5 Verses to Pray for Your Daughter’s Spiritual Sensitivity and Growth

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You and I spend a great deal of time praying for our kids to get into the club, group, or school ... today we're stopping to pray for that thing that's most important. #Prayer #Parenting #Bible Study

On the darkest days, when I feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my crown.

Author Unknown

That’s what I want not only for myself but for my daughters as well.

Being a teen girl is hard. I remember! I remember it was hard for our girls too. And I’m pretty sure it’s not any easier for the current generation.

Which is why I love that quote.

On days when we forget who we are … when our girls forget who they are, more than anything we need to remember whose we are. We are daughters of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

My friend, Melanie Redd, wrote a devotional book for teen girls and I can’t wait for her to tell you about it! And I love that she’s encouraging us all to start with the most important part … prayer!

So, please welcome Melanie, I know her words are going to bless and encourage you…

5 Verses to Pray for Your Daughter’s Spiritual Sensitivity and Growth

You and I spend a great deal of time praying for our kids to get into the club, group, or school ... today we're stopping to pray for that thing that's most important. #Prayer #Parenting #Bible Study

When she first said it, I was rather taken aback.

I’d never really thought of my prayer life in this way.

My friend, Dana, was speaking to a group of moms when she said it. 

Her words truly shocked me and stabbed right through my heart.

Here is, in essence, what she said:

“Most of us spend all of our time praying our kids onto the soccer team, into the club, into the school, into the sorority, into the job, and into the friend group. 

But, are we really taking time each day to pray our children INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD?’’

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a great deal of time praying for both of my kids to get into the club, group, or school. 

However, I’ve not spent nearly enough time praying for their spiritual lives.

More and more, that has changed.

More and more, I’m seeing that the most essential ways we need to be praying involve spiritual sensitivity and spiritual growth. These are the things that ultimately matter most.

Thus, I’d like to urge you to pray more for your children and their spiritual well-being.

Here are 5 wonderful verses and prayers specifically for Your Daughter’s Spiritual Sensitivity and Growth:

First, ask God to give your daughter a heart to deeply trust God.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”

Proverbs 3:5–6

Father, would you encourage ______ to trust in You with all of her heart. Help ______ to not depend upon her own understanding. Instead, encourage her to seek Your will in all she does. Show ______ which path to take in all of her decisions.

Second, invite God to keep your girl’s heart very tender and responsive.

“And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.”

Ezekiel 36:26

God, would you give ______ a new heart and a new spirit? Would You take out her stony, stubborn heart and give her a tender and responsive heart to You?

Third, pray for your daughter to have a passionate love for God.

“And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.”

Mark 12:30

Lord, would You draw ______ to You? Help her to love You with all of her heart, all of her soul, all of her mind, and all of her strength.

Fourth, invite God to show your girl the emptiness of charm and beauty and the value of deeply respecting the Lord.

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.”

Proverbs 31:30

Father, would You open ______ eyes to see how deceptive charm is? Would You also show her that beauty fades? Draw her to You and make her a girl who fears You, respects You, and wants to live for You.

You and I spend a great deal of time praying for our kids to get into the club, group, or school ... today we're stopping to pray for that thing that's most important. #Prayer #Parenting #Bible Study

Fifth, pray that your girl will call on God and really want to hear from Him.

“Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.” Jeremiah 33:3

Jeremiah 33:3

God, would You prompt ______ to call on You? Would you lead her to pray about everything? And as she prays, would You show her remarkable secrets about things to come?

Want more to encourage and inspire your daughter spiritually?

You may want to check out this brand new devotional resource for middle school and high school girls.

Live in Light - 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls by Melanie Redd

Live in Light – Light the path to growing up with 5-minute devotionals.

Crushes, girl squad drama, school stress—not to mention figuring out who you are and what you want to be when you grow up—a lot happens in your teens that can make you feel left in the dark. Find the light—open this book and let the Scripture be your guide.

Live In Light is every girl’s guide to tackling their teenage years with the wisdom and comfort of the Bible. From navigating the pressure to be “perfect” on social media to dating and dealing with frenemies, these 5-minute devotionals help you to become the woman that both you and God want you to be.

Inside these teen devotionals for girls, you’ll find:

  • 5-minute devotionals—Bring the Bible into your day at any moment with quick and practical readings.
  • Relatable Scripture—Unpack lessons from the Bible with anecdotes you can apply to your daily life.
  • A spiritual toolkit—Relate God’s words to challenges and topics like social media, body image, self-worth and more.

