Why it’s Important to Carefully Test the Message of All Teachers

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There are many teachers with many messages . . . if you and I want to know the truth we must carefully test them all with the absolute truth of God's Word. #SearchtheScripture #BibleStudy #Faith

I wonder how well these words were received when they were read aloud to the congregation:

Oh, foolish Galatians! Who has cast an evil spell on you? For the meaning of Jesus Christ’s death was made as clear to you as if you had seen a picture of his death on the cross.

Galatians 3:1

Paul was confronting those who were teaching that it was possible to…

become perfect by your own human effort?

I ask you again, does God give you the Holy Spirit and work miracles among you because you obey the law? Of course not! It is because you believe the message you heard about Christ.

Galatians 3:3b, 5

Today, I’d simply like to challenge all of us to carefully test everything we read and hear against the truth of the Bible.

The people of Berea . . . listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth.

Acts 17:11

The Galatians did not corner the market on false teaching . . . it’s been going on since the beginning and continues to take place today.

I did a little digging and found some commonly taught false teaching and what the Bible says in response:

That Jesus is just one of many ways to God.

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

John 14:6

There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.

Acts 4:12

Love of neighbor includes affirmation of all choices and lifestyles.

When you obey my commandments, you remain in my love, just as I obey my Father’s commandments and remain in his love.

John 15:10

Read about Jesus Commandments here.

♥ The Bible is a human book not the literal inerrant Word of God.

All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.

2 Timothy 3:16

Everyone will be saved and spend eternity with God.

When the Lord Jesus appears from heaven. He will come with his mighty angels, in flaming fire, bringing judgment on those who don’t know God and on those who refuse to obey the Good News of our Lord Jesus. They will be punished with eternal destruction, forever separated from the Lord and from his glorious power. 

2 Thessalonians 1:7b–9

Those are just a few of the things I found quickly and easily. The enemy has been asking us to question, “Did God really say..?” (Genesis 3:1) since the Garden.

If we don’t want to fall for the enemy’s lies, we have to carefully test all teachers against the truth of God’s Word!

There are many teachers with many messages . . . if you and I want to know the truth we must carefully test them all with the absolute truth of God's Word. #SearchtheScripture #BibleStudy #Faith

A Prayer for Holy Spirit Wisdom to Carefully Test All Teachers

Father, thank you for Your Word. Jesus said, “Your Word is truth.” (John 17:17)Thank you for the 40 writers You inspired to pen Your message of truth. Thank you for wanting me to know You and the truth about Your love. Thank you for promising a Savior for sin and for sending Jesus as the fulfillment of Your promise.

Please forgive me for taking the Scriptures for granted. Forgive me for failing to cherish it as the precious gift it is. Forgive me for the times I have listened when the enemy has tempted me to doubt Your Word.

Please give me a hunger and thirst to know You through the words of the Bible. Make me a SEEKer of Your truth that I might know and trust Your will. Give me the discernment to understand the hard parts or those that confuse me. Grant me wisdom as I read and hear the messages of teachers and pastors.

Please give me everything I need to carefully test all teachers and teachings against the truth of Your Word because Your will never contradicts Your Word. By Your grace, give me everything I need to fight the enemy’s lies with “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” (Ephesians 6:17)

I love You, Lord! I surrender to Your all-sufficient grace, Your mercy, and Your love. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

There are many teachers with many messages . . . if you and I want to know the truth we must carefully test them all with the absolute truth of God's Word. #SearchtheScripture #BibleStudy #Faith

Later in chapter 3, Paul wrote:

Is there a conflict, then, between God’s law and God’s promises? Absolutely not! If the law could give us new life, we could be made right with God by obeying it. But the Scriptures declare that we are all prisoners of sin, so we receive God’s promise of freedom only by believing in Jesus Christ.

Galatians 3:21–22

You and I have been given the message that sets us free through faith in Jesus . . . why would we want to be bound to any lie that makes us doubt His glorious TRUTH?

On today’s note write:

With God’s help, I will carefully test everything with God’s Word of TRUTH! 

May He be with You today and fill You with wisdom, discernment, and truth.

Click here to read the rest of Galatians 3.

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  1. This is something each and every one of us needs to do on a daily basis, Deb. With so much false information and half-truths out there, we must pray for discerning hearts and lean into God’s Word more than ever.
    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. I am so very thankful for His Word. I can’t imagine trying to figure this world out without it. He is so gracious to us. Thanks for your faithful encouragement, Martha! Praying you have a wonderful weekend, too.

  2. What a blessing to me personally you are Deb. So appreciate your steadfastness and faithfulness to the call of Our Father upon you. Much blessings to you. So much can not be depended on in this world today and that includes a lot of Christian teaching. Discernment and wisdom is required daily, and of course, the Word to guide us snd feed us.

    1. Oh, Maggie, you are so very kind. Thank you! I feel abundantly blessed to share this love I have for the Lord by doing something I love. I can’t imagine spending my days any other way. God be with you and bless you!

  3. We can hear so many voices today, this is such a good reminder to be discerning and filter carefully what we hear, thanks Deb!

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I sure do appreciate your encouragemet. God be with you and bless you!