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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Unspoken Anonymous1603-23-2021
Daily anxiety, relationships with fsmily, spending more time with children. Where I need to be in life.
Healing and ReconciliationAnonymous2303-22-2021
My father, Mitch has COPD and was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Please pray for his lungs to be clear of illness'and that I get to have a personal relationship with him again.
Please pray that I may manage my stress by giving it to God as I experience it, not give in to it. Thank you.
Kairos prayer every Monday at 12pmAnonymous803-22-2021
Dear fellow Christians, this prayer is not about me but indirectly I believe it will help everyone. Please try to pray for Kairos reunions and one day walks to come back. This a quick prayer at 12pm on everyone Monday. Think about if this if prison reunions open up, then this world be closer to this crisis ending. Plus this could be bigger effort to praying all at once. This is 12pm EST.
Neice and SisterAnonymous1803-22-2021
My sister is dealing with my neice who has just announced she is a lesbian. The person she is dating is a family member. The family member is not a blood relative but they have grown up together. My neice knows how heart breaking this is to us. She has chosen to lie and pretend the relationship is over. We recently discovered it has never stopped. We are praying the Lord will open her eyes and her heart and will eventually heal our pain and our relationship with my neice. I pray my sister will be delivered from her depression and anger and disappointment and God will continually give her amazing strength to say, do, and think as He wishes. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
17 ye. mental health issuesAnonymous1703-22-2021
Jesus my 17 yr. old is going down the wrong path and making really poor choices and is addicted to weed. Please guide and help her on the right path and take away her addiction to weed. Let her feel better mentally and be in a much better place. I ask this in the name of Jess. Amen.
Please pray for complete healing for our daughter from breast cancer. Thank you.
Lost sonTeresa Evans1903-20-2021
My son is so lost in drug addiction he even seems as though help for it is a joke. I need wisdom and strength to deal with him. The drugs have changed him. Protect him from his self. Update: my son has come home things are not well. It's not him talking to me it's the drugs. Things are much worse than I had wanted to admit. Please pray for us both. I need God's hand on us.
Bless our relationshipAnonymous1503-19-2021
I pray dear God that you bless the Godly man that I love and help us to have a Christ centered relationship. I pray that we can grow together in our faith. I pray that any obsticles that may be in our way, are removed. Thank you! Please bless us.
Additional on Autism and being laid off.Anonymous1103-19-2021
Dear fellow Christians, an update of my laid off and Asperger's. Even though I found out that I was on the Autism Spectrum, I never did get assessment since meeting with consoler. I just try to handle it myself and now I hope to help others since I have 35 years in development and I need. I have good contacts and made calls and I hope to handle it with insurance. This is hard, because I always been successful. But the good thing during this crisis is that I came to God.
A Job is a MinistryAnonymous2103-18-2021
I am creating a ministry to help other's as much as I can on their walk. I would appreciate prayer for The Most High give me the necessary funds for me to create, establish and succeed in this ministry.
New jobMark S.1703-18-2021
Hello, My workplace has become intolerable and therefore I need to find a new job. One where I can be a coach and mentor to others instead of managing others.
Family relationships and childrenAnonymous1403-17-2021
My Father recently past away and this is the third grandparent my daughter has lost in just under 5 yrs. she is 12. She is shutting us out and lashing out at us. She has been associating with a group of kids on line and (which we have stopped) that do not behave at all as we have raised our daughter and we can see from the text stream that she is becoming more like them then the other way around. She also has a girlfriend online. Not just a friend that happens to be a girl. Please pray for God to grab a hold of her heart. For her to be convicted of her sin and seek God above all else. She is questioning her faith which is better than denying it. Please pray that her Heavenly Father will draw her into Him and that she will have a tender heart.
Discernment Fatima J1603-16-2021
I would kindly like to ask for prayers to help me discern whether I should continue my relationship with my boyfriend or if it would be the best for the both of us to end it. We both believe in God, but practice different forms of Christianity. He is a good man, but I am just confused as to whether this is what God is calling me to or not. Thank you
Laid off in March of 2020 and Asperger'sAnonymous1003-16-2021
Dear Fellow Christians, I was successfully working in computer development for last 35 years and 10 years working at home for Restaurant Company developing the Point of Sale. During these 10 years it blessed me with working at home, helping in Kairos Prison Ministry and helping people in Autism community. I found out 2007 that I was an Asperger and did not go to Church. This was a major eye opening because I was single, alone, and isolated. I also got involved with Social Dancing to help with my social difficulties. I was also using a lot of spare time to help find a solution for Asperger’s and Autism and in fall of 2019; it blessed me with dance performance at BailiCura benefit for Cancer. I realize that this solution could be more than Autism because nutritional discoveries. Before this it blessed me with ISAGenix and lost 20 to 30 pounds. May pains in legs went away and a miracle happen in January 2020, for over 10 years I was taking ZZZQuil but I threw it up because of ISAGenix BEA
My youngest grandsonAnonymous1803-16-2021
My youngest grandson was born 2 months with a birth injury. His shoulder got stuck and he cannot move that arm. He can grip with that little hand but will not move his arm.
I’m asking for prayers for my son that suffers from anxiety and depression and chooses to smoke marijuana to cope. Lord let him choose you and know that you are the only one that can heal him. Bring ours and your son back to us and you. Bring peace back into our family. Let him want to go back to church and become the man you intended him to be.
Waiting to be DoneAnonymous1303-16-2021
Please pray that my season of waiting for a guy will end soon. I am tired of being alone. Please also pray that God gives me strength as I wait and guides me to be ready for a relationship.
Prayers of the heartAnonymous1003-16-2021
Lord, please hear the prayers of my heart and answer them please. Amen.

Praise Reports Here:

Prayer RequestPraise Report
Healing for my relationshipSubmitted By: Anonymous
I would like God to heal the relationship between myself and my partner. We love each other yet there is so much pain and brokeness that we ended up seperating.Good day saints!!! I am happy to say that i submitted my prayer request for healing for my relationship whike engaging in fasting and prayer and God healed me first and helped me deal with my own limitations.There has been a complete turn around in my relationship.There is love,restoration and Gods undeniable peace.Praise God and thank you for lifting me up in prayer. I also went on the platform to pray and lift other relationship prayers.It helped to give what i desired. He is able!Amen!
Right help for my daughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
Jesus please help if it is at all in your will. Jesus I love you. Amen. Jesus please help me I feel so overwhelmed. I am waiting for a spot in the eating disorder program for my daughter. Her twin sister came to talk to me tonight and says she thinks she might have an eating disorder. I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if she just feels this way because of the stress from her sister or she does in fact have an eating disorder. Jesus please help me and guide me and make me get her the type of help she does need because I know how important this is and don't want her to go through a lot of pain and suffering. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.Thank you for your prayers. The doctor has referred her to the eating disorder program with her twin sister. God bless and I wii continue praying for each of you.