5 Things You Need to Say to Your Man Every Day


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I am so excited to kick off The Summer Sizzle Blog Hop Series with this post from my friend, Melanie Redd.

Melanie is a prayer warrior, an inspiring speaker and writer, and one of my favorite people! She loves to laugh and even though I grew up in Michigan, she’s allowed me to declare myself her southern sister!

So ya’ll, please welcome Melanie and make her feel very much at home…

5 Things You Need to Say to Your Man Every Day - Counting My Blessings

5 Things You Need to Say to Your Man Every Day

It was one of the most unusual moments I can remember in our entire marriage.

My husband and I were driving home from a trip and spending much time in the car.

I decided to pose a question to him about one of my upcoming blogs.

I asked:

“Honey, I’m writing an article about ‘5 Things That Every Husband Loves to Hear.’

Do you have any suggestions for my article?”

  • He didn’t blink.
  • He didn’t stammer or stutter.
  • He didn’t pause.
  • He didn’t even take much of a breath.
  • My very laid-back, calm, easy-going, slow speaking husband from Texas didn’t hesitate.

He immediately gave me a list of 5 things he loves to hear and would love to hear more often.

I had to write as fast as I could write to keep up with him.

Within 10 minutes, I had an incredible list!

And, so, I offer you the wisdom of this great man I’ve lived with for almost 25 years now.

5 Things You Need to Say to Your Man Every Day - Counting My Blessings

Here are 5 Things That Every Man A LOVES to hear from the Woman in His life:

1) I Respect You!

“As a man, as a person, as a dad, as a husband, as you are – I respect and admire you.

Even after all of these years, I still respect you.”

“So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” Ephesians 5:33

  • Women need love.
  • Men need respect.

Here are some practical ways to communicate respect to your man:

Ask his opinion and listen to what he has to say.

Respond without arguing with him.

Don’t put him down to your friends.

Don’t belittle or make fun of him in public.

 Don’t belittle or make fun of him in front of the kids.

If you disagree, try to still treat him with consideration.

Speak highly of him to friends and family.

2) I Appreciate You as a Man!

“I appreciate you and who you are as a man of integrity. I am so grateful for who you are.

I am thankful that I am your wife/girlfriend.” 

Here are some practical ways to communicate appreciation to your man:

Come up with 3-4 things you really appreciate about your man.

His Sense of humor,

His Compassionate way of dealing with people,

His Honesty,

His Wisdom,

His Intelligence, or

His Strength

Tell him at least one of these attributes that you appreciate.

3) I Appreciate What You Do!

“I am thankful for all that you do for us – for working hard, for giving your best, and for providing for us as you do.

Men really like to be appreciated. It means a great deal to us.”

Here are some practical ways to communicate appreciation for what your man does:

Use your words and thank him.

Make a big deal in front of the kids for something he did.

Brag to his friends and your friends over something he did.

Give him a big hug and whisper your gratitude to him.

4) I Love You!

“We like to hear it too.

We like to know that you love us!”

Here are some practical ways to communicate love to your man:

Give him lots of hugs and kisses.

Send him a nice note, card, email or text message.

Buy him a little gift that he will really enjoy.

Do some kind act of service for him – wash his car, make his favorite meal.

Spend time with him doing what he loves to do – go to a ballgame or an action movie with him.

5 Things You Need to Say to Your Man Every Day - Counting My Blessings

5) I Think You Are the Best, and I Would Choose You if I had it to do All Over Again!

“I’m really glad that I picked you.

You are the best one, and I would pick you again.“

Here are some practical ways to communicate to him that he is still the best one to you:

(This one really makes me think of some old songs. Maybe you can use one of these titles to communicate your love).

“We’re still having fun, and you’re still the ONE.”

 “You’re the ONE that I want.”

 “I can’t stop loving YOU.”

 “I will always love YOU.”

Many years ago, I was water skiing with two of my best friends. My dad was driving us around the lake on a gorgeous summer day.

At one point we stopped to rest and have a snack. As we paused, my dad started talking to us about boys.

We were all single at the time.

My dad teased us a little, and then he asked a very serious question:

“Isn’t there some guy out there that you girls RESPECT?”

I don’t know who my friends pictured when he posed the question.

But, when my dad asked that question, I immediately thought of Randy.

Randy was a single guy at our church who I thought very highly of.

Not long after that boat trip, all three of us girls were engaged; all of us married men that we really respected within a year of that day at the lake.

And, we are all still married to those same good men—after 25 years.

My man just happens to be named “Randy!” 

Melanie Redd - Inspiring Your Success in Ministry and In Life

Melanie Redd Bio:

Melanie is a Christian blogger, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Marketing and Social Media Consultant. She’s married to Randy and mom to two awesome college students. God’s grace never ceases to amaze her.

You can find out more about Melanie & her ministry at www.melanieredd.com.

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  1. Amen, Melanie! Our husbands deserve nothing less than these words of encouragement and the actions we take to let them know how much we love and respect them.

  2. Thanks, Martha!
    And, I so agree!
    Our men thrive when we love and respect them!
    Blessed by you~

    *And, thanks, Deb, for sharing my post today!

    1. I completely agree with you both. Love and respect is the best way a wife can help her marriage thrive.

      Melanie, Thank you so much for allowing me to share this marriage strengthening post with my readers. I’m so thankful for you, my friend!

  3. Great post, Melanie and Deb! I like that respect is #1. My husband and I have been together for eight years (married three) and I have found that it’s when he feels undermined or disrespected that he feels less loved. Great reminders!! XO

    1. I completely agree, Lauren! Making our men feel respected is so important. I’ve always wanted Rev to know that I trust and respect him to lead our family well. Thanks, Lauren! <3

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Very authentic and practical post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. April Boyer says:

    Thanks Melanie! That was an unexpected lesson for an old gal like me, married 45 years. We keep learnin. and mostly, we keep getting reminded.