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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Recovery Elizabeth Barlow 912-03-2019
I have been in recovery from drugs for 4 months. I have developed such a hunger for the word, and my relationship with God! Please pray that I stay strong and dedicated to my savior.
Prodigal youngest daughterRobbin Lopez812-03-2019
Please pray for Amy....she s 35 this month & has become bitter towards Christianity, even tho raised in a Christian home & schooled by Christian teachers throughout her college education. She needs the Lord in her life to raise her 4 year old daughter & make her new marriage stay together. Thanks
My daughterAnonymous1012-03-2019
My daughter does not want me in her life. I'm not sure why. I have apologized for the things I'm aware of and for that which I have no idea I have done. Please pray that one day. She will allow me back in her life.
For my son\\\\Katharine Himley612-03-2019
I have been blessed to have 3 wonderful children, all in their 30\\\\\\\'s now. My son, who has been married for 7 years now called me the other week and told me his wife is gay. They have a 3 year old son. Apparently they will stay together and raise my grandson, I ask for prayers for all 3 if them. For wisdom to handle the situation, acceptance of her lifestyle, and may they have strength to live this way. And anything else you may think of Thank you.!
To clear all the debts with the help of Jesus.Anonymous512-03-2019
To clear all the debts and give good character and good future to the children
Mom of a new young adult Anonymous812-03-2019
Struggling to let go or how much to to let go of for my 20 year old son. He is still 100% dependent on us for financial stability and school but living in his own in another city. I worry a lot! Just a lot involved in letting them grow up and make their own world
Please pray for my marriage. My husband has a drinking problem and I’ve begged and pleaded for him to stop. I pray daily for him and our marriage. Thank you!
Guidance Anonymous812-03-2019
Our 18 year old daughter went away for college and has struggled emotionally and academically. She's now doing better emotionally but is dating a much older man with 2 children. She's decided she doesn't want to go to college but has no plans. When she was home for Thanksgiving she told us that she's agnostic and has been for 3 years. Skee was raised in church and at Christian school. We just feel like she's going down a path that will cause a lot of struggles and pain. We are praying for safety, guidance and clarity for her.
help with dental expensesAnonymous412-03-2019
My husband worked at a job for a lot of year that had no benefits or raises. During that time, we were very short on money, even with me working two jobs. We put off dental care. He now has a better job, and we are digging out of the hole we were in, but my neglect has reared its ugly head. My son and I both need about $8,000 worth of dental work. Please pray that we are able to find a second or third job that will give us the money to get the dental work done.
Prayers for my sons! Pt. 2Anonymous712-03-2019
My other son is soon to be 19. He has a girlfriend who has a family that is nothing like our family. He has to buy food for the family because her parent doesn't work. He feels sorry for them so he wants to help. School has always been hard for him so he went to a local community college. He isn't doing too well so he is thinking about quitting and starting again next fall in a tech program. Please pray that he surrounds himself with Godly and encouraging people and that he moves to the path God has planned for him.
Prayers for my sons!Anonymous712-03-2019
I have 2 young adult sons! My oldest, who is 20, has had his heart broken badly two times. It seems that he has become afraid to get out and meet people. He is content to stay home, go to work, and come back home. Most of his friends are away at school and he doesn't see them when they come home. Please pray that he gains the confidence to move on with his life. He does have an A.A degree and has taken a year off. He is trying to decide where to go to school, but wants to do online classes so he can still work. I support him but I would really like him to go back full time just so he can meet people. Pray that God's plan for his life is realized.
Daughter and fiance hurt feelingsLori Grabner612-03-2019
Please pray for me and my family. My daughter and her fiance were upset at Thanksgiving because her younger brother wanted to talk about an incident that happened last year at Thanksgiving at our house. They became angry and left without saying goodbye. They felt as if the fiance was "interrogated" by the brother (he is 20) and daughter is 31, fiance 41. Now we haven't talked since she left, no calls, no texts just silence. Don't know what to do
For peace of mind, blessings in our new homeAnita Cantu 712-02-2019
I would like prayers requested for my cousin with breast cancer . My children to have a love and hormoney to a successful life and happiness . Pray for my sister Rosario that she may loose weight . I give thanks to Jesus and God ffg or everything they've done . Amen .
