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Several weeks ago on one of our Bolivia Bloggers Calls Joan Mussa, World Vision Vice President, prayed for us and for our trip. I was deeply moved when she prayed that each of us would meet that one child whose face we would remember for the rest of our lives.

I met my one child today. Abigail.

My husband and I sponsored 6 year old Abigail recently, and I was thrilled when I learned that I would be able to meet her.

She is absolutely precious! Don’t you agree?!

I met Abigail, her mother, and little brother at the Colomi ADP, a center that began just one year ago.

At that time, World Vision workers asked mothers what they felt the greatest need was in their community.

It turns out that there are many children with special needs in the area. Some handicaps are physical and some are developmental, but each child is precious to our Lord, to their families, and very quickly they became precious to us as well.

We were privileged to see to little boys get hearing aids. Arturo cried sweet tears when he was first able to hear the sounds around him. He and Samuel both need an additional hearing aid for their other ear that they are hoping they will be able to receive in the not too distant future.

Lizeth received leg braces and shoes to help her walk. Six months ago she couldn’t talk, use her fingers, or walk. Today she was giggling, taking videos with one of our bloggers cameras and cheerfully moving from person to person documenting our visit in perfect Lizeth style.

We listened to mom after mom thank us for all that World Vision has done to help their children . . . then we learned that of all of the many children in Colomi only 4 have sponsors. Only four! There is so much more to do.

Would you like to meet your one child?

You can help to change a child’s life. You can sponsor a precious child like Abigail. You can know the blessing of touching the life of that one child whose face you will remember forever as they leave an imprint on your heart.

If you would like to make a difference in the life of one of the many children in Colomi. Click on the World Vision or Compassion International photo in the sidebar. 

Finally, just before we left the ADP we were showered with white confetti (that’s what you see in my hair), then hugged and kissed by several of the moms. We called it a shower of blessings, and we were abundantly blessed! I’m still wearing some of my blessings.

Just a visible sign of what I am wearing in my heart!

And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. Matthew 18:5

(c) Amy Conner/World Vision 2011 – Thank you Amy for all of your beautiful photographs.

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  1. Wool Free and Lovin' Knit says:

    WOW, Deb, what an awesome opportunity God has given you — that picture of you and the child you sponsored made me tear up — what a life-changing moment for you both! We’ve sponsored several children over the years but I’ve never had the chance to meet them in person but I do believe that one day, we will meet in Glory and we’ll know each other somehow and it will be sweet.

  2. Thanks Joan, It was an amazing experience that I will carry in my heart forever. It has been a tough few days as I have allowed images and memories flood my mind. Thanks for being child sponsors. The need is so great! Ah yes, won’t it be grand to have an eternity of time in which we can get to know them and learn all about them. Blessings!!