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I’ve seen the power of “we” in action. Oh, I’ve known its truth for a long time, but seeing it played out is huge.

You know it too. You know that when individuals join together to make a difference big things happen. Look at the impact October pink has on us. Everywhere you look men and women have united to raise awareness and funds to fight breast cancer. That is the power of “we.”

Our church sends teams to New Orleans, Joplin, and other communities in crisis. There they join their efforts with people from other congregations to restore homes and rebuild lives.

Last summer while traveling to Bolivia with the World Vision Blogger Team, I saw need like I had never seen it before. My heart melted.

This is Arminda. She was the face on our banner. The moment we met her we fell in love as we discovered she is even more engaging and delightful in person, than she appears in her photo.

Last week my dear friend Lindsey wrote a post titled – The Power of We. It would bless me if you took a few moments to read how our families have united in sharing  our love for Arminda and her family.

Would you please join us and make a life changing impact on a family and community through Child Sponsorship with World Vision? For less than the cost of a cup of coffee or soda a day, you can provide:

  • clean water
  • nutritious food
  • education
  • health care
  • and more

Don’t feel you can manage a sponsorship on your own? Ask a family member, friend, or neighbor to join you in becoming a child’s “we.” Ask your small group to consider a gift to World Vision.

Something I didn’t know before we sponsored a child is the tremendous amount of joy we would receive. I do believe Rev and I benefit as much or more than the children do; in fact, it has led to us sponsoring several children. Our blessings overflow.

We received this letter from Arminda recently.

Lindsey, her dh, Rev and I invite you to join the power of “we” in caring for children, families, and communities. Plus you’ll experience your own sense of  joy through the blessing of Child Sponsorship.

A huge thank you to Lindsey for sharing our story. Don’t forget to say “hi” to her, when you visit and read The Power of We!


Sharing is caring!

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  1. Awww Deb, this post absolutely made my day. That picture of us in the back of the bus… oh my. I’m so thankful for the many wonderful and beautiful conversations we had on that trip. You are so my mum away from home in a million ways. Love you lots.

    PS: Arminda in her same sweet dress 🙂 Love her so much.

    1. Lindsey, I count so many blessings from our trip to Bolivia, and getting to know and love you is right at the top. Continuing to partner with you to bless Arminda and her family is a bonus blessing I never saw coming. God is soooo good. THANK YOU for sharing our story.