Pray When You Need God to Restore and Revive

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When things look hopeless, don't give up. God is able to give life to dry bones is also able to restore and revive you and those you love. He is unfailing love and truth, righteousness, and peace.

The Life Application Bible Notes describe Ezekiel as a man who chose to obey God, someone who spent years preaching publicly to Jews who had been exiled to Babylon.

One of my favorite Biblical accounts takes place in Ezekiel 37

The Lord took hold of me, and I was carried away by the Spirit of the Lord to a valley filled with bones. He led me all around among the bones that covered the valley floor. They were scattered everywhere across the ground and were completely dried out. Then He asked me, “Son of man, can these bones become living people again?”

Ezekiel 37:1–3a

Ezekiel replied…

“O Sovereign Lord, You alone know the answer to that.”

Ezekiel 37:3b

And God brought bones together, added muscles and flesh, and filled lungs with breath making those dry bones “living people again.” Then God told Ezekiel that those bones represented the people of Israel.

It’s about that time in history that the Psalmist wrote Psalm 85.

Restore us again, O God of our salvation. Revive us again.

Show us Your unfailing love, O Lord, and grant us Your salvation.

Psalm 85:4, 6, 7

It’s tempting to look around and wonder if restoration and revival are possible.

But we need to remember, when things look hopeless and lifeless . . . God is able to revive and restore. He is able to bring life back to dry bones in the valley. He saved you and me from sin, death, and the power of the devil through Jesus’ death and resurrection. And through Jesus, His Kingdom will reign forever.

Unfailing love and truth have met together.
    Righteousness and peace have kissed!
Truth springs up from the earth,
    and righteousness smiles down from heaven.
Yes, the Lord pours down His blessings.

Psalm 85:10–12a

God is unfailing love and truth. He is righteousness and peace. And He calls us to open our hearts to Him in faith and allow Him to breathe LIFE into our spirits.

Yes, restoration and revival are possible. Jesus said…

“Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

Matthew 19:26

God always has and always will do what He says He will do. His unfailing love is evident through the keeping of His covenant promises. Even when people are unfaithful, He is always faithful.

When things look hopeless. When culture is selfish and sinful. When we’ve seen or even experienced His discipline and correction . . . we can go to Him in humble repentance and ask Him to restore and revive us. We can trust His love, mercy, and healing grace.

When things look hopeless, don't give up. God is able to give life to dry bones is also able to restore and revive you and those you love. He is unfailing love and truth, righteousness, and peace.

Let’s pray…

A Prayer for God to Restore and Revive

Father God, We need You. Many are worried about the future wondering where we can possibly go from here. Throughout Scripture, we see Your hand of discipline on societies that give in to selfishness and sin. When people reject Your will and ignore Your commands, You allow them to face the results of their sinfulness.

But every time they realized they were wrong and repented . . . when people turned to You and asked You to forgive them, You healed them. You restored and revived them. You brought lifeless dried-up faith back to life.

I humbly come to You in faith giving my worries and cares to You and SEEKing You above all else, asking You to give me everything I need to TRUST and OBEY Your will. Please forgive my past sinfulness and selfishness and help me focus on today. Help me trust You to give me what I need to live according to Your will. Help me focus on You so that I might live under Your all-sufficient grace.

Please help me hold in my heart the knowledge that through Jesus Your unfailing love and truth have met together . . . that through Him I am covered with righteousness and peace. He is the One true blessing I need in my life. He is the One who brings life that lasts forever.

And please help me shine the light of Your love so that all may know You, the God of restoration and revival . . . the God of the impossible. I thank and praise You now and forever. Amen.

When things look hopeless, don't give up. God is able to give life to dry bones is also able to restore and revive you and those you love. He is unfailing love and truth, righteousness, and peace.

You know, when I watch the news or scroll through social media, I can get discouraged. But today, I’m reminded once again that when we trust God we have a future filled with hope.

Listen to what the Lord is saying…

I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying,
    for He speaks peace to His faithful people.
    But let them not return to their foolish ways.
Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him,
    so our land will be filled with His glory.

Psalm 85:8–9

Trust the Lord and live with hope. Remember, even when things look hopeless, He is the One who is able to bring dry bones back to life.

May He bless you and fill you with His unfailing love and truth, righteousness, and peace.

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  1. We need never forget that God, and God alone, can do what man deems impossible. Let us trust Him to work good in the lives of those who trust in Him.
    Blessings, Deb!

    1. Amen, Martha! May we continue to trust the One who is able to do the impossible and always keeps His promises. Blessings!

  2. Ana Cordova says:

    What beautiful words and prayers to remind us that God will always prevail to us his love, peace, grace, and mercy if pray and glorify him daily. Nothing is impossible to our Lord if he was able to revive skeleton from death to live he will do the same for us. Thank you dear Lord for giving me light and flesh when I walked in the dark and death. Blessing Deb and all who follow your blog. Have a wonderful blessed Monday!

    1. Thank you, Ana! I’m so glad you were blessed by your visit. I truly do appreciate your kind encouragement. Blessings and hugs!

  3. Kathy Francescon says:

    I am in constant amazement of you, Deb! The depth of your devotions are so beautifully worded and reach to the bottom of my spirit and soul. Your prayers are so eloquent and tender and yet so earnest and bold. You truly are a light shining out for the glory of God! Your words always comfort me and strengthen me. Thank You so much for being a guiding light and an inspiration to us all. Blessings dear and faithful friend.

    1. You are so kind, Kathy! I’m just thankful that God is using my devotions to bless others. I love being able to do this and it’s a special blessing that it has led me to friends like you! Blessings and hugs!

  4. Connie Malston says:

    Thank you ???? really appreciate the encouragement ????

    1. I’m so glad you were blessed and encouraged, Connie! Thank you for letting me know. God bless you!