How to Experience the Peace and Hope of an Eternal Perspective

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Saying "goodbye" is hard, especially if we don't know if we'll see that person again. An eternal perspective makes it possible to have hope for the future. #Eternity #Hope #Faith #countingMyBlessings

I hate “good-byes.”

They can be horribly painful especially if we believe we may never see that person again.

The Apostle Paul told the people in Ephesus:

Now I am bound by the Spirit to go to Jerusalem. I don’t know what awaits me,  except that the Holy Spirit tells me in city after city that jail and suffering lie ahead.

Acts 20:22

And it was time to say “goodbye”…

They all cried as they embraced and kissed him goodbye. They were sad most of all because he had said that they would never see him again.

Acts 20:37–38a

Thinking about this moving scene from 2,000 years ago makes me smile. Why? Because those believers and Paul have been together for centuries!

A number of years ago while running through the St. Louis airport, Rev “bumped into” a dear friend and godly mentor that he hadn’t seen in more than ten years. Because they were both running late for their flights they only had time for a quick hello and hug before rushing off in opposite directions.

But then, after just a few strides Rev heard this dear friend call out his name. He stopped and turned . . . as did most of the other curious onlookers in the concourse.

With a huge smile on his face, this dear friend looked at him and shouted…

“Isn’t Heaven going to be GREAT? No more good-byes! No more goodbyes!”

This would have been unforgettable under any circumstances but we learned just a few weeks later that this friend and encourager had suddenly been called Home to Heaven.

Good-byes are painful but in Christ . . . our good-byes are not forever. We will be united again with our friend, just as you and I will be reunited with all believers in Christ. Every family member and friend who has placed their faith and future in Jesus. Because of Jesus, we can face good-byes with an eternal perspective.

Saying “goodbye” is still painful and often brings tears. But those tears will all be wiped away forever when the Lord brings us home to Him.

Let’s pray for God’s grace to keep an eternal perspective and a future with no more good-byes!

Saying "goodbye" is hard, especially if we don't know if we'll see that person again. An eternal perspective makes it possible to have hope for the future. #Eternity #Hope #Faith #countingMyBlessings

A Prayer for the Peace and Hope of an Eternal Perspective

Father, saying “goodbye” is so hard. It breaks our hearts when we are parted from loved ones knowing we will not see them again this side of heaven. You didn’t intend for good-byes to be part of our journey. You created a perfect heaven and earth, and we have stained it with sin. Jesus cried over our brokenness and paid the price for our sins that we might be forgiven and given peace and hope that lasts forever.

How can I begin to thank you for all You have done for me . . . all you do for me every day. You give me peace and hope. You make it possible for me to have an eternal perspective. Possible for me to look forward to the day when I will see you face to face and live the blessing of “no more good-byes.” I can face each day with an eternal perspective . . . one that enables me to endure the painful parts of life confident that You will never leave me and that I can do all things through the strength that You give. Your love is eternal. Your grace and mercy last forever. Your promises endure eternally. And Your Kingdom has no end.

My hope is in You. My peace comes from You. My faith rests on the firm foundation of Your TRUTH . . . on Jesus, the Way, Truth, and Life. In His name, I pray. Amen.

Saying "goodbye" is hard, especially if we don't know if we'll see that person again. An eternal perspective makes it possible to have hope for the future. #Eternity #Hope #Faith #countingMyBlessings

If your heart is hurting today . . . Jesus understands. He came from heaven. He not only had an eternal perspective . . . He came from heaven and knew He would return to heaven. Eternity was within Him! And yet, He cried with those who grieved.

He made it possible for us to live with peace knowing that through Him we have the hope of a future that lasts forever. A hope that makes it possible for us to confront every moment of this life with an eternal perspective.

On today’s note write:

Thanks be to God who gives me an eternal perspective.

May God bless you today and fill you with His peace and hope now and forever.

Click here to read the rest of Acts 20.

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  1. No more good-byes in heaven . . . Yes, Deb, may we all keep this eternal perspective front and center when we lose someone we love.

    1. Having an eternal perspective changes everything . . . it gives peace and hope and so much more. Blessings and hugs!

  2. Angela Cahill says:

    Keeping an eternal perspective – may we all live with this in our hearts. And look forward to being reunited with those we have lost and loved. Jesus will come for us and will dry up all our tears – thank you Deb and may God bless you.

    Angela – Ireland

    1. God is greater than our current circumstances. He knows our future and is prepared and ready to walk it with us. We are blessed!

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