5-Minute Devotions Through the Book of Psalms

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One of the things I learned as I studied the book of Psalms is that God welcomes our honest emotions. He gave us our emotions and He loves it when we go to Him prayer expressing our joys, our sorrows, and everything in between.

The Life Application Bible Notes introduce the Psalms saying:

This great collection of songs and prayers expresses the heart and soul of humanity. In them, we find the whole range of human experiences expressed. David and the other writers honestly poured out their true feelings, reflecting a dynamic, powerful, and life-changing friendship with God.

So, here’s a list of devotions that will walk you through the Book of Psalms and help you build a powerful and life-changing friendship with God with the help of His Spirit and the power of His love. Bookmark this page so you can come back to this devotional journey throughout the year.

a list of devotions that will walk you through the Book of Psalms and help you build a powerful and life-changing friendship with God with the help of His Spirit and the power of His love.

5-Minute Devotions Through the Book of Psalms

Psalm 1 – How God Can Help You Choose the Right Path for Your Life

Psalm 2 – How You Can Live with Peace and Hope In a Hostile World

Psalm 3 – How to Have Peace When You’re Facing a Crisis

Psalm 4 – How To Know for Sure That God Hears Your Prayers

Psalm 5 – When You Truly Need Help – Focus on Prayer

Psalm 6 – Make Your Life Free Of Guilt, Shame, and Blame Now

Psalm 7 – It’s Important To Do This When Someone Lies About You

Psalm 8 – Why It’s Important To Look Up And See God’s Majesty

Psalm 9 – How to Love And Trust God “With All My Heart”

