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Protection to me and my dad,mom, brothers and sisters. Protection from all the attacks of the devil and live a happy shielded life by God ?
Please helpAnonymous110-22-2020
Please pray to help my soften my boy go heart, to forgive and forget and mistakes, to allow himself to trust me, to. Patient and kind and honest with me. Please prey to bring our love together and that we can be happy together. Please help him understand me and me understand him and treat each with kindness and love. Please help fix our relationship. Please pray that our love can bring in a healthy child into this world. Thank you
Believing The Lord for what seems impossible Allison Miller510-22-2020
Please pray for The Lord to ease the worries I have and answer my prayers during this difficult time in my life. Things seem insurmountable.
My husband has convinced himself that I have cheated and he has outside influencers who feed him nonsense and feed into this absurdity I am a wife and a mom and and most importantly a child of the almighty God my prayer is that God reveals the truth reveals the true enemy and fill my husband’s heart with the love he once had for God and the love He once had for me I pray that God will remove all who come against the will God has for me and our family
Marriage Anonymous410-21-2020
My prayer request is that my husband would come to repentance and that he will stop cheating on me and then he will be so disgusted with his sin that it will make him sick to his stomach and that he would desire to be right in God’s eyes and to desire to really fix our marriage and be a better father to our six children to put God first
Job searchJennifer Atkins810-20-2020
Our son graduated in the spring and is looking for a Job. His internship was cancelled and he is staying with us while he looks and makes plans. Pray that we trust our son to do what he needs to do and that we don’t interfere. Pray that when he asks for help we say the right things. Pray that he sticks with it and he finds something that can move him forward. Everything feels very stuck and hard right now. Pray that we trust a God in this time of change. I am thankful for the unexpected time with our son too.
Seeking employment and financial break throughAnonymous1110-19-2020
In Jesus Name , I pray to receive the job at Sanlam. I pray and ask for stability. A job to help pay my bills and breathe. I pray for financial stability. I pray for financial breakthrough in order to help my family. I pray to be happy in the job I receive. I thank you for praying for me. Amen.
Prayers for my friend.Anonymous1010-19-2020
Please keep Sandy W. In your prayers today. Having surgery to remove large tumor on her back.
Prayer for the sickAdelaide Greta1110-19-2020
Kindly pray for my 3year old son to be healed from celebral palsy and blindness.
My anxiety and depressionAnonymous1110-18-2020
I have suffered for a long time with anxiety and depression and tablets don't seem to help me please pray for the Lord to cure me .yours in him. Pamela
my Journey with the LordCarol Crane910-18-2020
I have been in a nursing home for more than two years due to s severe infection after hip replacement surgery. They can not replace the prosthesis. I have made progress in PT, but I want to get out of here and up nano be some semblance of a life. I want my dog back. Please pray that the Lord will lead me in the right direction for me.
MIRACLE PRAYERAnonymous1810-17-2020
Please pray for me so that a friend might come into my life. I am 70 and alone. All friends, family and husband have passed away. My son has moved to another city 11 hours away (a place that I don't wish to move to). I am physically able to live an independent life (thanks to God) but the loneliness is overwhelming. All efforts to get out to meet people through church, local activities, etc., have not produced one friend .. just casual acquaintances with their own lives to lead. My many years of prayer to send ONE person into my life have gone unanswered. I promise to be as good a friend in return if only God could answer this simple prayer. Thank you for praying for me, and thank you for your kindness in helping others.
Hospital Bill MY MUM JANET HEALTHAnonymous1010-16-2020
I opened this go fund me for financial help, please help me anything can save mum's life as we might be forced to discharge her because of high bills. May God provide for us Please pray for my mum Janet Okeyo 67 years old diagnosed with cervix cancer stage 4 that the devil try to attack her between midnight and 3am.please pray for her healing and so the lungs can open up and she can breathe normally. She is on her hospital bed at ELDORET ONCOLOGY Cancer hospital.
