Do You Know How to Live Wisely and Effectively?

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What do you need to live wisely and effectively? You need to KNOW the TRUTH ... the absolute TRUTH that will never change and never fail. It's important to search for the TRUTH to live successfully.

Could you use some practical suggestions for wise and effective living? Me too!

There are so many voices insisting that their way is best, that knowing how to live wisely and effectively can be both difficult and confusing.

There are cultural voices, generational voices, religious voices, government voices, and probably a few more I haven’t even suggested. So, how can you and I know which voices to follow?

The truth is, if we want to live wisely and effectively, we need to KNOW the TRUTH the unchanging absolute truth.

The Psalmist said it like this…

All He does is just and good,
    and all His commandments are trustworthy.
They are forever true,
    to be obeyed faithfully and with integrity.

Psalm 111:7–8

If people want to have wisdom for effective living they need to KNOW the Voice of God … they need the TRUTH of God found in the Word of God.

Solomon said it like this…

Their purpose is to teach people wisdom and discipline,
    to help them understand the insights of the wise.
Their purpose is to teach people to live disciplined and successful lives,
    to help them do what is right, just, and fair.

Proverbs 1:2–3

If we want to live with wisdom and discipline we must begin with the fear of the Lord…

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Proverbs 9:10

God is our source of truth and wisdom. And fearing Him means loving Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength because when we love Him, we will naturally want to obey Him.

That’s why SEEKing, KNOWing, TRUSTing, and OBEYing the Lord is the definition of living wisely and effectively.

Great love gives us the desire to obey Him because we want to glorify Him.

So, the more we SEEK Him the better we will KNOW Him. And the more we KNOW Him the more we will TRUST and LOVE Him. The more we TRUST and LOVE our gracious God, the more we will “fear” disappointing Him and that will help us stay as far away as possible from all that He calls sin!

We will ask the Holy Spirit to help us discern the voices that promote sin and evil so that we can stay far away from sin and evil.

Don’t do as the wicked do,
    and don’t follow the path of evildoers.
Don’t even think about it; don’t go that way.
    Turn away and keep moving.

Proverbs 4:14–15

If we want to live wisely and effectively, we need to choose our friends carefully and listen to the voices of teachers, leaders, pastors, and broadcasters with cautious discernment.

Luke wrote the following about the Bereans…

They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth.

Acts 17:11

That’s wisdom! It’s knowing God through His Word and comparing the world’s voices to the Word of God so that we might KNOW and LIVE the TRUTH and live wise and effective lives.

What do you need to live wisely and effectively? You need to KNOW the TRUTH ... the absolute TRUTH that will never change and never fail. It's important to search for the TRUTH to live successfully.

Let’s pray…

A Prayer to Live Wisely and Effectively

Father, I believe the saying that “living with wisdom is the wisest thing you can do.” But on my own, I’m foolish. Too often, I try to do things on my own and end up sorry and disappointed in myself and my circumstances. I am sorry, Lord.

You have given us a plan for wise and effective living in Your Word. David wrote, “You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of Your presence and the pleasures of living with You forever.” (Psalm 16:11)

I want that. I want to follow the way of life You have planned and prepared for me. I want to experience the joy of living in Your presence now and always.

Please fill me with Your Spirit and give me everything I need to live wisely and effectively. Make me a SEEKer of Your TRUTH. Help me KNOW You and cling to Your promises. Give me the strength I need to TRUST and OBEY Your will and reject the evil ways of wickedness. Please help me turn from temptation and run to You for help and guidance.

I love You, Lord. I give myself to You. By Your grace and with Your help, I will faithfully study Your Word so that I might KNOW the TRUTH and wisely live according to Your will. Amen.

What do you need to live wisely and effectively? You need to KNOW the TRUTH ... the absolute TRUTH that will never change and never fail. It's important to search for the TRUTH to live successfully.

