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Prayer for my sonAnonymous1503-23-2020
Hello Ded l want you to prayer a powerful prayer for my son francesco so that he will get ride of cigareths and other thinking because its not good for his health Also a prayer for him to get a good job . I also want to know that jesus is our saviour and he died to save us he must believe prayer hard to change his life and so to make him get ride of all the bad habits thankyou sister in jesus name .lwant also a prayer for myself so that i would be debts free and fine a good so that i would be able to help my family .thankyou lhope to here from you God bless you Amen&Amen
Prayer for financial help I'm going through a rough timeAnonymous1503-23-2020
I'm praying God bless me with a job
Marriage helpLewis Sharpe1503-23-2020
My wife has left. She says she still loves me but Is hesitating on coming back. There was no physical or mental abuse. She is living another guy and I am unsure if they are together or not. She says there not. I love my wife very much and want to work on our marriage to bring it to the glory it once was. Please pray that god can get through to her and bring her back home so we can start marriage counseling. Thank you
Believe Misty Musson2203-22-2020
I need help believing God will meet my needs. I\'m homeless broken down two kids don\'t know what direction in going. I have always had trust in the lord but nothing positive is happening for me. I\'ve been put down since I was born nobody wanted me as a baby passed around in foster homes molested beat and scared. I don\'t understand what the plan is as an adult I have no family support or love. So never take it for granted when someone loves u.
Healing for my son. Anonymous2503-22-2020
Prayer urgently needed for my son away from going through great financial stress over family matters, causing to be ill, suffering from migraines. Lord I ask of you to touch him with your healing hand and help him get well and cope with this stress. Thank you to all who pray with me.
Finacial breaktroughAnonymous1303-21-2020
Miraculace debt cansellation
Cutting evil cord ties and workAnonymous1403-20-2020
Please pray that the person who is trying to stay connected to me with evil cord conections is cut off from me completely and forever. And also please pray that I get work to be able to pay for my rent the month of April. I just started my own business six months ago and I've been living job to job hoping that I can make rent each month and pay my bills. Thank you in advance for your blessings in your prayers?
pray for successRaja Sultan1003-20-2020
prayer for business breakthrough
Prayers for a job!Anonymous1303-19-2020
Pray for a job for my son John. He has a job interview in one hour.
Protection against witchcraft Anonymous1003-19-2020
Dear Saints, please pray for my protection against witchcraft.
Complete healing from autism Anonymous2003-18-2020
I would like to request a prayer for my twin boys Aaron and Aidan to be completely and miraculously healed of their Autism
off work waiting for corona to passAnonymous2303-18-2020
please pray for me and my coworkers to manage well due to time off while the corona passes; and that we are all able to return to work with the grace of God and all HIS blessings. amen
Liberation Anonymous1703-18-2020
My teen son Andrew left our home.
prayer for favour Anonymous2403-17-2020
I would like to be prayer for against destructive bad habits, feelings of tension, mood swings, instable behavior, financial freedom, independence, being to live in authority, would like to be prayer for against loneliness, ungodly soul ties, evil dreams and finally salvation
Please pray that I sell my houseAnonymous2403-17-2020
Last year my septic system failed which was $30,000 that I had to get a loan for to get it repaired. I am trying to sell my house as I can\\\\\\\'t afford the mortgage and now 2 loans. I worked so hard and bought this house on my own but after over a decade, I can\\\\\\\'t make it now with this huge loan. I pray that God will find the right buyer who will buy it quickly for the asking price! so I can pay off all I owe and hopefully have a bit left over for the future. I asked for nothing grandiose but just peace of mind knowing all I owe is paid off in full. I worry constantly that I may be foreclosed on and I ask for prayers to help me sell my house to get out from under. Thank you everyone!
Marriage Rose Miles1803-16-2020
Help I keep messing up the marriage. I don’t see my husband through the week and when he’s here at weekends there’s no intimacy between us. We’ve both said things that have hurt each other and he told me to find someone else. I. need God to do a miracle as we’ve lost our pension money and he’ll never be able to retire now. There’s so much heartache here. Please pray for restoration with us and the finances. Thank you for praying. God bless you.
For peace of mind for my son..Anonymous2703-16-2020
Prayer needed urgently for my son at work, to be accurate at all times in his job. He has an issue at work and he is very stressed. Praying this is not held against him and affects his position at work. Trusting the good Lord to have his powerful hand over him at all times. Thank you to all who lift up my request in prayer.
help meAnonymous1903-16-2020
Please, please help me. My faith in god was so, so strong and I believed my son would not die of cancer. When he stopped breathing, I truly thought God would bring him back to me. I had no doubt in my mind that God would answer me and a miracle would happen. I feel so betrayed. It has been two years and I still can not accept it. I love God, I need Him every day. I still pray to Him every day, but now my 2nd son is fighting a battle with addiction and I am devastated, he is in rehabilitation and says he wants to stop but he has said this in the past and it didn't last. drugs are killing people everywhere and I can not bare to lose another child. I am fighting everyday just to participate in life. How can I believe in God's miracles when one of my children suffered for years and didn't survive a horrible disease and now face the fact that my other child is suffering an addiction with a drug that people all over are dying from. Please help me. Thank you so much for what you do.
Pray for my niece who is faced with stage 2 breast cancer and my sister who is facing the early stages of alzheimers
Healing for my daughterTeresa Reynolds1203-15-2020
My oldest daughter is a Type 1 diabetic. She is in the ER tonight. Her sugars are too high, her blood pressure is high, she is dehydrated and her blood is too thick around her brain and her heart! Please help me pray! I KNOW nothing is too great for my God and I have asked Him to touch her right now! Thank you!!9

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Prayer RequestPraise Report
Healing for my relationshipSubmitted By: Anonymous
I would like God to heal the relationship between myself and my partner. We love each other yet there is so much pain and brokeness that we ended up seperating.Good day saints!!! I am happy to say that i submitted my prayer request for healing for my relationship whike engaging in fasting and prayer and God healed me first and helped me deal with my own limitations.There has been a complete turn around in my relationship.There is love,restoration and Gods undeniable peace.Praise God and thank you for lifting me up in prayer. I also went on the platform to pray and lift other relationship prayers.It helped to give what i desired. He is able!Amen!
Right help for my daughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
Jesus please help if it is at all in your will. Jesus I love you. Amen. Jesus please help me I feel so overwhelmed. I am waiting for a spot in the eating disorder program for my daughter. Her twin sister came to talk to me tonight and says she thinks she might have an eating disorder. I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if she just feels this way because of the stress from her sister or she does in fact have an eating disorder. Jesus please help me and guide me and make me get her the type of help she does need because I know how important this is and don't want her to go through a lot of pain and suffering. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.Thank you for your prayers. The doctor has referred her to the eating disorder program with her twin sister. God bless and I wii continue praying for each of you.