A New Opportunity for Blessing Counters to Pray

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Do you need prayer? Are you a prayer warrior? Visit the Blessing Counters Prayer Page for an opportunity to leave requests and pray for others. #Prayer #NeedPrayer #CountingMyBlessings

Two girls.

One is popular. The other peculiar.

Forced together by circumstances and all they can see is “loathing.”


When the comparisons stop. When they look below the surface into each other’s hearts. They become—friends. Good friends. Best friends!

Doing life together until their story ends with the following song:

For Good

I’ve heard it said,
That people come into our lives
For a reason
Bringing something we must learn.
And we are led to those
Who help us most to grow if we let them.
And we help them in return.
Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true
But I know I’m who I am today
Because I knew you.

It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime.
So, let me say before we part:
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you.
You’ll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart.
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have rewritten mine
By being my friend.

Because I knew you
I have been changed…
For good.

You may have figured out the two friends above are Elphaba and Glinda from the show – Wicked.

There are so many lessons to be learned from that show, but today I want to pull out just one…

When you and I care more than we compare we make friendships. We leave handprints on each other’s hearts. We change and we change each other.

I love watching their friendship develop as they learn each other’s stories. As they look past obvious differences and start to find inner similarities. As they care they are changing . . . for good.

You and I are called to Friendship.

We’re called to share our stories and care for each other. And I’m excited to tell you about a place where you and I can be even more intentional about sharing and caring.

An Opportunity for Blessing Counters to Pray

Do you need prayer? Are you a prayer warrior? Visit the Blessing Counters Prayer Page for an opportunity to leave requests and pray for others. #Prayer #NeedPrayer #CountingMyBlessings

I believe prayer is the greatest gift you and I can give someone
because praying for them changes our attitudes toward them.

Think about those friends you’ve made online.
The people whom you’ve never met but lifted up in prayer.
You prayed for them and for their children.

You cared.
You cried when their news was sad
and rejoiced when it was good.

You got to know their stories
and you lifted them up to the Lord.

A New Opportunity for
Blessing Counters to Pray

…is a page I’ve added to Counting My Blessings.
You can find a link in the bar at the top of the page
or in the graphic on the sidebar.

Blessing Counters Pray is a place where you can
share your prayer needs and pray for the needs of others.

As part of The Faith Project month on Prayer, I keep feeling the Lord tell me,
“Don’t just talk about prayer. Pray!”

Do you need prayer? Are you a prayer warrior? Visit the Blessing Counters Prayer Page for an opportunity to leave requests and pray for others. #Prayer #NeedPrayer #CountingMyBlessings

I’d like to invite you and give you and opportunity to pray with me.

Please go over and visit the new prayer page.
You can leave a prayer request.
Pray through a list of prayers.
And someday I’m hoping there will also be a list of praise reports.

Invite your friends.
You have our promise that we will pray through the list of prayers
every day.
I’m hoping you will visit often to pray as well.

I know you’re a Blessing Counter
Blessing Counters Pray!

 I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them;
intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. 1 Timothy 2:1

One more post to inspire your prayer-life:

A collection of quotes that promise to inspire your prayer-life and fill you with hope.

We would love to pray for you.
You can leave your prayer requests here

and even take a few minutes to pray over the list left by our friends.

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  1. Deb, you are a fountain of ideas. The prayer page sounds like a sacred space for friends to gather. Just finished reading and reviewing a book that gathers Tozer’s thoughts on prayer, so the timing on this post is excellent for me.
    Thank you.

  2. Hey Deb, Happy Friday!

    This is so radical, and so loving – having a prayer page on a blog. It’s truly wonderful. I love what you’ve shared on friendship here and growing closer to others through praying for them. And NO…I did not know that was from “Wicked”, I need to get out more! LOL!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Deb, what a beautiful idea. Prayer is power, and I thank you for facilitating an atmosphere of prayer here. I know you’ll be blessed through it. Love the poem. I haven’t seen Wicked yet. 🙂 Prayers of blessing over you and your ministry. ((xoxo))

  4. Deb you are for sure leaving a handprint of love on my heart! I cherish your friendship! Your prayer page is such a great way to minister to others! Thank you for ministering to me!

  5. I am thankful for my praying sisters. Have a great weekend, Deb! xo

  6. Tanya Holt says:

    You dropped by my blog and I loved the name of yours so much, how could I not return the favor?! 🙂 I am so thankful for the friends who have left their handprints on my life, and hope that I leave behind the good marks of a devoted, prayerful friend. I decided to link up while I was here! Thank you for that opportunity as well.

  7. Kim Jolly says:

    Deb, Prayer is such a powerful thing, so many times we don’t tap into it nearly enough! You’ve shared many great ideas here–go for it!


  8. May the Lord bless your on-line prayer closet, Deb. That is a wonderful vision you have. Prayer is so important. I won’t join you because I belong to several already, but I’m praying now that it will be a sweet space for women to meet in prayer. God bless!

  9. I love this so much, Deb! What a unique and meaningful gift to all of us!!! You bless me so very much.

  10. Wicked is one of my favourite musicals and i love the point you made about friendship. I’ve been blessed so much by online friendships and being able to pray for others and know they’re praying for me when we’ve never actually met in person. Great idea to enable this on your blog.

  11. Yes! Completely agree that women come into our lives for a reason and God teaches us through them!

  12. what an incredible idea

  13. Andrea Stunz says:

    Praying for one another online is one of the main reasons I stay on social media. Your words are great encouragement for this traveling soul to continue to cultivate friendships. For the traveler or one who moves about a lot, relationships are often tricky. Also, I’m going to see Wicked in London this month! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with me over at http://www.emptyplatefullheart.com. You are always welcome!

  14. Thanks so much for sharing this encouraging post with us at Together To Encourage Link Up! – Blessings