Psalm 10 – Why Does God Let the Wicked Succeed in Life

Psalm 11 – It’s Important to Remember – Hope is the Antidote to Fear

Psalm 12 – The Truth About Miracles, Whispers, and God’s Promises

Psalm 13 – Why It’s Important to Pause, Pray, and Remember

Psalm 14 – How to Know the Difference Between Foolish & Wise

Psalm 15 – Important Truth – 10 Guidelines For Living a Blameless Life

Psalm 16 – How to Have the Hard to Understand Peace You Need

Psalm 17 – 5 Prayers for God’s Help When You Want Justice

Psalm 18 – When Life Challenges – You Can Trust God’s Powerful Promises

Psalm 19 – 6 Beautiful Blessings of Following God’s Will

Psalm 20 – Why It’s Important and Wise to Ask for Prayer

Psalm 21 – Helpful Verses to Thank & Praise God for Giving Victory

Psalm 22 – Helpful Promises About Jesus Found In The Psalms

Psalm 23 – How to Have Everything You Need in the Shepherd’s Presence

Psalm 24 – 5 Steps To Growing In Faith Now

Psalm 25 – How to Know the Right Path for You

Psalm 26 – How To Know If Christians Can Stop Sinning

Psalm 27 – The Best Way To Live Free Of Fear Now

Psalm 28 – An Important Truth to Know About God’s Mercy

Psalm 29 – It’s Important To Listen When God Says – Just Breathe

Psalm 30 – You Need to Have a New Perspective about God’s Discipline

Psalm 31 – A Psalm Of Hope To Calm Your Stressful Heart

Psalm 32 – 5 Truths You Need to Know About God’s Forgiveness

Psalm 33 – A Reliable Truth for Life is that God is Trustworthy

Psalm 34 – Taste and See – 4 Easy Ways to Share Your Faith

Psalm 35 – It’s Important To Give What’s Unjust And Untrue To God

Psalm 36 – 4 Truths about God’s Love and Your Spiritual Battles

Psalm 37 – Important Ways to Take Delight in the Lord

Psalm 38 – How To Speak Out About Sin by Sharing the Truth

Psalm 39 – An Important Truth to Know When You Feel Ashamed

Psalm 40 – It’s Important to Pray, Wait Patiently, and Trust God

Psalm 41 – How God Demonstrates His Love and Perfect Timing

Psalm 42 – The Most Important Thing to Do When You’re Discouraged

Psalm 43 – The Most Helpful Way to Respond to False Accusations

Psalm 44 – How To Wait on God When You Want “It” Now

Psalm 45 – The Purpose And The Promise Of The Ultimate Wedding

Psalm 46 – The Most Important Thing to Do In Troubled Times

Psalm 47 – 6 Wonderful Reasons To Praise God When You’re Discouraged

Psalm 48 – God is Great – 5 of the Best Verses to Know

Psalm 49 – A Prayer Thanking God for His Grace & Redeeming Love

Psalm 50 – 4 Powerful Warnings God Has for All People

Psalm 51 – How to Have More Joy Through Repentance

Psalm 52 – Good vs. Evil – The Best Advice for Dealing with Betrayal

Psalm 53 – How to Seek the Truth & Avoid Being Foolish

Psalm 54 – Truth Is – It’s Important How You Use God’s Name

Psalm 55 – Your Friend Turned Against You – Do This Now!

Psalm 56 – It’s Important to Trust God When You’re Afraid

Psalm 57 – It’s Important To Know What It Means To Be Exalted

Psalm 58 – Practical Truths to Know When You Want Justice

Psalm 59 – How To Wake Up With More Joy In The Morning

Psalm 60 – How To Live In Victory Knowing Defeat Is Temporary

Psalm 61 – The Best Place to Go When You Are Overwhelmed

Psalm 62 – How to Live with Hope & Confidently Wait on God

Psalm 63 – People Who Search for God Gain 3 Beautiful Blessings

Psalm 64 – How To Be Strong When They’re Conspiring Against You

Psalm 65 – Don’t Wait – You Need to Thank and Praise God Now

Psalm 66 – 4 Ways To Tell The World About God’s Love

Psalm 67 – Why You Need to Know The Truth About Faith

Psalm 68 – When You Need the Father’s Presence, Protection, & Provision

Psalm 69 – When You Need to Know God’s Perfect Love

Psalm 70 – Valuable Truths to Know about the Kingdom of God

Psalm 71 – Important Truth – You Have a Purpose Whatever Your Age

Psalm 72 – Important Qualities that are Needed in the Perfect Leader

Psalm 73 – Powerful Truth That Will Give You Strength of Heart

Psalm 74 – When You Need God’s Protection – Ask, Seek, Knock

Psalm 75 – This is Important – God’s Justice and Timing are Perfect

Psalm 76 – How to Be Courageous When You’re Afraid of War

Psalm 77 – When You Feel Helpless & Need Hope – Remember & Follow

Psalm 78 – Why It’s Important to Teach Children the Truth about History

Psalm 79 – 4 Helpful Things to Do When You are Being Persecuted

Psalm 80 – “Turn Or Burn” – Important Truth You Need To Know

Psalm 81 – How To Listen to God & Change Your Life Forever

Psalm 82 – When You Want Fairness and Justice – Pray for Judges

Psalm 83 – How to Live in Victory after You’ve Faced Defeat

Psalm 84 – How to Have Peace and Strength in the Valley

Psalm 85 – Pray When You Need God to Restore and Revive

Psalm 86 – Important Prayers That Will Help You Live Your Purpose

Psalm 87 – Powerful Reasons Why You Should Trust the Bible

Psalm 88 – So You’ve Reached the End of the Rope – Now What?