The Life Application Bible Notes adds the following definition of a proverb…

“A proverb is a short, wise, easy-to-remember saying that calls a person to action. It doesn’t argue about basic spiritual and moral beliefs; it assumes we already hold them. The book of Proverbs focuses on God—His character, works, and blessings—and it tells how we can live in close relationship to Him.”

God is the source of all wisdom.

Paul wrote…

Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand His decisions and His ways!

For everything comes from Him and exists by His power and is intended for His glory. All glory to Him forever! Amen.

Romans 11:33, 36

So, if you and I want to live wisely and effectively, we need to walk with Jesus in faith. He created all things and sustains all things. All wisdom and understanding come from Him. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

May you be blessed as you SEEK a closer relationship with the Lord to live with the wisdom the path He has prepared for you.

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  1. Yes indeed! Seek the Lord and His wisdom; trust and obey and live in awe of the Lord. I am not always good at this; I fall short, but every day is a new day and every day I reach out to Him and ask for the Spirit to guide me in the way I should go. I want to live in God’s wisdom. I need God’s wisdom.
    Thank you for this beautiful post, as usual, it encourges me and lifts me up.
    God Bless You my friend. Hugs!

    1. We are singing out of the same “hymnal”, Sue. I love the way Paul put it … the good that I want to do, I fail to do, and the bad that I don’t want to do, that I do. What a blessing to KNOW and LOVE the Savior who covers us with forgiveness. Praying each day for the wisdom I need to do better. Blessings and hugs, dear friend!

  2. Martha Orlando says:

    Deb, I’m so glad to be a seeker and believer in the power and strength of God through His word and His mercy. I witnessed this first hand this week. Danny’s pacemaker went off the chart, and he had to be ambulanced to the hospital. To top it all off, we are in St. Simon’s. They replaced his pacemaker today, and he will be discharged tomorrow. Sons, Giovanni and Nicco, have been an invaluable help during this time, and will do the driving to make sure we get home safely. Oh, how I’m counting my blessings! Our God is good, all the time.
    Blessings always!

    1. You and Danny and your family are in my prayers for health and safety. Blessings to you all. Deb is so wonderful to share with us and let us share too.

    2. Oh, Martha, that had to be a very unsettling experience. I’m so glad Danny is doing okay now and that by the time you read this, you’ll both be back at home safely and comfortably. Take care, my friend. God bless.

  3. Ana Cordova says:

    Amen Deb for the inspiring words to help me live effectively in order to Seek, Follow, and Trust God in my life. There are so many distractions in this world and the only way to keep the faith is by following God’s words, commandments and with the Holy Spirit. Please help Lord to remain with you and not fall into sins.
    Blessing Deb and all who follow you on this podcast.

    1. I’m joining you in that prayer, Ana. I want to follow God’s will as He has revealed it in His Word, His Commandments, and by the power of His Spirit. God bless you!

  4. Nicole Bolt says:

    I get so much from this. Thank you!!
    I wish there was a book as a study to go along with this so I had it all the time

    1. Thank you, Nicole. I’m glad you were blessed. I hope you’ll subscribe and join us often. We have a wonderful group of friends who encourage each other with the truths of God’s Word. We’d love for you to be part of our devotions and conversations through the week. Blessings!

      1. Thank you🙏🏻. I try to read email and get spurts of fulfillment but I’m so busy
        I have never read the Bible front to back
        Maybe I just need a Hard Prayer warrior to prayer over conviction and commitment because my Bible is beside me
        …just never open

        1. Thanks for visiting and for your honesty, Nicole. I was supposed to read through the Bible in college and didn’t actually do it until many many years later. I am praying that you will prayerfully give it a try, maybe starting in the New Testament and then go back to the Old Testament and read through. It is such a beautiful love letter from God to His people. I believe you will fall in love with Him and with His Word. Please keep in touch here, I would love being one of those prayer warriors for you. God bless you!

  5. Great article. I’m dealing with a few of these issues as well..

    1. I’m glad it blessed you, Tom. Thank you for letting me know. God be with you.