan for me109-22-2018View Details
My Marriage of 34 Years209-22-2018View Details
prayers for my frind Sydney. 109-22-2018View Details
Healing from PPS109-22-2018View Details
Driving Issues209-21-2018View Details
for adult children309-21-2018View Details
marriage partner and finances 109-21-2018View Details
Relationships and life problems709-20-2018View Details
Miracle job409-19-2018View Details
Coming alongside 109-19-2018View Details
Pray for me and my family 209-19-2018View Details
Strength for my Marriage309-19-2018View Details
Please pray for countries409-18-2018View Details
Deeper Spiritual life 209-18-2018View Details
Over My healing,209-17-2018View Details
Lord help me to live for yot and bless my family109-16-2018View Details
For my adult son to quit drinking609-16-2018View Details
Restoration of my relationship209-15-2018View Details
Thanks109-15-2018View Details
Finances/Business 209-15-2018View Details
Healing for a friend109-15-2018View Details
My Mother—my rock309-15-2018View Details
Loss of living son309-15-2018View Details
God's Presence109-14-2018View Details
Restore Broken Relationship409-13-2018View Details
Praying for job opportunity109-11-2018View Details
Restoration of broken relationship209-11-2018View Details
Praying for restoring Relationship for me and my Girlfriend409-10-2018View Details
Divine direction109-08-2018View Details
Overwhelming financial difficulty309-08-2018View Details
Please pray for my son 509-06-2018View Details
Deliver and set free from all bondage also ask to save him209-05-2018View Details
God should Heal my broken relationship209-05-2018View Details
My marriage 209-05-2018View Details
repint109-03-2018View Details
Broken Relationship609-03-2018View Details
Broken relationship409-03-2018View Details
Spiritual power209-01-2018View Details
please heal my relationship with love of my my life.808-31-2018View Details
God will bless me and my family financially208-30-2018View Details
Broken heart1708-28-2018View Details
To. Find a home .. a have a job 608-27-2018View Details
Purpose and Direction508-27-2018View Details
Financial fredom308-27-2018View Details
Daughter trying to stay sober108-27-2018View Details
Addiction/ Eating Disorder608-27-2018View Details
Employment 308-27-2018View Details
In Debt ..prayer to be debt free808-26-2018View Details
Quit Drinking1208-23-2018View Details
Repair of Broken Relationship and to Reunite5908-22-2018View Details
Health, financial 508-22-2018View Details
Bless us so we could fix our relationship1308-22-2018View Details
For the family of Mollie Tibbitts808-21-2018View Details
My brother just released from prison908-21-2018View Details
Daughter trying to stay sober508-21-2018View Details
Deeply Broken relationship 4008-21-2018View Details
Financial Freedom308-21-2018View Details
Direction and Purpose808-20-2018View Details
My 7yr old sons behavior, my pain, my children & marriage608-20-2018View Details
Inspiration and direction408-20-2018View Details
My granddaughters308-18-2018View Details
job 608-18-2018View Details
Financial 208-17-2018View Details
Healing408-17-2018View Details
Restoration of my relationship with the father of my child608-16-2018View Details
The good or the greater.308-14-2018View Details
Marriage408-03-2018View Details
Bless Our Prayer2204-05-2016View Details