Psalm 89 – 10 Terrific Things About God That Will Never Change

Psalm 90 – How to Make God Your Home – Safe and Nurtured

Psalm 91 – How to Find Rest in the Shadow of the Almighty

Psalm 92 – How To Be Blessed With A More Positive Life

Psalm 93 – It’s Important to Know What it Means to be Holy

Psalm 94 – When You Question God’s Timing Trust His Love

Psalm 95 – 5 Wonderful Ways to Add Worship to Your Life

Psalm 96 – 2 Specific Reasons Why It’s Important to Praise God

Psalm 97 – Important Truth You Need To Define Your Soul

Psalm 98 – Glory! God Keeps His Promises of Unfailing Love Always

Psalm 99 – Important Truths About Angels Found In The Bible

Psalm 100 – 5 Wonderful Ways To Acknowledge God With Praise

Psalm 101 – Powerful “I Will” Promises That Will Inspire Integrity

Psalm 102 – Reliable Hope For a Terrible Time Of Distress

Psalm 103 – Important Truth For the Times You Doubt God’s Love

Psalm 104 – How to See The Reliable Truth About Creation

Psalm 105 – Why It’s Important to Learn the Lessons of History

Psalm 106 – How To Stop Whining And Bless Your Life Today

Psalm 107 – Speak Out! You Have an Important Truth to Share

Psalm 108 – How to Know for Sure You Can Confidently Trust God

Psalm 109 – You Need to Pray Imprecatory Psalms with Humble Faith

Psalm 110 – Important Truth To Know About The Messiah

Psalm 111 – Want Wisdom? Then It’s Important To Fear The Lord

Psalm 112 – Why God’s Eternal Promises Are Better Than Prosperity & Success

Psalm 113 – God Cares About The Big & Small Things Of Life

Psalm 114 – It’s Important To Trust The Creator & Steward His Creation

Psalm 115 – Why It’s Important for You to Give God Glory

Psalm 116 – When You Need to Pray, “Lord Spare Us”

Psalm 117 – Know the Truth of the Bible from the Shortest Chapter

Psalm 118 – 7 Verses To Fight The Enemy’s Lies About God’s Love

Psalm 119:1–40 – How to Know What’s Important and Live With Joy

Psalm 119:41–88 – How to Be Sure that God Is Good All the Time

Psalm 119:89–128 – How to Live By Faith When Life Is Hard

Psalm 119:129–176 – 2 Simple Verses To Trust And Transform Your Life

Psalm 120 – Why It’s Important to Reject Lies and Live the Truth

Psalm 121 – When You Are Afraid Find the Best Help Here

Psalm 122 – Find the Peace You Need Through Faith With Friends

Psalm 123 – It’s Important To Pray for Haters & Trust God’s Mercy

Psalm 124 – How To Experience More Blessings With What-If Questions

Psalm 125 – How to Be Safe and Secure Forever and Always

Psalm 126 – How to Know God’s Truth About Grief, Fear, Tears, & Joy

Psalm 127 – The Best Advice for Living Your Purpose with Peace

Psalm 128 – Live Your Faith, Have More Fun, & Be Happy Now

Psalm 129 – How To Avoid Being Defeated When You’re Being Persecuted

Psalm 130 – Truths that will Free You of Shame and Despair Now

Psalm 131 – The Truth About Pride and Our Need for Humility

Psalm 132 – You Can Experience Peace Now In The Presence Of God

Psalm 133 – This Is The Wonderful Way Harmony Unites Us

Psalm 134 – 8 Important Reasons It’s Important to Bless the Lord

Psalm 135 – 7 Helpful Questions You Need to Identify Your Idols

Psalm 136 – 10 Ways You Can Be Sure God’s Love Endures Forever

Psalm 137 – It’s Helpful To Be Thankful Even When Life’s Upsetting

Psalm 138 – Trust God’s Powerful Promises When You Need To Be Bold

Psalm 139 – The Beautiful Truth About God’s Love For You

Psalm 140 – 2 Vital Truths About Slander You Need To Know

Psalm 141 – Criticism – You Need to Know How to Give & Receive It

Psalm 142 – Overcome by Fear – 5 Things You Need to Do Now

Psalm 143 – How to Begin Each Day with One Powerful Prayer

Psalm 144 – How To Know for Sure That God Loves You Personally

Psalm 145 – 12 Wonderful Reasons You Can Be Sure God Is Great

Psalm 146 – Now Is The Best Time To Praise God With A Hallelujah

Psalm 147 – 5 Amazing Ways God Will Heal Your Broken Heart

Psalm 148 – How to Know Your Purpose and Praise the Lord

Psalm 149 – Now is the Time to Praise God for Victory

Psalm 150 – Let Everything that Breathes Praise the Lord Now & Always

How to Have a Powerful Life-Changing Experience with God through the Book of Psalms

Whether you and I are in a valley of despair or enjoying a mountaintop moment of bliss, may we go to Jesus and experience the power of His unchanging and everlasting love. May we be filled with faith, hope, love, and a friendship with God that lasts forever! May we worship Him with prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.

God be with you and bless you as you grow closer to God through the Book of Psalms.

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