A Bold Announcement of a Big Adventure

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Bolivia Blogger

This all began the morning I posted Three Truths to Make You Bold. I was having trouble sleeping; so, I grabbed my iPad and began reading through my email. One in particular caught my attention and as I read through it I heard the Lord whisper to my heart, “Are you going to be bold or just write about it?”

I rolled over, said a quiet prayer, and caught another hour of sleep. Later as I got busy with my day that question just kept tumbling around in my head. I’m really not a risk taker. I am not bold. But it couldn’t hurt to get a little more information….

An email. A prayer. Another email. Another prayer. A phone call. More prayer and talks with Rev. . .

Somewhere in the midst of all of that my goose bumps and nausea turned to excitement, and I knew that God was giving my hesitation – boldness.

Are you ready?

I am going to Bolivia.

This Midwest girl who hasn’t left the country since college is going to join a group of bloggers and representatives from World Vision and travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia, the end of July.

Where is that you ask? I did. If you want to know a little more check out: The U.S. State Department – Bolivia  and World Vision – Bolivia.

However, all of that information won’t tell you about the wonderful people we are going to meet or the details of the difference World Vision is able to make in the life of an individual child.

That pleasure will be given to those of us who are going to see things for ourselves. Let me introduce you to the great team of bloggers going on the trip.

  • Nish Weiseth at: The Outdoor Wife and A Deeper Story.
  • Joy Bennett at: Joy in this Journey and A Deeper Story.
  • Rachel Held Evans at: Rachel Held Evans.
  • Chad Holtz at: Dancing on Saturday.
  • Elizabeth Esther at: Elizabeth Esther.
  • Matthew Paul Turner at: Jesus Needs New PR.
  • Amy Conner at: Amy Conner Photography and Amy Conner Photographer.
  • Jana Melpolder and Matthew Paul Turner at: Belief Net.
  • Lindsey Talerico-Hedren at: World Vision Blog.
  • I will be posting here and at: 5 Minutes for Mom.
  • Michael Bianchi and Carla Swanson Gawthrop represent World Vision.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to make our preparations to leave. Would you also ask the Lord to continue to make me bold?

I am not bold. At least I never used to be. My weakness. God’s strength.

Who knows maybe bold will become my new way of life.

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  1. SO excited for you!!! I will definitely be praying for this trip and ALL God has for you while you are on it. Definitely will be praying for more boldness and God’s strength!! Can’t wait to hear everything as it unfolds.

  2. Chad Holtz says:

    Looking forward to meeting in Bolivia!!

  3. Hi Deb. Awesome. Don’t forget your camera, your thanks journal, your bible (of course), and something to blog from. You are going to be blessed out of your socks – or should I say sandals as its summer there?
    God bless

  4. Thanks Anjuli, I so appreciate your prayers. I definitely need His boldness. I am quite certain my own could wane very quickly! Blessings

  5. Thanks Chad! This is all so exciting!

  6. Hi Tracy, We must think alike Girl. You named items right off my list. I would like to find a new camera and a smaller Bible before the trip.
    The blessings have been so abundant already, I can’t wait for the start of each new day!
    God’s blessings to you!

  7. Melanie Wilson says:

    It’s going to be so exciting! You’re lucky. My mom would never let me go. 😉

  8. I am so excited for you Deb! I just know that the Lord strategically set you up! I cannot wait to read about your journey and I will definately be praying for you and the team!

  9. Hi Deb, Why don’t you just get the bible on your PC? One less thing to carry, more space for face-cream, haha
    God bless

  10. razinkids says:

    I can feel the excitement, Deb! What an incredible and challenging journey this will be!
    Your boldness inspires me.
    Keep us posted….I’m praying in the meantime.

  11. Alright…You go girl!!!
    Can’t wait to see (hear) all that God is going to do thru you and your team!!
    God Bless you lots!!

  12. Great suggestion. I think I have Bible Gateway bookmarked! I always need my lotions and potions. 😉

  13. Thanks for all of your encouragement everyone! Blake and I just received our photo for four year old, Miguel. He is just precious! I can’t believe that I am going to be able to see first hand how the ministry of World Vision is making a difference for children and their families. I can’t wait to tell their stories!!

  14. Melodie Bostic says:

    This is such awesome news and I wanted to let you know I will be praying for you and everyone else as you step out on faith and do what God has led you to do. I will be looking forward to reading the stories from Bolivia.

  15. Thank you Melodie. I am so appreciative of your prayers. This is a new kind of adventure for me. I’m getting more and more excited and thankful to have this amazing opportunity.

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