The Lord's wisdom and direction as I move towards separation from my husband of 33 years.
Bring Riley homeAnonymous1912-02-2019
Our oldest son, Riley, has estranged himself from us. We live about 800 miles away because he is in the Navy. He has deployed as an Officer and returned a different person. He drinks excessively and is covered in tattoos that are quite Heaven vs Hell type tats. He has distanced himself from me especially and is very disrespectful toward me. He has told his dad (my husband of 30 years) that he needs a break from me. Then he said he needed a break from both of us. I am desperate for the Holy Spirit to touch his heart. I know PTSD is part of the problem. There is much more to the story but specific prayer requests: 1. Pray for Riley to hear God’s word. 2. Pray for Riley to not harm himself. 3. Pray for God’s peace & comfort settle his soul. 4. Pray for Riley to come home to us. We missed him at Thanksgiving terribly. 5. Pray for the people he’s with to guide him to God and to not enable his behaviors. 6. Pray for his safety as he struggles to find himself again. Blessings.
Main Caregiver Liz Peek912-02-2019
Asking for wisdom & guidance in this situation with my mother. I've lived with her the last 4yrs. (Since my father passed). I have siblings but only 1 helps. It's been confining. Limited time with my fiancé, grown children/grandchildren & being active with my church or otherwise. Getting burned out & sad most of the time. Thank you
Request for my stolen money to be returned to me.Shay C.512-01-2019
Please pray that my $2150 is returned to me. And, that this week, I'm employed at a local job. I have all my bills paid, food on the table, gas in my car. I have divine protection, health, peace, strength love and joy. I'm grateful. Blessings to all.
Adult child with drinking problem Anonymous612-01-2019
Please pray for my adult daughter (22 this month) who is dealing with a drinking problem. It has caused her to take time off from college. She also deals with depression and anxiety. It has been a true struggle for her AND our family. Please also pray for patience from myself and my husband as she navigates this.
My daughter BrookeColina Hess1212-01-2019
My daughter lives with a man and since they moved in together she has turned on us. Please pray for our relationship to be restored and if he is unhealthy for her, that they will separate.
Financial Freedom Anonymous1012-01-2019
Lord, I need a financial miracle so I can do the things I know I can to bring warmth and healing to others as I have been healed. Expedite my creativity so I can release my love and healing. Bring Phoenix back to me and heal any suffering. Heal Alia and her family. Thank you GOD

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Prayer RequestPraise Report
Healing for my relationshipSubmitted By: Anonymous
I would like God to heal the relationship between myself and my partner. We love each other yet there is so much pain and brokeness that we ended up seperating.Good day saints!!! I am happy to say that i submitted my prayer request for healing for my relationship whike engaging in fasting and prayer and God healed me first and helped me deal with my own limitations.There has been a complete turn around in my relationship.There is love,restoration and Gods undeniable peace.Praise God and thank you for lifting me up in prayer. I also went on the platform to pray and lift other relationship prayers.It helped to give what i desired. He is able!Amen!
Right help for my daughterSubmitted By: Anonymous
Jesus please help if it is at all in your will. Jesus I love you. Amen. Jesus please help me I feel so overwhelmed. I am waiting for a spot in the eating disorder program for my daughter. Her twin sister came to talk to me tonight and says she thinks she might have an eating disorder. I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if she just feels this way because of the stress from her sister or she does in fact have an eating disorder. Jesus please help me and guide me and make me get her the type of help she does need because I know how important this is and don't want her to go through a lot of pain and suffering. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.Thank you for your prayers. The doctor has referred her to the eating disorder program with her twin sister. God bless and I wii continue praying for each of you.