How Living with Equality and Fairness Will Help Us All Succeed

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The Bible tells us to obey God's commands without favoritism. The only way we can do that is with wisdom and an attitude of equality and fairness.  #Equality #Justice #Fairness #Blessings

It seems like we’ve been in a season of “rules for thee but not for me.”

And honestly, many are frustrated.

We all want and expect an element of fairness in life . . . especially from those who hold positions of leadership.

Paul gave Timothy some advice about how he should treat the people to whom he ministered…

  • treat older men like you would your father.
  • treat older women like you would your mother.
  • treat younger women like you would your sister.
  • treat elders with respect and understanding.

And then he summed it all up with these words:

I solemnly command you in the presence of God and Christ Jesus and the highest angels to obey these instructions without taking sides or showing favoritism to anyone.

1 Timothy 5:21

That’s a tall order, isn’t it? It takes maturity, faithfulness, wisdom, and an attitude of equality and fairness.

The health and well-being of any group require that everyone is treated equally.

Here are just a few things the Bible says about equality:

There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28)

God does not show favoritism. (Romans 2:11)

The rich and poor have this in common: The Lord made them both. (Proverbs 22:2)

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. (Ephesians 5:21)

God’s purpose was that the body should not be divided but rather that all of its parts should feel the same concern for each other. (1 Corinthians 12:25 GW)

It’s a difficult challenge that none of us is able to do perfectly, but it certainly is a goal that is well worth the effort. Because without an attitude of equality and fairness . . . no group can succeed. In fact, divisiveness leads to failure every single time.

May you and I SEEK the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit and commit ourselves to honor the Lord by treating everyone fairly with kindness and respect . . . “without taking sides or showing favoritism to anyone.”

The Bible tells us to obey God's commands without favoritism. The only way we can do that is with wisdom and an attitude of equality and fairness.  #Equality #Justice #Fairness #Blessings

A Prayer to Have an Attitude of Equality and Fairness with Everyone

Father, You are love (1 John 4:8). You created people in Your image (Genesis 1:28). You are so good and gracious and kind. Your Word says that You want everyone to be saved and to understand the truth (1 Timothy 2:4). You have no favorites (Ephesians 6:9).

O, Father, please forgive us. We are so bad at this. We strive for power, position, and popularity. We fail to treat everyone with the kindness and respect they deserve. We don’t live with fairness or equality. We fall short individually, in our families, in our communities, nations, and even in our churches. We need You!

Please help us! Pour out Your Spirit and help us surrender our pride and selfishness that we might live with an attitude of humility and respect. Please help us treat everyone with equality and fairness.

Please heal us. Please heal our nation. Your Word says, “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14) Please forgive us and give us all an attitude that pleases and glorifies You. I ask this all in the name of Jesus, who showed us the Way, who is the Truth, and who gives us Life. Amen.

The Bible tells us to obey God's commands without favoritism. The only way we can do that is with wisdom and an attitude of equality and fairness.  #Equality #Justice #Fairness #Blessings

Friend, I pray that we will not only make this a personal goal but that we will also speak this truth with gentleness and respect . . . that we might be set free by God’s Truth and live in His love.

On today’s note write:

With God’s help, I will live each day with an attitude of equality and fairness toward everyone.

May God bless you today and fill you with faith, hope, and love.

Click here to read the rest of 1 Timothy 5.

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  1. “Rules for thee, but not for me” seems to pervade all of our society these days, Deb. It is so blatant and politically motivated. May we, instead, treat everyone fairly and lovingly, choosing to be humble instead of “lording” it over someone else.

    1. I agree, Martha! The one thing that can bring us back together is the love of Jesus. Praying we will live to shine His light and inspire people with His love. God bless you, my friend! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

  2. Angela Cahill says:

    Help us Lord to live with a spirit of “fairness”, towards those who are near to us and those in the wider community. Lord you have no “favourites”….we shouldn’t have either. Your commandment to love you with all our hearts, and to love our neighbour as ourself. Help us to live by this rule instead of the ones we pick and choose to follow. We all fall short Lord Jesus. You are the way, be a light into our path always, encouraging us like we have been today with Deb’s devotional. Thank you Lord….thank you Deb!

    Angela – Ireland