In a world filled with change, this book offers unwavering guidance to live under the bright light of faith.

Discover more on Amazon at Live in Light.

Melanie is a Christian blogger, Motivational Speaker, and Author. She’s written four books and has a brand new book coming out in April – Live in Light: 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls.

She’s married to Randy for the past 28 years and serving alongside him in ministry.

Additionally, she’s mom to two awesome young adults. 

God’s grace never ceases to amaze her.

You can find out more about Melanie & her ministry at www.melanieredd.com.

You can connect with Melanie here:


Ministry Synopsis:

The Ministry of Hope is all about helping others to succeed in ministry and in life. All of our messages, written materials, blog posts, and resources are designed to offer hope and encouragement.

You can find out more about Melanie & her ministry at www.melanieredd.com.

You can find out more about Melanie & her ministry at www.melanieredd.com.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Melanie with us today. Yes, praying for our children’s spiritual walk is crucial. Love the verses.

    1. Thank you, Maree!
      Sure do appreciate you and your ministry!

  2. Hey Deb! I didn’t know this was coming from Melanie. How exciting! I have daughters, and this book looks like it will make a wonderful addition to our collection. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, Tiffiney!
      It’s coming out in April! Woohoo!
      Sure do appreciate you and your encouragement!

  3. Deb, I don’t have any daughters, just sons. I have been praying for something for one of my sons for years now. Your post made me examine my prayers to see if they are really for him or for me! It’s something I will have to think hard about. Thank you!

    1. Hey, Laurie.
      Our boys need our prayers as well. You could easily take most of these verses and pray them for your son.
      Hope you have a blessed day~

  4. Even though my daughter is now an adult, I prayed for her with the prayers you shared here Melanie. Just beautiful!

    1. Awesome, Martha!
      Thanks for letting me know.
      My girl is a young adult now as well.
      And, I still love to pray for her.
      Sure do appreciate you and your kind words today~

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Deb!
    I’m so blessed by you, by your ministry, and by your friendship!
    Love you much,

  6. I do love these prayers. I do pray for my kids spiritual growth. I am sure it is because I’ve seen how not living for Jesus and not praying for my adult kids had an effect. So now I pray fervently for them to be turned to God. I have 2 children at home still and one tween so I’m saving these prayers and even print them off, they are a beautiful guide of powerful prayers over them.

    1. Amen, April!
      Thank you! I believe there is nothing greater we can do than to pray!
      Keep on keeping on.
      And, thank you for your kind words and encouragement!

  7. Tammy L Kennington says:

    I’ve struggled to find devotional books my daughter will read. This looks like a great book to put in her Easter basket!


    1. Tammy,
      That would be fabulous!
      I pray that if you get your girl the book, she will be inspired to love Jesus more!

  8. Love this post. Love how Melanie highlights how we need to be praying for our children to know the Kingdom and to know who we are in Christ. This is definitely a book I need to get for my daughter.

    1. Amen, Carmen!
      Prayer makes all the difference!
      And, you do need to get a copy of the book for your girl!
      Hope you have a blessed day~
      Love you much,

  9. Rebecca Hastings says:

    I love these verses and prayers! What a practical way to use God’s word and pray for my girls!

    Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca!
      I can’t think of anything more important we can do than to pray for our kids!
      Hope you and your girls will be encouraged.

  10. I love your vision ,Melanie ! You are a blessing because I can most certainly apply these prayers and pour them into my daughter’s life

    Kingdom perspective is so important that earth bound .

    Love you, Deb and Melanie

    1. Thank you, Diana!
      Prayer is the key – esp. as moms!
      Sure do appreciate you~

  11. My daughter just asked about what book to do with a HS school girl who has asked her to mentor her – I will get Melanie’s book!

    1. Awesome, Sue!
      I’m excited to hear this!
      Hope you are doing great~

  12. Tea With Jennifer says:

    We have 6 daughters & 4 granddaughters in amongst our 10 grandchildren.
    These are prayers we constantly pray but I love the different perspectives in your prayer suggestions. 😀
    Thank you & blessings,

    1. Awesome, Jennifer!
      You’ve got a lot of girls in your life!
      And, prayer makes such a difference, doesn’t it!
      Hope you have a blessed day~

  13. Thanks Deb. It’s My Daughter’s Birthday Today I am Widowed so I have to be Dad and sort of Mom. Please say a prayer for Me thanks.

    1. I’m praying for you both today! Happy Birthday to your Girl! God bless you both!