Remembering Precious Faces, Needing to Make a Difference


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After a week in Bolivia with World Vision I'm remembering all the precious faces and wondering what more I can do to make a difference.

After twenty three and a half hours of travel, I arrived at home last night not too much worse for the wear and with all of my luggage in hand.

I relaxed in a long hot bath and snuggled into my own bed remembering its familiar coziness. Even as I appreciated the comforts of home, I couldn’t shake the pictures and memories flooding my mind. The truth is I don’t want to forget. I want to forever have a tendered heart for the faces of little ones in need of life’s basic necessities.

You and I can make a difference.

We can be instrumental in providing things like:

  • Quarterly Physical Exams
  • Quarterly Assesments
  • Improved Education for Mothers and Children
  • Programs that Work With Leaders toward Community Self-Sufficiency
  • And So Much More . . .

The Impact of Child Sponsorship

On Day 3 in Cochabamba we began asking the tough questions about child sponsorship — how does sponsorship really impact the life of a child and their community? What role does the sponsor play in this?

So we asked ADP sponsorship manager Erika…. and here’s what she had to say. (She’s joined by the lovely lady helping for us for the week, Andrea, with World Vision Bolivia’s national office)

How does sponsorship really impact the life of a child and their community?

Do you still have questions you need answered before sponsoring a child with World Vision?

Please leave your questions as a comment. I would love to have the opportunity to answer all I that I am able to about our trip this past week and about the work of World Vision. And if I don’t know the answer, I know the people who do . . .

We can change the lives of children, families and communities.

This morning my husband shared this quote with me from Peter Kreeft:

“On my door there’s a cartoon of two turtles. One says, ‘Sometimes I’d like to ask why God allows poverty, famine, and injustice why He could do something about it.’ The other turtle replies, ‘I’m afraid God might ask me the same question.’”

Sharing is caring!

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