Topical List of Verses and Prayers

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I love praying Scripture. This is a topical list of verses and prayers that will help when you don't know what to pray or how to put your prayers into words.

I’ve been writing verses and prayers for several years; so, I thought it might be helpful for you to have a list organized by topics to help you when you want to pray but just aren’t sure where to start.

I pray it blesses you!

List of Verses and Prayers

Grow in Faith

Closer to God

More of Jesus

More of God

Closer to Jesus

Focus on Jesus

More like Jesus

Be Still and Listen

Grow in Faith

Need Stronger Faith

When You’re Faith is Weak

Pray Promises of God

Seek God First

Trust God More

Strengthen Faith

Know God’s Will

Know God’s Will – 2

Need a Miracle

Need a Miracle

Need God to Do the Impossible



When You’re Angry

Fear and Anxiety

When You’re Afraid of the Unknown

When You’re Anxious and Afraid

Live Free of Anxiety and Worry

To Overcome Anxiety

Faith Greater than Worry

Confused and Discouraged

When You’re Confused

When You’re Discouraged

When You’re Exhausted

When You Feel Overwhelmed

When You’re Sad and Hurting

When You’ve Lost Your Sparkle

When You’re in the Middle of the Storm


Need to Be Patient

Need to Be More Patient

Tired of Waiting

Life is Crazy

Be Happy

Be Happy

Thankful and Happy

Freedom and Happiness


Focus on Positive


Grateful Heart

Thank God for Life

Thank God for His Grace

Thank God for Freedom in Christ

Thank God in the Mundane


Doubt Your Faith

Doubt Your Worth

Doubt God’s Love

Doubt God’s Goodness

Broken Heart

Heal Broken Heart

Broken Relationship

When You’re Lonely

Take Your Broken Heart to God


Need God’s Strength

Remember God’s Strength and Peace

Need Help to Do the Impossible


Praying Proverbs

Bold with Wisdom

Life Events and Holidays


Seasons of Change

Be Hopeful

Thank God for Hope

Hope from the Lord’s Prayer



Psalm for Thanksgiving

Bless Your Christmas

Bless Children this Christmas

Stop and Behold Jesus

Hope of Christmas

New Year

Good Friday

Words from the Cross

Holy Saturday


Family and Friends


Bless Your Marriage

Prayers For Your Marriage

Prayers for Your Spouse


Bless Your Children



Prayers for Your Children and Grandchildren

Prayers for Son

Prayers for Daughter

Pray for Your Family


Bless Your Friendships

Be a Good Friend

Bless Your Relationships

Bless Conversations


Before You Tell Your Story


Need to Be Forgiven

Please Forgive Me

Need to Know You are Forgiven

Forgive, When It’s Hard

Forgive Big Hurts



Pray for Recovery

Loved One Suffering with Addiction


Age with Joy


Bless America

People in Authority

Don’t Know What to Pray

Don’t Know What to Pray

Don’t Have the Words

Psalms to Pray

Psalms to Pray

23rd Psalm

Spiritual Warfare

Fight Spiritual Battles

Win Spiritual Battle


Bless Your Day

Verses to Pray Every Day

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