Looking for financial help Anonymous810-16-2020
For those of you who pray for myself and others I thank you. I have been having problems with making ends meet for some time now. I never have money for any extras. My car needs new parts and tires, the brake fluid was just all running out etc. I\'m single and always seemed to live paycheck to paycheck. I have always dreamt of having my own home and take great care of it. I found a tiny home I would love to build and on a nice lot. Its even hard to buy day to day items. Please pray in Gods name, I\'m asking for your prayers. Thank you!
Prayer for deliverance from evil peopleAnonymous710-16-2020
I am working with the same teacher&aide this school year & they have managed to bully me&have become close associates. Sadly they claim to be Christian but conspire together to get me in trouble and/or manipulate and control different situations to work to their advantage, to make them look good&act like they are following rules when they don't. I don't want it to make me look bad at my job and that I am not a team player. I pray the teacher be removed and transferred and does not return to the classroom. I pray I may have peace in this situation. Both of them do other work to try to get ahead when they should be focused on the required work. They use their phone when we are not allowed to&suspect I'm on my phone&judge me when they want to get away with it. They are getting away with alot of things that they wudnt do if supervisor was around. They cast me out like they are better than me&like they work harder but they get away with doing wrong things that they don't want me to do.
My Children Anonymous2410-15-2020
I need prayer for my son and my daughter. My son is facing an issue that with some people who want to harm him. He's working on changing his life around and it seems like there is something thing always coming up. Please pray that the enemy plan will fail. In Jesus name amen
Good healthAnonymous2610-14-2020
Praying earnestly for my son working away from for good health, peace of mind, heart and to be stress free. May our healing Lord grant him rest to his financial stress and help him daily. Trusting our good Lord to have your healing hand over him always. Thank you to all who pray with me.
Going through hardships Anonymous1110-13-2020
I have been going through some hardships and I’m in need of a roof , windows, doors and plumbing etc. to be done on my home. I’m retired and received limited amount of income. I have fallen so far behind on my bills until I just can’t see my way right now. I thank God for His provision each and everyday. I know God will provide. I trust God through it all. I’m believing and receiving because I know He will take care of me and my families needs. I would like to ask for prayer as I try to self publish several children’s books that I have written. At the moment I’m not able to publish my stories because of my financial hardships. Keep in your prayers. Continued blessings to all of you! To God be the Glory! Amen
Broken relationshipAnonymous1410-13-2020
We have been struggling with finances and this has put a strain on our relationship. There is no trust as promises are sometimes broken.There is no communication as it always ends in a fight. I am afraid that I am losing my partner for good and i am just not willing to give up on the best part of my life. I need prayers for healing in my relationship.A prayer for strength and guidance. A prayer to keep us together and make us stronger. A prayer for employment urgently. Thank you and Amen
Walk closer with GodJennifer Ramirez1010-13-2020
Pray for strength and my health ?

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Healing for my relationshipSubmitted By: Anonymous
I would like God to heal the relationship between myself and my partner. We love each other yet there is so much pain and brokeness that we ended up seperating.Good day saints!!! I am happy to say that i submitted my prayer request for healing for my relationship whike engaging in fasting and prayer and God healed me first and helped me deal with my own limitations.There has been a complete turn around in my relationship.There is love,restoration and Gods undeniable peace.Praise God and thank you for lifting me up in prayer. I also went on the platform to pray and lift other relationship prayers.It helped to give what i desired. He is able!Amen!
Right help for my daughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
Jesus please help if it is at all in your will. Jesus I love you. Amen. Jesus please help me I feel so overwhelmed. I am waiting for a spot in the eating disorder program for my daughter. Her twin sister came to talk to me tonight and says she thinks she might have an eating disorder. I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if she just feels this way because of the stress from her sister or she does in fact have an eating disorder. Jesus please help me and guide me and make me get her the type of help she does need because I know how important this is and don't want her to go through a lot of pain and suffering. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.Thank you for your prayers. The doctor has referred her to the eating disorder program with her twin sister. God bless and I wii continue praying for each of you.